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In a video that has gone viral in Indonesia, a nine-year-old girl was trapped in a predicament after unknowingly being lifted up 15 meters in the air as she was playing with cables that were about to be installed at that time.

As reported by The Jakarta Post, Emergency and Logistics Head Kosrudin at the Tangerang Disaster Mitigation Agency has confirmed the incident happened on Thursday (16 April) afternoon. He explained,

“She did not know that the cables were being installed. She hung on to the cable while it was still low.”

Not realizing that there was a girl hanging onto the cable, the workers there continued with the installation, lifting the cable up in the air. The girl continued hanging on and when the cable got higher, she was scared to let go.

Watch the full video here:

Thankfully, the girl survived the fall with only minor injuries after the residents there rushed to her rescue by piling up mattresses to catch her fall and she was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment.