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Mamaks are a Malaysian staple because they’re the only places that can offer great food at insanely cheap prices 24/7. No fancy 5-star restaurant could ever make roti canai or maggi like the abangs at the mamak can. Nonetheless, these eateries are not exactly known for making the most hygienic food.

Dia kata ni kacang merah?? 🤣. Telur lipas weh, THOULATH MAJU KOTA WARISAN SEPANG. Ni kalau masuk perut bini aku,ngn bini…

Posted by Jamal Firdaus on Friday, February 28, 2020

A netizen, who goes by the name of Jamal Firdaus, recently took to Facebook to share his experience of finding cockroach eggs in his fried rice when he was having a meal with his wife at Restoran Thoulath Maju, Sepang.

“Be careful to those who eat here or even at other mamaks. Check your dishes first. Don’t be like me. I only noticed after finishing my rice.”

Jamal went on to share how he usually goes to the mamak for their fried chicken but this time, he only went to accompany his wife. After eating about half of her meal, she asked her husband to help her finish the rest, and that’s when he noticed the horrendous sight before him. The netizen even attached a video of him breaking open one of the cockroach eggs on his near empty plate to show other Facebook users that he wasn’t joking!

He ended his post by advising netizens to be careful where they eat, you never think it will happen to you until it does:

“So, be careful to all of you who like to eat at the mamak. It doesn’t matter where the mamak is. Mamak is everywhere. Make sure that there are no strange ingredients in your food. It may be just cockroach eggs today but tomorrow it could be a baby cockroach, mommy cockroach and daddy cockroach next!”


A Malaysian secondary school student committed suicide on 3rd March after being a victim of constant bullying by two of his classmates.

According to China Press, a funeral was held in Johor for the victim identified as Jun, where his family and friends gathered. The two bullies, accompanied by their parents, also attended the funeral and apologized to the deceased.

While they gathered around Jun’s coffin, his parents asked the two bullies, “If your son was the one who jumped down, what would you do? My son had no choice but to jump down.”

Jun’s father also spoke to the bullies, saying that as long as they were truthful, he would forgive them. He was about to lose his temper when he said this, but his family held him back and tried to comfort him.

Additionally, Jun’s relatives surrounded the two bullies and yelled at them and rebuked their parents for not educating their children. The parents of the bullies were unable to respond.

A classmate of Jun’s revealed what happened before he committed suicide. He said that Jun was repeatedly bullied by his classmates because he refused to join their secret gang.

He said that Jun had transferred to their school in January this year and was forced to join a secret gang by his classmates.

Jun’s classmate added that he was also forced by the two classmates to join the secret gang, but because he knew how to resist, he fought back.

“After I had a fight with them, they didn’t provoke me anymore. But for Jun, they kept bullying him,” Jun’s classmate said.

He said that he would look out for Jun in school, but didn’t know what happened when he wasn’t around.

Jun’s classmate then added that he had played basketball with Jun on Monday (2nd March), the day before he took his own life.

“Jun told me that day that it would be the last time I played basketball with him. I didn’t think there was anything wrong at that time,” he said.

RIP Jun. This just shows that bullying does more damage than you think! Never take for granted that verbal, physical or mental bullying is okay as you never know when a victim would decide to take their own life. 


A woman recently went viral for smashing her employee’s phone on the ground

On Friday, 28 February, Perak Press shared a video of a woman scolding one of her staff members while at work along with the caption, “The boss is upset because the employee keeps taking selfies and making TikTok videos, what do you think?”

In the 44-second clip, the visibly upset boss can be heard saying, “I’ve been here for 15 minutes, did you even realise?”

“Other employees have been complaining that you’ve been taking selfies and using TikTok,” she added.

She then asks the staff member to hand over her phone.

The employee initially refused to give it to her but she sternly says, “I said give the phone to me, so just give it! I cannot accept this behaviour in the office.”

She then slams the phone on the ground and the woman quickly kneels on the floor to collect it.

Many netizens are criticising the boss for her actions, stressing that she shouldn’t have damage the employee’s belongings

“It would have been sufficient to give the employee a warning letter, but it is very inappropriate to damage her personal belongings. We are truly against this,” wrote one user. 

Another person commented, “The boss has a right to be angry. The boss has a right to give them a warning. The boss has a right to nag. The boss has the right to give them advice. All for the betterment of her staff members. However, the boss does not have a right to purposely damage the employee’s belongings.”

One netizen wrote, “The boss is stupid. She should have thought first before damaging her staff’s belongings. What rule are you following? The person bought it using her own money. Maybe if it was bought using your money, it’s okay for you to break it.”


When the cat is away, the mice will play. But skiving off work doesn’t come without consequences.

A woman in Malaysia recently landed herself in hot water after she was caught excessively using her phone during office hours.

A video capturing the moment of her boss smashing her phone to pieces was shared onto Facebook on Feb 28.

According to Says, the boss had received a complaint from the woman’s colleagues. In the clip, she was seen approaching the employee, intending to discuss the matter. But she was ignored for 15 minutes instead.

Melarang staff berselfie,Tik Tok dah tepat…selebihnya korang tolong bagi sepatah dua kata di ruangan komen.- Perak Press-

Bagan Serai Kampung HalamanKu 发布于 2020年2月28日周五

The boss could be heard yelling: “I have been [standing] in front of you for almost 15 minutes! No wonder, your friends told me that you’re so preoccupied with your selfies and your TikTok.”

Throughout the tirade, the employee kept her head down, still looking at the phone in her hands.

“When it is time to work, I expect you to work. Not this!” the boss reprimanded.

She then held out her hand, demanding that the employee surrender her phone. The latter attempted to protest but eventually handed over the device.

Without a second word, her boss threw the phone onto the floor, smashing it and leaving her to pick up the pieces.

The video, which has since been shared onto multiple social media pages, had netizens divided.

While some thought that the boss had gone too far in damaging her employee’s personal belongings for the sake of disciplining her, others commented that the woman should be thankful that she only lost her phone and not her job.

PHOTOS: Screengrab/Facebook


GEORGE TOWN – A man accused of abusing his step-daughter pleaded guilty to the charge at a Sessions Court here.

S. Vasadha Kumar, 36, pleaded guilty to the charge of burning the 10-year-old girl with a hot knife on Feb 1.

Judge Norsalha Hamzah said as the case involved a child, it was a serious offence.

Norsalha sentenced him to three years in prison and fined him RM10,000 (S$3,300), in default of one year in jail if the fine is not paid.

Earlier Vasadha Kumar, a gardener, pleaded with the court to go easy on him as he was the main caretaker of the victim and his wife was expecting a child soon.

Deputy public prosecutor Nurul Fatin Hussin said appropriate sentencing should be given to the accused as he had abused a 10-year-old child.

“She is his step-child, as a father even a step-father he should protect the child like his own and not abuse her.

“The child is still in the hospital being treated for her wounds. She has not only suffered physical trauma but mental trauma as well.

“It also needs to be an example to the public,” she said.

Vasadha is charged with abusing the child by burning her with a heated knife on Feb 1 around 12.30am at an apartment in Lebuh Maccallum, causing her physical and mental harm.

The case is punishable under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001 which provides for a maximum fine of RM20,000 or a jail term of up to 10 years, or both, upon conviction.


We Malaysians tend to double park and not pay our parking when it comes to doing quick errands like buying bread or anything of that sort. Most of the time, we get out scot-free but sometimes when we are unlucky, we’ll get the much-dreaded saman.

This man in Kajang was issued a saman by the Kajang officer but instead of taking the summons and paying for it, he decided to throw a fit. The assault was caught on camera and the video was uploaded online, and needless to say, it went viral. Here’s the video.

It was unclear what they were discussing in the earlier parts of the video but the man was talking to the officer in a condescending tone. He even called the officer “bodoh” and “bangang”. So rude! Then he moves away from the officer and kicks the phone from the hands of a person who was recording the whole incident.

As he was attacked, the man shouted at the assailant and a shouting match ensued.

Netizens are condemning the man for resorting to violence and for being rude in general when the fine will not even be of much money.

It is said that the man has now been arrested and will be remanded soon.


SHAH ALAM – Tindakan seorang pembantu rumah melarikan sejumlah barang milik majikannya tidak berjaya apabila akhirnya dia berjaya dicekup tuannya.

Kisah tersebut dikongsi pelayar Twitter @nannaz17 dengan kapsyen, ‘Rumah member, pembantu rumah rancang nak bawa lari barang dengan lori. Pakat dengan kawan-kawan dia, nasib baik tuan rumah sempat balik rumah, penuh bagasi disumbat harga benda tuan dia.’

Kapsyen itu juga disusuli dengan satu rakaman video durasi 1 minit menunjukkan seorang wanita mengangkut semula bagasi yang cuba dibawa lari itu ke dalam rumah.

Majikannya dilihat membuka bagasi dan menjumpai pelbagai barang berharga seperti telefon pintar, beg berjenama, pakaian yang disumbat di dalam beg plastik besar.

Mereka juga memberitahu akan membuat laporan polis dan berharap pembantu rumah itu ditahan oleh pihak berkuasa.

Rata-rata netizen menonton video tersebut meluahkan rasa marah mereka dengan tindakan tidak berperikemanusiaan pembantu rumah itu.

Jika diperhatikan, hampir keseluruhan barangan rumah mahu diangkut menggunakan lori.

“Tak kenang jasa betul, orang lain susah payah nak cari kerja dapat kat dia senang je buat tuan macam itu.” ciap @qajzemer.

Kata @ali_1, “Dah macam nak pergi mana je, curi banyak barang tu. Tak hargai langsung budi baik majikan menggajikan dia.”

“Nasib sempat balik, kalau tak memang hilang semua barang-barang dia. Apa kenalah orang macam ni. Kita dah buat baik, sudah bagi tempat tinggal makan minum tapi tak bersyukur langsung.” ujar @budakp.

Setakat jam 11.45 pagi ini, video tersebut ditonton 256,100 tontonan dan 13,400 ulang kongsi dari netizen selain 8,000 tanda suka.


The Wuhan virus craze may have died down on the inter-web due to the news of Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad resigning and the subsequent dissolving of the Malaysian cabinet.

But that doesn’t mean that people are not still trying to purposefully spread and infect others with the coronavirus.

Case in point, a Chinese student studying in a Cheras university was apparently seen spitting her saliva into an apartment swimming pool, as shared to WORLD OF BUZZ by a concerned netizen, who wishes not to be named.

“So, this woman suspected to be a student from China from a Cheras university, on the 25th of February 2020, 3:30pm; at a nearby condominium, she spat her saliva into the pool. She drank a mouthful of the water and spit it back into the pool. She walked around the swimming pool and continuously spit into it and when the guard came, she ran into a shop, bought a bottle of water, spit into the bottle and poured it into the swimming pool,” the netizen said.

In a video shared to us by the concerned netizen, the woman can be seen walking by the side of the pool, before stopping, facing the pool and spitting into it. The guard had apparently saw this and chased the woman away from the pool area. She then later returned with the water bottle in which she spit in and poured out into the pool, in which the guard had to chase her away again.

The woman had also not only spit into the main swimming pool, but also into the kid’s pool. She apparently showed no signs of intoxication or remorse for her actions when confronted by the security guard.

It’s unsure as to why the woman decided it would be a good idea to spit into a pool that is utilised by an entire building of people, but her actions could potentially cause an outbreak of the virus if she is infected.

We genuinely hope that the condominium management drains out the swimming pool and cleans it properly before any of the apartment residents decides to cannonball into it.

It’s still uncertain as to if the woman was detained after her actions but we hope that the authorities look into this to ensure that no one is infected because of her.


Motorists in Malaysia are no strangers to stumbling across weird rarities on the roads. Every now and then, there will be a loose cow stranded from its herd, standing right in the middle of the road. Sometimes, we can even find odd-looking roadkill. 

But, what this mother and daughter pair found was something out of the ordinary and very confusing. It was a coconut with nails hammered into it. According to a now-viral Twitter video, the pair was driving around Section 13, Shah Alam when they stumbled across this weird coconut. They claimed to have found it by the divider of the road, near the yellow sign. The girl in the video stated that she wanted to pick up the weird-looking “rock” that was spotted near the Stadium Melawati roundabout. 

However, upon closer inspection, she realised that it was actually a half coconut with three LARGE nails hammered into it.  

Her mum took to Twitter to share this video and to warn fellow motorists regarding this issue. She warned that it may be the latest technique used on the road to attack other drivers. However, she couldn’t comprehend what was the motive behind this coconut. She further stated in a reply tweet that she would file a police complaint regarding this matter.

Her tweet received over 16,000 retweets with many users expressing their opinions. Twitter users expressed their concerns over road safety and demanded a safer road for commuters.

Users even shared their tips on how to avoid these kinds of situations in the future and things to look out for.


A dramatic fight akin to a wrestling match unfolded at a taxi stand outside the Marina Bay Sands Casino, drawing equally epic reactions online.

Facebook user Mitch Manuel, who posted a video of the incident, told Stomp that it occurred at around 2am on Saturday (Feb 22).

She said: “I heard that someone cut the taxi queue but I’m not sure who exactly.”

In the video which has been viewed over 780,000 times and garnered more than 13,000 shares, two men can be seen exchanging blows.

During the tussle, the man wearing a striped shirt flips his opponent, who is in a white shirt, over his back.

Meanwhile, a woman appears to be holding back a man who is clad in a red shirt. However, he kicks the man in the white shirt and joins the altercation.

The man in the white top gets his shirt so torn during the fight that it falls off his body.

A security officer eventually steps in and breaks up the fight, though the man in the striped shirt and the now topless guy continue to point fingers at each other.

However, the dispute takes a strange twist when the two men then fist-bump each other, leading someone in the background to ask: “Are they really fighting?”

Netizens have left comments ranging from curiosity to amusement in response to the video.

Some shared screenshots of notable moments:


A few focused their attention on a bystander at the scene:


And one asked the all-important question:

PHOTO: Stomp