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Health-director general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has revealed that as of today, there are 317 positive Covid-19 cases detected among children below the age of 12, prompting him to remind parents to keep an eye out for their kids this coming Hari Raya.

From that number, 112 cases involved children below four years old and 22 cases were detected in babies less than one year old. He told The Star that this is the reason children and babies belong in high-risk groups with the elderly. He said,

“Children and babies have to be protected to ensure that they are not exposed and be infected with Covid-19.”

Dr Noor Hisham requested parents to clean themselves first before touching their children after reaching home as there is a huge risk of the virus being transmitted to the elderly and the children. He also urged the public to follow the SOP diligently this festive season in order to prevent their children and family members from being exposed to the heinous virus.

We do advice everyone to manage their movement during this Hari Raya celebration properly. We need to consider the wellbeing of everyone around us. So we suggest keeping the visiting at a minimum if any or maybe just have a small celebration with the members of your family that lives with you only. Mmmkay?