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SINGAPORE – Ground-handling firm Sats is investigating a fight that broke out on the tarmac at Changi Airport.

In a video that The Straits Times obtained, two Sats staff – both women – are seen hitting each other.

In the 26-second clip, at least five other employees are seen trying to break up the fight.

A Sats spokesman told The Straits Times on Monday (March 18): “We are conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. We have zero tolerance for any breach of conduct at the airside. Staff in question will be dealt with in accordance with regulations.”

The Straits Times understands that the incident happened on Sunday and that the two women will be questioned when they report for duty on Monday night.


Nothing is greater than a parent’s sacrifice for their child’s sake. A victim of the recent Christchurch terrorist attack, Zulfirman Syah, reportedly protected his two-year-old son by shielding him from the oncoming gunfire. As a result, the young boy managed to survive the attack despite suffering from a few wounds.

the victim’s wife, Alta Marie, was cooking in her kitchen on March 15 when she got a call from her husband. It was then she found out that there was a shooting at the Linwood Islamic Center and that her husband and son were victims of the assault. The two of them were reportedly at the mosque conducting their weekly Friday prayers.

She mentioned that during the shooting, her husband had protected their son, Averroes, by shielding him from the oncoming bullets that were shot. Zulfirman suffered from several shots after that and was found with a puncture in his lungs. His son, on the other hand, suffered from shrapnel wounds to his leg and backside.

Fortunately, the two of them manged to survive the shooting and are currently in the hospital being treated for their wounds.

A few days after the shooting, Alta took to Facebook to update the current condition of her husband and son. She said,

“My husband is still in the SPCU and continues to make progress daily. We don’t have an estimate as to when he will be transferred, but everything is looking positive.”

“Our little guy, Averroes, is doing quite well, but there has not been a hospital discharge date set yet. It is hard to keep this energetic two-year-old down.”

“We are grateful for the endless stream of support we have received. The medical care has been top-notch and we will be forever grateful to each person who has helped in easing the difficulties of this situation.”


A single mother and her baby in Gorakhpur, India have died after she tried to deliver the child herself using YouTube videos.

The Independent reported that the 26-year-old woman had reached the full term of her pregnancy.

The woman’s neighbours were first to notice something amiss when they saw blood flowing out of her room on Monday, 11 March

“Her landlord Ravi Upadhyay broke open the door and found the woman and a newborn baby boy lying dead,” said Cantonment police station house officer Ravi Rai, according to Hindustan Times.

“He immediately informed the police, who reached the site and sent the body for post-mortem. Her smart phone revealed that she was watching ‘how to deliver baby by self’ and other similar safe delivery processes on YouTube.

Image for illustration purposes only.

A pair of scissors, a blade, and some thread were found near her body as well.

Police believe the woman had attempted self-delivery because she feared judgement for being an unwed mother

Ravi Rai added that the possible reason behind the mother’s self-delivery attempt was “fear of social stigma attached to being an unmarried mother”.

The woman had rented the place only four days prior to the incident, while the rest of her family lives nearly 300km away in the city of Bahraich, reported Hindustan Times.

Her relatives confirmed that the woman is unmarried. They have also refused to lodge a first information report (FIR) on the incident.

This is the moment a drunk man ‘tests’ his wife’s love for him by standing in the middle of a busy road at night, despite her attempts to pull him to safety – until he is sent flying by a speeding pickup truck.

The bizarre and shocking incident happened on the streets of Lishui in East China’s Zhejiang Province, with the husband later admitting: “I wanted to know whether she really loved me.”

A traffic camera captured the heated lovers’ quarrel between the husband, whose surname is Pan, 30, and his wife, whose surname is Zhou.

Damage to the car that struck the husband. Credit: AsiaWire

The footage shows Pan standing in the middle of the busy road while his wife, who is in her pyjamas, tries to pull him back to safety.

He shakes her off as cars race past them and returns to the centre of the road, standing there as two more vehicles just manage to avoid him.

The man and the woman fighting in the middle of the road. Credit: AsiaWire

Zhou is then only able to watch as a speeding silver van comes into view and crashes head-on into her spouse.

The vehicle sends the drunk man flying onto the road, and his wife sprints over to check on him.

Following the incident, local authorities were called and Pan was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

The car that struck the husband. Credit: AsiaWire

Police officer Zheng Xiao said Pan was lucky to survive and is not in critical condition, but he did suffered multiple bone fractures to his head and chest.

Pan told police from his hospital bed: “My wife and I were arguing, so I went out for a few drinks. On the way back I called her and we started fighting again.

“I wanted to see if she would try and stop me. I wanted to know whether she really loved me, and if she would pull me back. But then I got hit by a car and now I’m injured.”

Pan admitted he ‘regretted’ the ‘test’.

His wife said: “I told him it was dangerous on the road and that he would be hit. I tried pulling him back many times but it didn’t work.”

The CCTV footage appears to corroborate the wife’s claims, with police saying they are still investigating the case.


SINGAPORE (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): Accused murderer Leslie Khoo Kwee Hock, 50, made a “heroic” impression on his victim when they first met in 2015, the High Court heard on Tuesday (March 12) on the first day of his trial.

He asked senior engineer Cui Yajie to be his girlfriend at their first encounter and she agreed within a month.

An account of how the couple’s relationship started, and later soured, was related in court when one of the victim’s colleagues took the stand.

Khoo is accused of strangling Ms Cui in his car on July 12, 2016, after she threatened to expose his lies.

Wu Wenjuan, who was close to Cui as they were both from China and of the same age, told the court that the victim would share details of her relationship over lunch.

Cui met Khoo in 2015, on the day she went to her former boyfriend’s condominium, hoping to patch things up with him.

When her ex refused to open the door, she began crying loudly outside, causing a security guard to appear on the scene.

At this point, Khoo walked out from another unit and asked what was going on, said Wu. She did not elaborate on why he was there.

Khoo told the guard that Cui was his friend, sparing her from being chased away, said Wu.

Khoo then drove her home, telling her on the way that she was a good woman and it was her ex-boyfriend’s loss not to treasure her. He also asked her to be his girlfriend.

Cui agreed after considering for a month, although Wu said she and others cautioned her against going out with a man who would ask a stranger to be his girlfriend.

Wu said Cui later learnt that Khoo was not single, as he claimed, when she found an article about him and his wife on the Internet, as well as a photo of him wearing a wedding ring.

Cui accepted Khoo’s lie that he had been divorced for three years.

But she began to grumble that Khoo was spending the weekends in church with his “former wife” and son instead of keeping her company.

Cui tried to get pregnant so that he would spend more time and energy on her. She even sought medical help in her attempts to conceive, said Wu.

As it turned out, Cui was just one of Khoo’s many lovers that he was keeping on the side.

After he was arrested for murdering Cui, other victims came forward to report that he had cheated them of their money, including two ex-lovers.

One of them, a hairdresser who got into a relationship with Khoo in October 2014, said he told her he was single and lived in Sentosa.

She borrowed $30,000 (RM90, 271) from her younger siblings to invest in his laundry business, and she trusted him as she thought it was his company.


Man Lost His Eyeball!

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According to the Daily Mail, a 26-year-old man living in East China reportedly lost his left eye after tripping at home, without realising that his eyeball had actually fallen out.

This incident happened in Jinan, Shandong province on Monday night (4th March). The man, who was in a severely drunken state, slipped and fell at his own home.

After discovering him lying in a pool of blood the following morning, his horrified family members quickly rushed him to a local clinic for treatment without realising his eyeball had fallen out.

He was later taken to Shandong Qianfoshan Hospital where doctors were shocked to find that his eyeball was missing.

According to Dr Ma Baofeng at the hospital’s Department of Ophthalmology, the man’s family received a phone call from home and found out that someone had found the man’s eyeball in their house.

“The eyeball had been detached for at least six hours before the patient arrived at our hospital for treatment. That is far too long for an eyeball to be outside of the socket and is definitely contaminated,” said Dr Ma.

Dr Ma said that his eye’s extraocular muscles and optic nerves were completely torn and the doctors were only able to stitch up the wound to avoid further damage. Because of muscle contractions around the eye after the injury, the man might not be able to fit an artificial eye. When asked about the accident, the man told the medical staff that he was “too drunk” to remember anything.


A man was arrested yesterday after allegedly hacking his boss to death in a rampage at Sungei Kadut.

The 23-year-old Malaysian suspect is believed to have used a chopper to attack his Singaporean employer, Mr Lin Xinjie, 30, at the International Furniture Centre building at 62 Sungei Kadut Loop.

He is also believed to have injured another company director who tried to stop the attack.

Mr Lin, a Singapore Polytechnic graduate who was listed as one of the directors of Jiji Singapore, an online retail company, was found lying motionless in a pool of blood inside the building.

He was later pronounced dead by a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) paramedic.

The New Paper understands there were multiple slash wounds on his body.

The other company director, Mr Lucas Li Mingqiao, 29, was taken conscious to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH).

TNP understands that Mr Li was injured when he tried to stop the assailant. He is reported to be in stable condition.

The police said in a statement last night that they received a call for assistance at the building at about 1pm.

TNP understands that the suspect was still at the scene when police officers arrived. They arrested him and cordoned off the area for investigations to be carried out.

Health Sciences Authority officers were seen arriving at the building to conduct forensic work at the murder scene.

An SCDF spokesman said that three people were taken to KTPH.

TNP understands that the suspect, who had multiple lacerations, was one of them. His current condition remains unclear.

He is expected to be charged with murder in court tomorrow. Police investigations are ongoing.

Mr Lin’s body was taken away at about 8pm yesterday.

Attempts by TNP to contact his family at his registered home address in Jurong were unsuccessful.

Jiji Singapore posted on its website and Facebook account yesterday that it will be closed until further notice.

It added that its store pick-up, delivery service and showroom would be ceasing operations and apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Its business records showed that it also provided chartered bus services and that Mr Lin held 70 per cent of the company’s shares.

Mr Genesis Shen, 31, a director at Templars Law, told TNP that Mr Lin was a close friend who lived life to the fullest.

“He was the most steady, the kindest brother we could ask for,” he said.

“Even if he didn’t have much of an education, he was an intelligent and astute leader, and he succeeded in business far beyond what society expected him to.”

He said many of Mr Lin’s friends would be flying in from around Asia for the funeral.

“That is the true measure of a man’s life, what his friends will do to see him one last time,” Mr Shen added.

Mr Lin’s wake is expected to be held at 91 Tampines Link, with the funeral scheduled for Thursday..


Recently, a video went viral on social media and netizens were shocked to see what looked like a man bathing in a water tank that was located above a mamak in Pekan Sungai Besi. 

According to Sinar Harian, the short 16-second video was widely circulated online as netizens were grossed out by the unidentified man’s actions – after all, it was believed that the water tank is used by the mamak located below. If that’s true, then it’s really unhygienic!

Based on the video footage of the incident, the man looks like he is playing with the water in the tank. Apparently, the video was captured by some employees who were working at the opposite building and they saw the astonishing incident when they were taking a smoke break.

The caption said, “It looks like you (the man in the water tank) are having fun inside. Do you think the water tank is a swimming pool? That looks really unsanitary.”

Posted by Raja Lepak on Khamis, 7 Mac 2019

Netizens who saw the video were understandably grossed out by the man’s actions. Many of them criticised the man while some of them said that the mamak should investigate the incident to determine whether the water tank was still in use.

A few netizens said that the man might have been cleaning or servicing the water tank and some said that the tank may have been connected to the toilet and not used for cooking.

Hopefully, the mamak can clear up the matter and reassure their customers that the man was not doing anything unsavoury inside the tank!


Viral Photo Of Immigrant Worker Eating Plain Rice With Water Sparked Sympathy Among Malaysians - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

Every time we see migrant workers on their way to work at a construction site, they always appear cheerful — No matter how hard their tasks for the day will be or how grossly underpaid they are.

The sad reality of their struggles was brought to light for many after a photo of a migrant worker having his lunch break went viral. The image showed him having his lunch of only plain rice topped with plain water. No soups, no side dishes.

The photo has prompted reactions among Malaysians with most of them sharing their sympathies as well as sharing their own experience regarding the matter.

Viral Photo Of Immigrant Worker Eating Plain Rice With Water Sparked Sympathy Among Malaysians - WORLD OF BUZZ

“When you feel like giving up, know that they are those who are currently facing more hardship but can still be happy with what they have.”

Viral Photo Of Immigrant Worker Eating Plain Rice With Water Sparked Sympathy Among Malaysians - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

“My mom once told me that she witness a group of migrant workers eating at a restaurant, and they can only afford to eat broth and nothing else.”

Viral Photo Of Immigrant Worker Eating Plain Rice With Water Sparked Sympathy Among Malaysians - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

“I used to work in the construction field and I always see these immigrant workers sharing their rice. Most of the time, their side dishes will only be onion curry. They need to save money to send back to their families. Sometimes their salaries are only used to pay for their passports and their agents will always overcharge them.”

Viral Photo Of Immigrant Worker Eating Plain Rice With Water Sparked Sympathy Among Malaysians - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

“My dad is also a contractor and he works with migrant workers too. They usually buy a lot of rice in the morning and keep some for dinner. However, the only dish that they can afford is a simple sambal belacan or crackers. Some of the workers even have masters degrees but they can’t find any jobs in their hometown.”

Whether we like it or not, migrant workers are integral in building the nation. With that said, we should stop this form of modern slavery. Where is our humanity if we ignore the struggles of those around us? What is your opinion on the matter? Share with us in the comment section below.

This AI Tech Catches Shoplifters Before They Commit A Crime & It’s Already Being Used in Shops

Back when the popular Tom Cruise movie Minority Report was released, the technology featured in the movie that catches criminals before they’ve even committed the crime felt rather futuristic. Now thanks to Japan, this fantastical plotline is now a reality. Vaak, a Japanese tech startup has come out with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that can detect shoplifters before they commit a crime!

The software, called Vaak Eye connects to a store’s live security camera feed to analyse over 100 characteristics like a person’s face, clothes, movement and direction to determine whether someone is a potential shoplifter, according to Nextshark. If that doesn’t impress you, get this: it can also register every product a subject has picked up, and the duration that each product is held for.  Here’s a demo video that shows the software in action:

All the information is then tabulated to calculate an estimate of the person’s suspiciousness rate and once a potential subject has been identified, store staff can be notified via a smartphone app. Hypothetically, the future suspect and crime can be stopped when the staff approaches them and offers assistance.

Vaak Eye first attracted attention in December last year, when it was installed in a Yokohama convenience store and caught an 80-year-old man who had stolen a hat. In an interview with Bloomberg, Vaak founder Ryo Tanaka said, “I thought then, ‘Ah, at last!’ We took an important step closer to a society where crime can be prevented with AI.”

Naturally, the software is catching on fast, as Tanaka also revealed that he has met with some of the biggest convenience store and drugstore chains in Japan, who wish to invest in the software. Seeing as shoplifting has cost the global retail industry $34 billion (approx. RM139 billion) in lost sales in 2017 alone, it’s not hard to see why the software is in such demand.

Currently, Vaak Eye is already being tested in a few dozen stores in Tokyo, and a market-ready version of the software was just released this month. The company is aiming to hit 100,000 stores across Japan in three years. However, it is unlikely that retail store franchises will announce whether they are adopting the software, so as not to tip off potential shoplifters.