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Yesterday evening (25th November), a mother picked up her five-year-old daughter from a babysitter’s house in Terengganu only to find out that she had been sodomised by her nanny’s son that very day.

According to China Press, the young victim’s mother sent her daughter to her babysitter’s house in Kuala Terengganu at around 7:20 in the morning and picked her up later in the evening at around 5:20pm, as per usual. Everything seemed fine until her daughter had to use the toilet.

When she tried to urinate, the child felt a sharp pain in her lower body and cried to her mother. The worried parent asked her daughter what happened, to which she replied that somebody had inserted their penis into her from behind.

The shocked and infuriated mother immediately reported the incident to the police and took her daughter to the hospital to examine her injuries. Once authorities launched an investigation, it was discovered that the victim’s babysitter had left the 5-year-old at home with her son while she went to run some errands.

The sitter’s vile son then proceeded to take advantage of the situation and sodomised the poor girl against her will!

The sex predator has since been arrested while the case is being investigated under Article 14 (B) of the Sexual Offences Act.


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Due to her manly silhouette and outfit, a woman who was caught for theft was nearly stripped naked of her clothes by an angry mob in Indonesia.Shared on an Instagram account, @bekasi, the 1-minute video revealed a woman, also known as NN, 51, seated on a chair of a resident’s home and surrounded by an angry mob. The video was uploaded on Monday, Nov 25th.

According to Bekasi, the woman pretended to be a guest and casually ‘visited’ the resident. NN then slipped into one of the bedrooms in the house and wandered about in it. Fatefully, the owner who was sleeping in the room, woke up and screamed when he saw a stranger in his room.

In a blink of an eye, the whole neighbourhood swarmed over to the house and captured her, which led to her being interrogated in the house.Captioned in the post, “To friends at home, please be careful of women who pretend to be a guest and that will casually slip into your bedroom. The event took place at Setia Mulya Village, Tarumajaya, Bekasi. She tried to deceive people by wearing hijab.”

As clearly seen in the video, the woman wore a black headscarf with a denim jacket and a pair of jeans, making her looking suspiciously like a man.

Boiled with heated emotions, the crowd suddenly started to strip off her hijab, which revealed her manly, coloured hair, and tattoos on her body. This further convinced them that she was a man.

In the commotion, NN defended herself and insisted that, “I’m a girl!’Thankfully, some sensible people actually stopped the rest of the angry crowd from stripping her naked.

NN was handed to the police when the residents decided to call the authorities to settle their dispute. Tarumajaya Police Chief, Yudho Anto Hutri, repetitively stressed to the public that the ‘man’ was indeed a woman.“Woman, woman, she is definitely a woman. Even though she has tattoos on her and her hair is short.”“She was caught even before she could have stolen anything. But she still did invade the room.”Allegedly, NN is suspected of planning to commit theft at the village head’s house.Geez, what’s with the violence though? They could’ve just handed her over peacefully instead of making a racket like this.


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Girl Dumps BF of 7 Years By Vandalising His Car

November 27, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

There are many ways to break up with your other half and then there’s this really dramatic method that has taken Chinese social media by storm. On November 23rd, residents of Taizhou, Zhejiang were stunned when they saw a white Hyundai Creta on the streets with the body of the car spray-painted with some rather amazing words in red paint.

Photos of the car were posted on Weibo and people were puzzled why the car received such treatment. One side of the car was written, “The man I love the most,” while the back had the words, “I have left.” Another side of the car’s body was written, “Seven years of disappointment, I have left.”

People who saw the car were stunned by this and jumped to conclusions, with many of them saying that it was probably done by his ex-girlfriend. They said that the owner might have hurt the girl deeply for her to do something like that and criticised him for wasting seven years of her youth.

Surprisingly, the car’s owner was revealed and he admitted that it was indeed his girlfriend of seven years who had done it. He said that he had parked his car outside his house before that and was shocked to see the words sprayed there the next day.

He posted a video on Douyin defending himself and saying that he did not understand why they were scolding him. The man said, “You’re all scolding me for wasting seven years of her time. I want to ask, isn’t men’s time just as precious?” 

He also revealed that they had originally planned to get married after seven years but unfortunately, he still could not afford to pay the bride price, a sum of money or other forms of wealth paid by a groom or his family to the family of the woman he will be married to.

The man ended his video saying, “The only person I can blame is myself, for not being capable enough to marry her. Add oil, fellow men!” 


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Car Speeding at 104km/h Flies Off Flyover

November 26, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

One woman in Hyderabad, India, risked her life and her daughter’s life by going at 104km/h instead of the set 40km/h on the Biodiversity flyover when she lost control of her car and it fell from the flyover, as according to Scroll.

The incident, which was caught on video as shared by DSSR (@SanjeevanSS), showcased the car flying off the bend of the flyover and crashing to the ground, killing one woman and injuring 6 others. The driver survived the crash while her daughter escaped with minor injuries. 2 other cars were damaged as well.

DSSR wrote, “Flying car..”

He also released a part 2 of the video in which the shadow of the car can be seen on the road below before it crashed to the ground.

“On preliminary investigation, it was found that the accident happened due to the car OVERSPEEDING at 104 km/h instead of the prescribed 40 km/h on the flyover,” said the statement put out by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad stated.


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2 kepala, satu badan

November 26, 2019 | News, Viral | No Comments

Seorang ibu pengsan kerana terlalu terkejut selepas bayi kembar siam yang baru dilahirkannya mempunyai dua kepala, tiga tangan dan satu badan.

Babita Ahirwar, 21, dan suaminya, Jaswant Singh Ahirwar, 25, diberitahu mereka bakal dikurniakan bayi kembar ketika usia kandungan 35 minggu.

“Isteri saya pengsan ketika kali pertama dia melihat bayi kami ini. Kami terkejut dia menakjubkan. Kami tidak percaya anak kami mempunyai dua kepala.

“Ketika imbasan ultrabunyi kami dimaklumkan akan mendapat bayi kembar. Kami sangat gembira dikurniakan anak tetapi bayi dengan dua kepala, tak dapat kami gambarkan,” kata Ahirwar.

Bayi itu yang memilik dua kepala berasingan tetapi berkongsi organ dalaman yang sama dan kini dipantau rapi oleh doktor.


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Rider Foodpanda selamatkan mangsa lemas?

November 26, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

Video memaparkan tindakan berani seorang penghantar makanan Foodpanda yang didakwa menyelamatkan seorang gadis dari cubaan membunuh diri di sungai di Klang mendapat pujian netizen.

Video berdurasi 30 saat itu dimuat naik di Facebook We Are Malaysians sebelum tular di laman sosial baru-baru ini dan kini mendapat lebih 49,000 tontonan.

Netizen juga menyifatkan lelaki Foodpanda itu cukup berani kerana meredah sungai dalam usaha membantu gadis itu selain mendoakan kesejahteraannya.

Rakaman itu juga memaparkan lelaki berkenaan bertindak pantas mengangkat mangsa dalam keadaan terlangkup di permukaan air sebelum menariknya ke atas batu di tepi sungai.

Kata Nor Mohd Hanif, “Untung Foodpanda ada staf berani macam ni… semoga rezeki abang ni dipermudahkan.”

“Tabik brader foodpanda rider… God bless you,” tulis John Ng.

Calvin Ng berkata, Foodpanda wajar memberi bonus kepada pekerjanya kerana dia tiba tepat pada masanya.

Bagaimanapun, rakaman tersebut tidak memaparkan keadaan sebenar kejadian dan perkara yang berlaku kepada mangsa.

Taman Medan, PJ

FoodPanda rider selamatkan gadis yg cuba nk bunuh diri di Sungai Klang. Salute 👍👍👍

Posted by 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians on Jumaat, 22 November 2019


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Kehilangan selipar atau kasut di masjid adakalanya menimbulkan kemarahan yang tiada kesudahan.

Bagi mengelakkan kejadian itu terus berlaku, seorang pemuda telah mengupah rakannya untuk menjaga seliparnya ketika menunaikan solat di sebuah masjid di sini baru-baru ini.

Menerusi perkongsian pelayar Twitter, @czero, mereka baru pulang dari menghadiri majlis perkahwinan dan singgah di masjid untuk menunaikan solat Asar.

Katanya, dia menjaga selipar rakannya itu tanpa diketahui selipar berkenaan rupa-rupanya sangat bernilai dan harganya sungguh luar jangkaan.

“Kawan minta menjaga seliparnya ketika dia solat di masjid. Ingat dia gurau, dia bagi upah RM20. Bila buat carian di Google…,” katanya.

Menurutnya, harga selipar yang dipakai rakannya itu adalah selipar berjenama berharga hampir RM1,700.

Bukan mahu riak ataupun membangga diri, kata @czero, ia sekadar perkongsian semata.

Bagaimanapun netizen memuji tindakan mereka kerana tetap menunaikan solat walau di mana berada.

Kata @jalamisai68, “Nak cemburu boleh, tapi biarlah cemburu kepada kebaikan. Contohnya, dia pakai apa pun kakinya sampai ke masjid berbanding kita yang kadang sedikit la.

“Pak cik teringat pesanan seorang arwah sahabat. Jika minum di warung, dengar saja azan ke udara, beliau akan ajak pak cik ke masjid terdekat. Solat berjemaah.

Katanya, “Dah la ditakdirkan beliau miskin dunia, akhirat pun tak kan nak miskin juga.”

Menurut @azhnhris, “Dia pakai selipar mahal pun pergi masjid juga. Yang selipar murah tu entah singgah masjid ke tak.”

Ada juga netizen menyokong tindakan lelaki itu kerana berwaspada sebelum berlaku musibah.

“Saya pun ada kawan yang selalu minta tengokkan kasut dia sebab kasut mahal. So, I understand,” kata @TemahUluBanat.


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UPSR is one of the first “BIG” exams that Malaysian children who go to government schools will face. So, it is understandable that some parents will want to motivate their children by giving them some sort of reward.

This boy’s parents took things to the next level by giving him RM10,000 in cash, reported Harian Metro.

The pair, Ashikin, 33 and Fahmi, 43, gifted a RM10,000 cash bouquet to their third child, Danish for getting 5A’s and 1B in his UPSR exam.

His mother said that Danish is a very active boy who loves to play football. However, football made him super busy and that caused him to miss out a lot in his studies.

His mother asked him what he wanted, and he said he wanted an iPhone, but his parents were worried that he would misuse the phone and not focus on his studies. So, they made a promise to Danish that if he got good results for UPSR, they will give him RM10,000 in cash.

From then on, both of them saw that Danish really put in the hard work, and they even found him fast asleep while revising a few times.

The couple, who own a cafe explained, “We are not a well-to-do family. We used our savings and worked really hard on our business to make sure that we get that amount of money in 3 months.”

Even though Danish did not get straight A’s, his results were still great. And when he received the bouquet, he asked his parents to put all the money in the bank! That’s certainly a very smart move!

We hope that Danish will enjoy his school holidays playing football and that when school reopens, he can focus completely and get consistent results! What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments!


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According to Sohu, the boy, identified as Lu Shijie, went home after school on November 14th. He was quiet and rather sad on that day as he was doing his homework. Later, his father received a text from Shijie’s teacher, who said that his son was not doing well in school.

So, the father went to talk to Shijie, who defended himself and said that the teacher was prejudiced against him. Apparently, on that day, he was playing with his classmates and it was his turn when his teacher came in. However, the teacher only reprimanded Shijie instead of everyone else, which was terribly unfair.

After telling his father about this, Shijie got very agitated and ran out of the house. His father chased after him but when they found Shijie, he was lying next to a half-empty bottle of pesticide that he had drank. Shijie was rushed to the hospital but sadly, after 24 hours of emergency treatment, he suffered from respiratory failure and passed away on November 15th at 9pm.

Shijie’s grieving father said that he was divorced from his wife, and he had sent Shijie to live with his grandparents at a farm. He needed to travel for work and their family did not have much money. Shijie was an introverted person who did not talk much about his problems with his family. He added that the teachers did not really care about his son, as he was not local and did not get good grades. 

He went to the school to talk to Shijie’s classmates and was shocked to find out that his late son was frequently bullied by his peers. Some of his so-called friends would tease him about being poor and this had been going on for the whole semester.

These bullies would laugh at his clothes and tease him about his grandfather coming to pick him up with a tricycle. They also made up terrible nicknames for Shijie’s family members to provoke him from time to time. When the teachers visited Shijie in the hospital, he got visibly agitated as well.

Meanwhile, the school denied rumours of bullying happening but refused to comment on the incident. They said that the matter was under police investigation and did not want to affect the investigation.


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Sometimes, there is a lot of truth in the saying that all that glitters isn’t always gold. Appearances can be deceptive, and it always helps to make sure you keep a close eye on things before going out on a limb to make wild claims about another person, before you wind up embarrassing yourself.

Well, these young women wound up having to endure a pretty harrowing, if not downright embarrassing situation when they were hauled in by members of the police over a complete mistake for a crime that they didn’t even commit, according to this Facebook post.

What had initially meant to be a dream, luxe birthday escapade for Sharonia Paruntu and her friends turned into an absolute nightmare when Sharonia and her friends wound up being arrested and hauled out of their 5-star hotel in the blink of an eye. This story was shared by Stanley Paruntu, who says he is Sharonia’s father.

And why did this entire mess even happen in the first place, you ask? All because the hotel staff who came in to clean up their room found a small plastic bag containing a bit of white powder, and noticed that a glass panel on the shower had shattered. One plus one = drug party, right?

According to Sharonia, two of their friends had somehow wound up trapped inside the shower at 2am and couldn’t get the door open. Despite multiple efforts at trying to pull it to budge, the door remained firmly held in place. They even broke the glass panel as a result of trying to force it open.

As they resorted to calling room service, the girls probably didn’t expect the whole situation to get a whole lot worse, as Sharonia explains over her Insta Story:

“Just got back from Police Cantonment Complex from 14 hours locked up, because W Hotels Singapore accused me of bringing drugs to their hotel. But it’s an armpit powder to make your armpit less stinky lol. And they didn’t ask me first what is it.

And they arrested me and my friends for 14 hours. Thank you W Hotels for a nice birthday present.”


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