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As China begins to return to a state of normalcy after cases of Covid-19 across the nation have seen significant drops, more and more of the local population are doing their very best to adapt by what is now termed as ‘the new normal’. Which means washing your hands often, and of course, practising social distancing.

But the concept of social distancing may be pretty difficult for children to grasp, and more difficult for them to put into practice. Unless of course, you come up with a highly creative and visually engaging way to teach them about it!

According to a recently viral post on Chinese social media platform Weibo, one school in Hangzhou, China has decided to draw from old Chinese history in order to help their young students understand the importance of social distancing. How, you ask?

By getting their students to make their very own Song-dynasty style ‘social distancing’ hats, complete with the very very long flaps on each side!

Made out of homemade craft materials like balloons, cardboard and paper, the hats are meant to measure roughly 1-metre in width to help students get a tangible understanding of how to put social distancing into practice.

These hats are most likely to be familiar for audiences who watched old Chinese dramas set in the Song Dynasty, which were initially designed by Emperor Taizu to prevent palace officials from whispering to each other when they were attending court assemblies.