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RM10 terakhir daripada ayah

December 3, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

MELAKA TENGAH – Seorang pengguna Facebook mencari pemilik wang kertas RM10 yang dijumpainya di sebuah bank di Batu Berendam di sini.

Pemilik Facebook dikenali Hyza Ezany berkongsi gambar wang kertas yang tertulis nota itu di media sosialnya dan berharap pemiliknya dapat menghubunginya.

“Mencari pemilik tulisan atas duit ni. Nak bagi percuma sahaja kepada pemiliknya. Tolong saya ‘share’ hingga jumpa ya! Terima kasih adik kakak abang yang sudi bantu.

“Sebak bila terbaca ayat ini dan terasa pemiliknya sedang tercari-cari. Andai kamu punya, boleh dapatkannya daripada saya,” tulisnya.

Nota yang tertulis di atas wang berkenaan adalah “Wang terakhir yang ayah saya beri pada hari Jumaat bertarikh 21/5/2010 pada jam 7.10 pagi. Saya sayangkan ayah.”

Perkongsian gambar tersebut kini tular dengan meraih 6,800 tanda suka, dikongsi 20,000 pengguna ini dan rata-rata netizen sebak kerana beranggapan itulah duit terakhirnya yang ayahnya berikan.

“Mungkin ini duit terakhir bapak dia bagi. Bapak dia mungkin sudah tiada ataupun dia nak simpan duit itu tapi terpakai jugak,” tulis Nurul Atika di Facebook.

Jamilah Ahmad pula memberitahu “Tengok dari kesan lipatan duit itu dia buat origami bentuk love. Semoga bertemu kembali dengan pemilik tulisan.”


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A few Seremban Municipal Council dogcatchers were found abusing a stray dog in a recorded video, and this incident definitely made our blood boil!

According to Sin Chew Daily, the aforementioned video was uploaded onto a Seremban Facebook group, warning residents to watch their pet dogs closely. In the video, it could be seen that the dogcatchers had captured a stray with a net, however, they didn’t proceed to place the dog onto their van. Instead, two of the dogcatchers began hitting and kicking the brown canine when the poor creature was obviously pinned down and defenceless.

Even when the stray struggled to escape, it couldn’t fight against both men as we assume that it was too frightened at that moment. Just as we thought the horror ended, the van driver sped the vehicle and braked abruptly (in a small alley), which to us, it seemed like they were jokingly trying to run over the dog.

A Seremban Municipal Council member, Ho Weng Wah, explained that dogcatcher should follow rules and regulations, and no one is allowed to bully and abuse the animals. The municipal council has apparently warned the dogcatchers about this issue several times. He also mentioned that a municipal council officer should always be present during the dog-catching process, however, no officers could be seen in the recorded video.

It’s unclear if any officer was there at the scene, so Mr Ho had already requested to clarify with the city council on this matter.

Mr Ho suggested that if anyone happens to see dogcatchers abusing strays, they must record video and lodge a police report. He also urged the public to make reports to the Malaysian Veterinary Council, so that appropriate actions can be taken.


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Perhiasan emas dan permata sering menjadi pilihan aksesori di hari perkahwinan namun seorang pengantin perempuan di Pakistan memilih untuk memadankan busana perkahwinannya dengan tomato.

Kedengaran pelik namun klip video sebuah saluran televisyen tempatan menemuramah pengantin tersebut kini tular di media sosial.

Klip temuramah terbabit dimuat naik ke laman Twitter oleh seorang wartawan bernama Naila Inayat dengan kapsyen berbunyi, ‘Barang kemas tomato. Sekiranya anda fikir anda telah melihat segalanya dalam kehidupan’.

Dalam klip tersebut, pengantin perempuan dilihat menggayakan tomato yang harganya kini mencecah kira-kira 300 rupee (RM8) sekilo sebagai perhiasan kepala, rantai leher dan juga rantai tangan.

“Seperti yang anda tahu, harga emas amat tinggi begitu juga dengan harga tomato dan kacang pain.Oleh itu saya memutuskan untuk menggunakan tomato dan bukannya emas,” kata pengantin itu dalam video terbabit.

Ditonton lebih 24,000 kali, muat naik tersebut menerima pelbagai reaksi daripada netizen, ada yang menganggap ia sebagai idea inovatif malahan ada yang menggelar pengantin berkenaan ‘wanita terkaya’ di Pakistan.

Kenaikan tinggi harga tomato adalah disebabkan tindakan Pakistan melarang import buah berkenaan dari Iran, Afghanistan dan India.


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The All Singapore Stuff Facebook page took to their account to showcase a reader’s submission by someone named Sarah, who may possibly the food delivery person who experienced a customer who decided to add a very unreasonable additional note in their order. The customer decided to add that if their food doesn’t arrive within 20 minutes, the delivery person would have to pay for their meal.

All Singapore Stuff wrote, “Self-entitled customer expects their GrabFood delivery to arrive within 20 minutes or else the rider has to pay for it. Got money to buy a condo in Yishun but no money to buy class.”

The request is very much outrageous considering Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) have been banned on footpaths in Singapore, which makes food deliveries at their previous speeds very much impossible.

Many netizens have since voiced out their dissatisfaction the customer. Some reasoned as to why delivery timings can sometimes end up being extended.

Other netizens spoke about why it’s important to be nice to your delivery person.

One netizen even commented about what they would do if they were in the delivery person’s shoes.

We’re not entirely sure of the outcome of the situation, but we genuinely hope that the delivery person didn’t have to pay for the ridiculous customer’s meal.

In fact, we hope that food delivery services will blacklist or suspend customers who are unreasonable and cruel to delivery people who work hard in order to ensure food and beverages are delivered in a pristine state.


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Did you know there is such a thing as being “allergic to water”? Apparently there is, and it is quite a bizarre condition that we’re not sure if we can wrap our head around.

One of the people with this rare condition is Tessa Hansen-Smith from California, who is literally allergic to water. The condition is called aquagenic urticaria, which affects about 100 people worldwide. Google it! It’s real.

According to Daily Mail, the 21-year-old would break out in a painful rash whenever her skin comes into contact with water, which means that she cannot cry or sweat or take showers.

The university student will also suffer migraines and develop a fever within a few minutes of touching water.

Because of this, she cannot play sports and needs to be transported around her university campus just in case she sweats while moving, which will cause an allergic reaction.

“It’s a really difficult condition to have as I’m even allergic to my own tears, saliva and sweat,” she said.

“I’m really prone to heat exhaustion and have to avoid physical activity. I even have to be shuttled around my campus at college because otherwise I show up to my class with a fever, migraine and rashes making it really difficult to concentrate.”

“I suffer with a lot of muscle fatigue and nausea too; the sickness is usually caused by me eating something with a lot of water in foods like some fruits and vegetables. Even drinking water can cause cuts on my tongue.”

At eight years old, Tessa started breaking out in a rash whenever she showered. Her parents thought she was only allergic to certain shampoos or soaps, but her condition did not become better even after taking allergy tablets.

The condition becomes worse with age, so even though the tablets worked for a while, it became less efficient the older she got. Tessa was then diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria at the age of 10.

Tessa and her mother, who is a doctor, realised it was a rare condition after researching her symptoms online. But because this condition is so rare, there is very limited data on the kinds of treatment for it.

Tessa now has to take nine antihistamine tablets a day in order to keep her symptoms under control.

“Having aquagenic urticaria can be a mental game at times – it’s hard to take so many tablets everyday knowing that it’s not actually ever going to stop,” she said.

“At one point I was taking 12 tablets a day – currently I’m taking nine.”

“I’m frequently reminded that there’s no cure to aquagenic urticaria and that I’ll never really be fully better which is definitely a difficult thing to hear sometimes.”

But despite the challenges she faces daily, Tessa is not going to let her condition completely control her life.

“I have always been very determined to be independent and leave my home town for college. I try my best to take things one day at a time because some days are better than others,” she said.

“If I’m able to see my friends and loved ones without having to leave early due to feeling sick, or make it to all my classes in one day, I see that as a win in my book.”

Currently, Tessa has set up an Instagram page called @livingwaterless to raise awareness of her condition.


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Stuck in traffic? Feeling frustrated ? Well, so are we! According to a study, KL-ites spend 53 minutes stuck in traffic every day! That’s almost an hour! That’s two whole episodes of my favourite show. But yeah, it’s all spent stuck in traffic. Don’t you wish there’s some magical way that would allow you to escape the traffic? This Indonesian man decided he had enough of traffic and decided to build his own escape method.

Jujun Junaedi started building his own helicopter because he was sick of the traffic. He said that not only is it incredibly frustrating but it’s also a waste of petrol and time!

How is he building it you ask? Well, he bought parts and scraps from his auto repair shop at a total of 30 million rupiah (RM8,885.41) from when he started building it 18 months ago. Even his young son and neighbour were recruited to help him build his helicopter.

“As long as my helicopter takes off then I’ll be satisfied,”

But there also seems to be a problem, as in case y’all haven’t noticed, building a helicopter COSTS MONEY! According to his wife, Yeti, the money spent on the engines and blades was extremely high.

“If everything is spent on this helicopter we’d have nothing left to buy food.”

Well, whether or not his helicopter takes off, you can’t deny Jujun is dedicated. We can just hope his family isn’t starving to support his dream. To rest of y’all who are stuck in traffic, just remember you’re not stuck in traffic.


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‘Merempit, buat kacau rai habis SPM’

November 29, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

MELAKA – Sekumpulan pelajar sekolah yang tamat peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), semalam ‘berpesta’ di jalan raya dengan aksi yang membahayakan diri sendiri dan orang lain apabila menunggang motosikal secara melulu di beberapa kawasan tumpuan pelancong di Melaka.

Antara kawasan terlibat termasuk di sekitar laluan utama pesisir Pantai Klebang, Pantai Puteri dan Bandar Hilir.

Tindakan tersebut bukan sahaja mengganggu ketenteraman awam dengan bunyi bising, malah kumpulan terbabit termasuk pelajar perempuan juga turut menunjukkan lagak ‘samseng’ dengan membuat pelbagai aksi di atas jalan raya sehingga menyebabkan pengguna lain terpaksa ‘beralah’ memberi laluan kepada mereka.

Selain merakam aksi-aksi ngeri kumpulan pelajar berkenaan, aktiviti-aktiviti tidak sihat seperti merokok secara terang-terangan di kawasan awam turut dirakam hingga tular di laman sosial.

Video berdurasi 35 saat dimuat naik di Twitter @HermyRahim itu jelas memaparkan tindak-tanduk sekumpulan pelajar tanpa menghiraukan keselamatan diri sendiri termasuk pengguna lain.

Bagaimanapun aksi mereka itu dapat dihidu pihak berkuasa dan video itu jelas menunjukkan sekumpulan pelajar ditahan anggota polis trafik.

Memetik laporan Astro Awani, Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Penguatkuasaan Trafik (JSPT) negeri, Hassan Basri Yahya berkata, bertindak atas aduan, pihaknya mengeluarkan 17 saman kepada 17 pelajar lepasan SPM itu atas pelbagai kesalahan.

Antaranya termasuk tiada lesen memandu, cukai perjalanan yang tamat tempoh dan ubah suai kenderaan.

Jelasnya, kesemua kesalahan itu masing-masing 15 di Klebang dan dua di Bandaraya Melaka.


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‘Fan Belt’ putus gara-gara lelaki misteri?

November 29, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

SEREMBAN – Kejadian ‘fan belt’ kereta yang rosak seperti dihiris dengan benda tajam di Hentian Rehat dan Rawat (R&R) Seremban arah selatan tular di laman sosial Facebook baru-baru ini.

Kejadian tersebut disedari lebih awal oleh salah seorang ahli keluarga sebelum mereka meneruskan semula perjalanan ke Pasir Gudang, selepas berhenti berehat lokasi berkenaan pada jam 5.20 pagi.

Menerusi perkongsian tersebut, Abdullah Salleh memberitahu merasakan sesuatu tidak kena pada kereta dipandu anak lelakinya sebelum membuka bonet depan, memeriksa dan mendapati ‘fan belt’ hampir putus.

Ketika itu katanya, entah dari mana datang seorang lelaki yang tidak dikenali tiba-tiba menawarkan bantuan tetapi mereka menolak dan Abdullah kemudian bertindak menghubungi Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan (Plus) untuk tindakan selanjutnya.

Abdullah turut berharap insiden itu menjadi iktibar dan peringatan buat pengguna jalan raya supaya lebih berwaspada di lokasi-lokasi yang dirasakan selamat tetapi sebenarnya bahaya.

Hantaran yang tular itu mendapat perhatian netizen yang turut berkongsi pengalaman mereka selain mohon Plus menambah kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) untuk mengelak kejadian sedemikian.

Zainab Junus, “Patut letak CCTV lebih banyak untuk elak. Sekarang pun ada R&R tertentu yang ada Jabatan Sukarelawan Malaysia (Rela) jaga. Sebab memang kadang orang tiada pilihan terpaksa juga berhenti untuk teruskan perjalanan. Kalau tengah malam siap ada bayi. Nak tak nak terpaksa,” katanya.

Kata Firdaus Ahmad, “Tak silap saya kes macam ini kat R&R Seremban memang dah banyak kali ‘viral’, sampai orang kata jangan parking kereta kat tempat tersorok. Dulu puak-puak ni suka buka penutup radiator. Sekarang ni potong ‘timing belt’ pula. Pihak berkuasa tolonglah buat sesuatu.”


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‘Kalau sudah jodoh’

November 29, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

BATAM – Seorang lelaki Indonesia menjadi perhatian negara itu selepas laporan media menyatakan dia menikahi wanita cantik warganegara Perancis, Marie Lecornu.

Marselinus Menasa Boro yang berasal dari Nusa Tenggara Timur dikurniakan wajah sederhana, namun berjaya memenangi hati wanita itu.

Mereka melangsungkan perkahwinan pada Isnin lalu di sebuah gereja St Petrus, Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam di sini.

Ahli keluarga mempelai, Prilise Ama Demon Dore mendoakan yang terbaik buat pasangan ini.

Katanya, kisah cinta Marselinus berusia 28 tahun dan Marie, 22, cukup menarik dan unik.

“Ramai ahli keluarga tak menyangka Marselinus berjaya menawan hati wanita Perancis yang cukup cantik dan jauh beza dengannya.

Difahamkan, Marie bekerja di Singapura malah suaminya juga sering ke negara tersebut yang mungkin menjadi titik permulaan mereka bagi menjalinkan hubungan.

Kisah pasangan tersebut menjadi perhatian di laman media sosial dan mendapat reaksi ramai pengguna alam maya.

Pengguna Facebook Eni Suwandi Enn berkata, “Jodoh tidak akan ke mana seperti kata orang dulu-dulu,” tulisnya.

Begitu juga, rata-rata netizen mendoakan supaya pasangan tersebut bahagia.

“Selamat menempuh hidup baharu serta bahagia selamanya,” ujar NKHailah.


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When it comes to giving birth, whether through vaginal birth or caesarean (also known as C-section), it’s always monumental for any mother. So what is any mother supposed to feel then when she learns that her baby is born pregnant and has to go through what she did?

Before you question its viability, this incident happened to mum Mónica Vega from Barranquilla, Colombia.


According to Insider, and first reported on MAMÁS LATINAS in March 2019, it all started when Mónica took an ultrasound when she was seven months pregnant with baby girl, Itzmara.

It was revealed that two umbilical cords were connected from Mónica – one from her to Itzmara – and the other connected from Itzmara to her twin, a malformed foetus found in her own body.

Turns out, this phenomenon is due to “Fetus-in-fetu”, a rare condition that usually isn’t discovered until the mother has given birth.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Fetus-in-fetu is very rare, with only one case occurring per 500,000 births.

Fetus-in-fetu occurs when the embryo fails to divide correctly in twins. This usually happens during the first week of gestation. As a result, it causes one twin to be confined in the other’s body, forming a “parasitic” twin.


According to MAMÁS LATINAS, the twin was solely feeding off Itzmara’s heart.

In fear that it would pose harm to Itzmara by damaging her internal organs, Mónica scheduled for a C-section at 37 weeks to remove the twin.

As risky as it was, within 24 hours of Itzmara’s birth, Itzmara herself had to undergo a C-section. Only then would she be completely free from her twin who had neither a heart nor a brain.

The fact was, whether or not the surgery was done, the parasitic twin would not have been able to survive on its own.

Thankfully, newborn Itzmara emerged safe and healthy after her surgery.


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