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PDRM has successfully detained three Rohingya men who were responsible for a series of break-ins in Kulai, Johor that have been recurring since last year.

Kulai Police Chief, Tok Beng Yeow, said that the three suspects were caught conducting separate raids in a village lodge and two houses within the district last night from 8pm on Monday night t0 3am on Tuesday, following reports from Sinar Harian.

“During the raid, the police seized two cars, break-in equipment, different currencies of cash, bank books, passports, jewelry and two laptops, all worth more than RM80,000,” he said at a press conference in the District Police Headquarters, today (29th April).

This incident unfortunately caused more backlash towards the Rohingya community.

It was mentioned that this wasn’t the first of their reported criminal activity. According to the Police chief, the men were also “involved in several break-in cases and the most recent case in Indahpura which took place on 26th April involving a 40-year-old male victim.”

According to the suspects, their modus operandi was to break into the house through the front door and windows with a screwdriver before sneaking in. The group of men aged between 20 to 32-year-olds were arrested with two young girls, aged 8 and 9 respectively.

Despite the detainment of these three suspects, authorities are still on the lookout for the group’s main masterminds, 32-year-old Abdullah and 20-year-old Norjan, who have yet to be found.

“Further investigations revealed that the group committed a total of 10 home burglaries in Indahpura, Bandar Putera, Saleng and Senai since November last year,” added the police chief.

While some of the suspects had a United Nations Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR) card with them, others didn’t have any form of documentation to verify their identities, “Police are still investigating all the unemployed suspects for how long they’ve lived in the country.”

Stay safe guys!