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The Internet has been obsessing over a childhood candy that was recently turned into an ice cream flavour

Los Angeles-based company, Wanderlust Creamery announced its new White Rabbit-flavoured ice cream on 21 February and the news went viral… reaching our Asian “bunny” ears.

Image from Wanderlust Creamery

Hopping onto the bandwagon, two Malaysian ice cream parlours announced that they will be releasing their versions of the White Rabbit ice cream as well! 😀

Inside Scoop will be bringing the nostalgic flavour to all Klang Valley outlets at 8pm this Thursday, 28 February

Image from SAYS Makan
Image from SAYS Makan

The price of a single scoop starts from RM8.30 (while stocks last).

Those living in Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, and Kuantan can also get a taste of the flavour when it launches next week!

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A Florida mom and pediatrician warned parents to better monitor their children’s internet activity after she found a disturbing clip that appeared to encourage children to harm themselves, inserted into gaming videos on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

Dr. Free Hess, from Gainesville, Florida, found the 9-second-long suicide instructions sandwiched between clips of the Nintendo game Splatoon last week and shared it onlineto caution other parents. “Remember kids, sideways for attention, longways for results,” a man said while demonstrating the cutting motion on his arm. “End it.”

The man, identified by CBS News as YouTuber Filthy Frank, has over 6.2 million followers and refers to himself in the description of his page as “the embodiment of everything a person should not be.” There is no evidence that Frank, whose real name is reportedly George Miller, inserted the suicide instructions into the video.

Hess said the clip was found in at least two videos uploaded to YouTube and YouTube Kids since July. “Looking at the comments, it had been up for a while, and people had even reported it eight months prior,” she told CBS News.

YouTube administrators took the video down for violating their community guidelines shortly after Hess pointed them to it last week. In a statement to the network, a YouTube spokesperson explained that the company relies “on both user flagging and smart detection technology” to find inappropriate content.

“Every quarter we remove millions of videos and channels that violate our policies and we remove the majority of these videos before they have any views,” the spokesperson said. “We are always working to improve our systems and to remove violative content more quickly, which is why we report our progress in a quarterly report and give users a dashboard showing the status of videos they’ve flagged to us.”

Hess became involved in seeking out disturbing content in children’s clips on social media after she witnessed increased child suicide rates occurring within her emergency room in recent years. Since then, she has reported several hundred inappropriate clips to YouTube.

The pediatrician found seven more unsettling videos on YouTube Kids on Friday alone. “I had to stop, but I could have kept going,” Hess said. “Once you start looking into it, things get darker and weirder. I don’t understand how it’s not getting caught.”


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Penang cafe offers briyani for 10 sen

February 26, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

BALIK PULAU: For 10 sen, one can savour a warm plate of briyani rice or tomato rice at an eatery in Jalan Pondok Upeh here.

Comparatively, a plate of plain briyani usually costs RM3, tomato rice (RM2) and white rice (RM1.50) at regular nasi kandar outlets.

Various drinks such as coffee, tea and syrup are also served here for the same price of 10 sen to those who dine in at Baen Cafe.

Its owner Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, 37, said customers could easily enjoy a complete meal of rice, dishes and a drink for below RM5.

“Yes, I agree that the pricing for my food and drinks may seem out of this world but I just want to ensure my meals are affordable to everyone.

“I believe people dining out deserve to have a satisfactory meal just as they do at home.

“So my wish is that they would never feel burdened when it comes to paying for a fairly decent meal,” he said yesterday.

Ibrahim said a variety of dishes are available to complement the rice, noting that most of them are sold below market price.

For example, he said, chicken pieces are priced at RM3.50 each, torpedo scad (cencaru) fish (RM3 each) and barramundi (siakap) fish head curry (RM5 each).

Ibrahim said he receives about 400 customers daily at his cafe, which is open from 9am to 4pm and is located opposite Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara.

“Most of my customers are low-income working adults and college students, and my cafe is usually packed at lunch time.

“Two barrels of briyani rice and tomato rice are prepared daily, which can cater for about 180 customers, and if we run out of rice, I will quickly cook more white rice,” he added.

Ibrahim said he inherited the business from his father 15 years ago.

He said he was trading from a stall nearby before moving to the current site in May last year.

“For three years before I shifted here, I used to provide the rice for free.

“But many customers felt shy and uneasy about not needing to pay for it, so I came up with the nominal 10 sen per plate of rice,” he added.

A customer, Abdul Majid, in his 50s, said he is impressed by the variety of dishes available at Baen Cafe, adding that the prices are almost 50% cheaper than at other eateries.

“Foodwise, it is above average. It will go down well with most diners who are familiar with Malay kampung-style cooking.

“I had kerabu taugeh, chicken liver rendang, egg in chilli sambal and white rice which cost me only RM3.

“Together with my friend, who had fish head curry and vegetables with white rice, plus drinks, our meal came up to a total of RM10,” he said.

-The Star

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Oh, dear. Where to start? Malaysia’s most well-known comedian, Harith Iskander, has taken to his Facebook page to make his first public statement regarding alleged unpaid dues from the event holders, The Laugh Factory, who put his comedic prowess on the global map when he won their competition.

Back in 2016, Iskander won a contest that sought out to find the “funniest person in the world.” The prize? Bragging rights. Forever mentions, and constant superlative. Most importantly though was a sweet US$100,000 (RM400,000) prize, and Iskander is claiming that he’s only been paid US$30,000 of what was due.

It has been a roller coaster ride since I entered (and won) the competition in Dec 2016. My main intention for…

Posted by Harith Iskander on Jumaat, 22 Februari 2019

Entertainment industry tome The Hollywood Reporter covered the story back in December; however, this is the first time that Iskander has made it known via his personal page through screencaps of the original article on the advice of his California lawyers.

Not only is he asking for the US$70,000 balance that he’s due, he’s also suing for promissory fraud, breach of contract, unfair competition and misleading advertising.

Wait? So… does this mean that we shouldn’t be calling him “funniest person in the world”? JOKES!

He’s also asking for his travel fees and immigration costs to be borne by The Laugh Factory. Oh — and a US comedy tour, organized by the defendants, or it’s cash equivalent.

Explaining that while the win placed Malaysia [Ed. Note: And him], on the radar, he adds that a lot of time and effort and expenses went towards the victory, and he’s simply asking for what’s due.

Fair enough, and while we hope that the organizers come through with their promised prize, we’ve resigned ourselves to never getting our time back from watching Mr. Iskander’s Netflix comedy special.

Jokes! Kinda.

-Coconuts KL

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One Kuantan woman is feeling lucky to have escaped with her life, after being attacked by a man at a petrol station with a 12-inch parang (machete), having just finished pumping gas early this morning.

Kuantan police report that the incident occurred at 1:20am, after the woman was making her way home after having spent time with friends. CCTV show the victim getting into her car when a white sedan suddenly pulls out, and a masked assailant runs towards her from the passenger side. Pointing the parang at the woman, he grabs her phone from inside her car and leaves. Upon reviewing footage from the area, authorities believe that the duo had been staking out the petrol station for victims.

Two suspects are now wanted in connection with the armed robbery, which carries a maximum 20-year sentence, and whipping, upon conviction.

Stay alert y’all – there’s some nasty folks out there.

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Netizens have been left with mouths agape after CCTV from a Penang sundry shop incident went viral this morning.

Malay-language daily Berita Harian writes that the altercation occurred in Bayan Lepas, Penang at 8:40am yesterday morning. Allegedly, the suspect became enraged over the fact that the shop assistant, a 29-year-old woman, sold him only two vats of oil, and not the three that he requested.

As per the video, the man can be seen exchanging stern words, and then suddenly raises his hand and strike the victim across her face and head.

The shop worker has also stated that the man threatened her, and attempted to coerce her into not making a police report.

Police are now searching for the suspect.

Apa kes ni…..main tampar perempuan yg lemah…..Kejadian belaku di mini mart…pada 08/1/2019 jam 8:45am.. trenggal…tabung haji..bayan lepas.

Posted by Penang La Nii on Selasa, 8 Januari 2019
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CABANATUAN, Philippines : What would you do if you have a child addicted to video games? One mother in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, instead of being irritated by her son’s addiction, has seemingly accepted it, and opts to continue taking care of him, though in a rather strange way.

The mother, Lilybeth Marvel Garcia, recently shared a Facebook video of herself going to the local computer shop, with a plate of food for her son, 14-year-old Carlito.

Since the teen was busy playing his favorite computer game, “Rules of Survival”, Garcia made sure he will not skip his meal — by hand-feeding him.

“Napakarami mo namang barya, baka bukas ka pa umuwi niyan!” Garcia asked her son. “Umiihi ka pa ba? Diyos ko, nakakaawa naman itong anak ko.”

(You have so many coins, you might not go home until tomorrow. Do you even take a toilet break? Good Lord, my son is pathetic.)

Garcia’s video became viral, with about 44,000 likes-reactions and 2.5 million views before it was removed from her timeline. Her video was later re-uploaded by Viral Press in YouTube.

The 37-year-old massage therapist mom told today, Feb. 24, that she and her husband decided to have Carlito, a grade 8 student, drop out of school this year due to his condition.

“Lahat [ng] subject [niya nung] first grading (ng school) bagsak,” the mother confessed. “Kinausap ko sya sabi niya pagbubutihan niya next (grading), then nung [second] grading na siya, wala na siyang ipinasok (na klase).”

(He failed all of his subjects on the first grading period of school. I talked to him and he promised that he will do better next grading. By the time of the second grading period, he was not attending his classes anymore.)

At first, Garcia tried to discipline her son by nagging at him and spanking him. Since that did not work, she made him do household chores for a minimal fee.

“Twenty pesos araw-araw yung binibigay ko sa kanya,” she said. “[K]apalit no’n yung araw-araw na gawain sa bahay para madala siya at pilitin pumasok next school year.”

(I give him 20 pesos everyday to do household chores, to teach him a lesson and to encourage him to go back to school next year.)

But for Garcia, Carlito is not really a game addict because he helps around with the household chores and knows his limitations. “‘Pag wala naman ring siyang pera, nanonood lang siya,” she added. (When he does not have money for playing, he just watches [other gamers].)

She also denied that her son can last up to 48 hours playing, and clarified an earlier statement from the deleted post, “Katuwaan lang po ‘yun.” (It was only a joke.)

The mom explained that she removed the video from her timeline because of the hateful comments she received. She also clarified that when the video was taken, it was the only time she brought food for her son — as a way to make him feel guilty for what she has to do for him.

“Huwag po sana sila mag-base sa napapanood lang nila o sa maling balita. Kasi hindi nila alam kung ano ang nasa likod ng video na ‘yun. Yung video na ‘yun ay simpleng katuwaan lang,” she appealed to netizens.

(People should not rely on everything they see or hear, or on false news, because they do not know what is behind the story of the video. The video I made was simply just for fun.) – Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

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