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KUANTAN – Paya Besar Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) division chief G. Ramesh has been found dead by the roadside near the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP).

It is believed he was the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Kuantan OCPD Asst Comm Mohamad Noor Yusof Ali said Mr Ramesh’s body was found by the roadside in Sungai Ular, about 2km from MCKIP, at about 10.50pm on Sunday (July 14).

“His face was crushed. It’s believed that he had been hit by a vehicle. There was also his four-wheel-drive about 20m from the scene. From the forensic report and our early investigations, we believe it was a road accident. I might say it could be a hit-and-run incident,” ACP Mohamad Noor said on Monday (July 15).

“The location was dark as there was no street lights and it was raining at the time of the incident,” he added.

ACP Mohamad Noor said that the case is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 as it has been classified as a fatal accident.

He said police are seeking witnesses and urged anyone in the vicinity at the time to come forward and assist in the investigations.

“Please do not worry. Come forward because it will help us complete our probe,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pahang MIC chairman V. Arumugam described Mr Ramesh’s death as a big loss to the party, Bernama reported.

“He was dedicated and had been with MIC for 20 years, always offering support whenever needed.

“He was always ready to lend a helping hand to his friends and fellow party members,” Mr Arumugam said.

Mr Ramesh, 50, had served as Pahang MIC youth chief for 15 years before taking over as Paya Besar MIC division chief last year.


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Earlier this month, a woman from south-east China claimed she was seriously injured after being knocked off her bicycle by a truck

The alleged accident happened on 4 July in Wuhu, Anhui province.

According to a South China Morning Post (SCMP) report published on 10 July, the woman claimed that she was hit by the truck while she was on her bicycle.

Following which, she called the police as she lay under the truck. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the woman “moaning in pain” and demanding compensation from the truck driver, who was identified only as Cui, SCMP reported.

There was, however, only one issue with her claim

She wasn’t hit by the truck instead she staged being knocked off her bicycle by throwing it under the truck before positioning herself in front of the truck’s tyres.

The woman would have gotten away with the whole thing had it not been caught on the surveillance camera installed across the street.

When police officers reviewed the footage from the surveillance camera it became clear she had faked the whole incident

The woman apparently staged the accident after having a business dispute with the driver and sought revenge, according to People’s Daily.

While police said they are investigating the woman, it is unclear if she would be facing any punishment for her actions.


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A retiree had a scare when his car was suddenly hit by an arrow while he stopped at a traffic light.

Tan Theam Lye, 62, said a loud impact shook him and the three passengers in his vehicle.

“We were in Jalan Beserah after returning from my brother’s house. At the traffic light, there was a sudden bang on the left side of my car.

“When we checked, we were shocked to find an arrow had hit the door,” he said yesterday.Tan then noticed a group of students practising archery at a nearby school and confronted them.

“I spoke to their teacher. He did not realise what had happened and was apologetic. He agreed to pay RM300 for the damage and I accepted his apology,” Tan said, adding that he would not lodge a police report over the Wednesday incident.He said he wanted the school to be aware of public safety while holding archery practice as the compound was very near the road.

Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang said he had also spoken to the teacher in charge and the school had agreed to stop archery practice temporarily.

“Usually, only two students are allowed to practise at one go but on that day, the teacher let four students shoot. One of them may have missed the target.

“The school will stop archery practice until safety measures are in place. I will also sponsor a safety net for them,” he said.

-The Star

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A man’s quick actions saved a six-year-old girl’s life after he stopped her from crossing a road and almost getting hit by an oncoming lorry.

In the Tuesday (May 14) morning incident, the man, who was on his way to work, stopped his superbike on the road shoulder after noticing a little girl trying to cross a road at a housing area in Fasa 2 Puncak Alam.

The man sounded his horn to warn an oncoming lorry, which did not see the little girl on the road, then helped her get home safely.

A seven-minute video of the incident, believed to be recorded by the man himself, has gone viral on social media since Wednesday (May 15) morning.

In the video, the man could be heard asking the girl called Anita on the whereabouts of her parents.

“Where is your mother? Where are you going? Who’s at home?” he asked.

The girl answered that her mother was at work while her father was asleep at home.

“My mother is working… my father is sleeping,” said the girl, adding that she wanted to go home.

Her answer clearly got him shocked and puzzled as to how she could be allowed to roam around the neighbourhood alone.

Anita pointed in the direction of her house, which was some distance away, and the man carried her towards it.

When they arrived, there was a worker doing renovation works outside the house and the man asked whether he knew who Anita was.

The worker admitted that he saw her exiting the house and confirmed that she was the daughter of the homeowner.

The man who saved Anita was visibly upset that the worker did not even stop her from going outside.

“You should’ve stopped her… Carry her into the house. If I didn’t see her just now, she would’ve been crushed by a vehicle. She was already on the road.

“How could this little girl be allowed to walk to the road. The lorry driver didn’t see her on the road because the height of his vehicle. If I didn’t honk just now, she would’ve been gone,” he said.

Not long after the confrontation, Anita’s father, believed to have been woken up from his nap, came out of the house in a dazed state.

“Assalamualaikum bang (brother)… You were asleep upstairs? Did you know that your daughter already reached the main road?

“I stopped her just now… She was almost hit by a lorry. If I didn’t notice her just now, she might’ve been gone by now,” said the man.

Anita’s father profusely thanked the man for saving his daughter and looking out for her.

The man also warned Anita’s father to be more aware of his daughter’s whereabouts and for the worker to stop Anita from going out if he saw her trying to do so again.

He also told Anita’s father that she fell down somewhere and was slightly injured before he found her.

Anita could be heard telling her father that she wanted her mother before the father answered that she was not at home.

After sending her home safely, the man advised the public to be aware of their children’s activities and whereabouts and to lock their gates if they wished to sleep.

“We don’t want unwanted things to happen. If possible, take good care of your family, small children can’t think for themselves,” he said before ending the video.

Meanwhile, social media users praised the man for his quick actions and thanked him for saving the girl.

The Star

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A tourist has fallen to his death from a zipline in a Thai forest after his safety harness broke.

He reportedly plummeted 330ft from the line into a creek beneath the adventure ride in popular tourism spot Chiang Mai.

Local news site Khaosod English reported the man died at the scene on Saturday morning local time in Mae Kampong, a village in the country’s mountainous northern province of Chiang Mai.

Zipline operator Flight of the Gibbon has shut since the tragedy and immediately took responsibility for the death, saying it would compensate the victim’s family, according to reports.

The Sun reports the man was on holiday with his girlfriend and a group of friends when he was killed.

Flight of the Gibbon’s line courses through rainforest treetops in a seven-hour adventure.

According to its website, it boasts one of the longest zipline experiences in Southeast Asia.

Workers at the zipline told Khaosod English the Canadian tourist’s harness safety locks broke shortly after he began the ride.

The news site reported police believe the operator attached only three cables installed to hold zipline riders, despite eight normally being required.

Police in Chiang Mai have reportedly charged Flight of the Gibbon with fatal negligence for allowing a heavy person on the ride.

The operator is being investigated by police in Chiang Mai following the tragedy

However there have been conflicting reports about the tourist’s weight in local media.

Flight of the Gibbon’s website states that zipline riders cannot be any heavier than 275lbs (125kg).

Provincial police chief Major General Pichate Jiranantasin told Khaosod English over the weekend that the tourist weighed around 180kg (297lbs).

However the tourist’s family disputed the figure, Khaosod English reported, adding that some other news reports put his weight at closer to 125kg (275lbs).

The zipline is located in popular Thailand tourist destination Chiang Mai, where officials have promised to improve the safety standards of adventure tourism operators following a string of serious and fatal incidents.

Flight of the Gibbon itself was temporarily shutdown in the past when three Israeli tourists riding the zipline were injured crashing into one another. They fell to the ground but survied.

The last Chiang Mai zipline fatality took place in 2015, when two Chinese tourists died in separate incidents at lines run by operators Skyline Adventure and Flying Squirrels.

Another Chinese tourist had reportedly been injured on Flying Squirrels’ zipline in 2016.

Chiang Mai authorities said the Canadian tourist’s body had been brought to a hospital until his father arrived to take him back home, the Sun reported.

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A four-year-old girl suffocated to death in the back seat of her father’s car after he left her alone in the vehicle for NINE hours.

It is understood that the tragedy happened when her father answered an urgent phone call as he was about to drop her off at nursery school.

The girl – named only as ‘Qi Qi’ – was asleep in the back of the car as she was being driven to Wanyuan Kindergarten in Yiyang, China, just after 8am local time on April 8.

The father, who has been identified by his surname Hu, claims he drove his daughter to school in Heshan District and parked by the gate before answering the phone call from work.

He said he forgot to check whether his daughter had actually got out the back before driving off in a hurry and leaving his vehicle for the entire day in the car park of the vehicle dealership where he works.

He told local media: “I answered the call and forgot to check. I didn’t notice until my wife called me at 5pm asking where our daughter was.”

Hu’s wife had gone to the privately run Wanyuan Kindergarten to fetch Qi Qi, only to be told she had not been at school that day.

“I thought and thought and then finally found her in the back seat in the footwell,” Hu said.

Qi Qi had suffocated to death and was declared dead shortly after being taken to Yiyang Central Hospital.

“They couldn’t save her,” Hu, who is a car salesman, said.

Qi Qi’s body being carried away

Qi Qi’s father known only as Mr Hu

He added: “The school usually calls or sends messages asking why a pupil isn’t there, but why didn’t they contact us this time?”

Asked whether he felt the school should bear 100 percent of the blame, Hu said: “In my opinion, they are more liable. Had they called, I would have noticed sooner.”

Call logs from Hu’s mobile phone showed that he answered a call at 8:46am. However, the conversation lasted all but 12 seconds.

Hu said he believed he may have been distracted by messages on other applications such as instant-messaging service WeChat.

He said: “There are three teachers and only around 10 pupils at the school. How could they not have noticed one pupil missing?”

Mr Hu’s phone history shows a call at 8:46am on the day of the incident

The Heshan Education Bureau says the school had already reached a settlement with the family – offering them damages in the amount of 32,000 RMB (RM19,600).

The bureau said their preliminary findings indicate Hu may not have driven his child to the nursery school at all.

They suggested Hu answered his phone on the way to her school and became distracted, only remember again when his wife called him some nine hours later.

Further investigation is still ongoing.

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Picture Of Dr M In Accident Is Fake

March 21, 2019 | News, Viral | No Comments

A picture of a car crash circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook, claiming to involve Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has been confirmed to be fake.

The picture shows a car that crashed into a gate of a building that appears to be in Malaysia went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp on Wednesday (March 20). 

It has been circulating with the caption “The car that was carrying PM Tun Mahathir has crashed, he and Tun Hasmah are hurt. Watch the news on TV1 tonight at 8pm”.

According to Bernama News Channel’s Facebook page, an officer of the Prime Minister confirmed that it was false.

A quick reverse-image search by The Star found that the image was posted on a Portuguese-language automotive forum in December 2018.


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SINGAPORE – A night of merrymaking for three friends ended tragically when one of them died following a collision involving their car and a bus.

On Thursday (March 14), Honami Lam Qixin, 25, pleaded guilty to causing the death of her friend Jasmine Lim Jia Yan, 23, by negligent driving. Ms Lim died in hospital on April 22 last year.

The court heard that Lam, a project manager, and her boyfriend Jake Lau Zhi Wei, 26, had gone to Pine Grove near Ulu Pandan Road on April 21 to celebrate the birthday of Ms Lim’s boyfriend.

After the party, which ended past midnight, Lam offered Ms Lim a ride home. The younger woman, who was an assistant brand manager for SK-II, sat in the back while Lam’s boyfriend took the front passenger seat.

At the junction of Jalan Anak Bukit and Jurong Kechil Road, Lam stopped her car in the second lane of the three-lane road.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Wu Yu Jie said her intention was to turn right towards the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) heading to Changi.

However, when the traffic lights turned green for vehicles travelling straight ahead, she started moving before the right-turn green arrow appeared, DPP Wu said.

She also did not stop the car in the turning pocket but immediately made the right turn towards the PIE.

DPP Wu told District Judge Kessler Soh: “She did so negligently, failing to keep a proper lookout and to give way to oncoming traffic while making a right turn when the traffic light in her direction was only showing green, without the green right-turn arrow.”

Mr Thanjavour Rajarm Prabhuram, 43, was driving an SMRT bus in the opposite direction of Jalan Anak Bukit towards Clementi Road at a speed of about 59kmh when he saw Lam’s car turning into his path. The bus hit the left side of the car, which spun before coming to a stop.

Lam called the police and an ambulance soon arrived to take Ms Lim to the National University Hospital, where she died of a head injury. Lam and Mr Lau were taken to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

In stressing that Lam’s negligence was “not insubstantial”, DPP Wu urged the court to sentence her to four weeks’ jail and disqualify her from driving all classes of vehicles for five years.

Defence lawyer David Nayar pleaded for his client to be jailed for a week and be disqualified from driving all classes of vehicles for two years. He added that she had a clean driving record prior to the incident.

Lam, who is out on bail of $10,000, will be sentenced on March 29.


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Our hearts are shattered after reading this

Just a few days ago (4 March), a netizen named Justin James shared his heartbreaking story on Facebook about how he will never have the chance to confess to the girl he liked, all because he took too long to take the first step.

Here’s what he wrote.

“In mid-November of last year, I started chatting online with a very beautiful Vietnamese girl. We spoke about music, movies, books, and her desire to one day move back to Sydney. Our conversation moved at exactly the same pace. She was intelligent, kind, witty and funny, and did I mention beautiful?”

“Now, anyone that knows me knows that I lose interest in women (and people in general) very quickly if I feel that we are not existing on the same plane. That was not the case with this girl. I knew immediately that I liked her. So much so, that I did nothing.”

“I ignored the feelings that I had because deep down I felt that if she met me in person, somehow she wouldn’t like the real “Justin” outside of my online persona. She was too perfect, and I am not that lucky. We would causally talk online from time to time, but never making real plans.”

Source: Facebook

Man Regrets Not Confessing His Love to Vietnamese Girl And Now She’s Gone Forever

This went on until 21 January, when he decided to ask her out for coffee. It was a lovely meeting between both of them and they spent hours talking to each other. Justin was wearing sunglasses throughout the meeting as he wanted to conceal his feelings for her. “We made plans to hang out later that night but decided to wait. We didn’t want to ruin the moment,” he said.

Sadly, he had to leave for China for work and she was leaving to the North when he came back. They just couldn’t find the right time to meet up. Throughout this period, they did pay special attention to each other’s Instagram and Facebook stories.

One day, the girl stopped watching all his stories.

“I sent her a few Facebook and WhatsApp messages, but she didn’t respond. I called, but she didn’t answer. I thought that maybe she had met someone else or wasn’t interested anymore. This made me sad. After not hearing from her for a few weeks, I made the decision that I would contact her somehow and let her know how I really felt. No games, no bullshit.”

“But, unfortunately, that chance will never come, because yesterday I found out that she had passed away in a motorbike accident 3 weeks ago. I can’t help but feel that if I would have told her that, maybe this could have been avoided.”

“If you care about someone let them know now. Because tomorrow is never promised,” he said.

He ended his Facebook post with “RIP Thanh Vu.”

Source: Facebook

So guys, if you love or care about someone, remember to tell them whenever you can, because nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. RIP Thanh Vu.

This article was published in world of buzz

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By Maya

PETALING JAYA – A Facebook post on a social worker assisting a young boy to stop his bleeding while awaiting an ambulance set social media abuzz with heartwarming messages on her selfless gesture.

The post by Facebook user Mohd Farouk showed pictures of a woman with a first aid bag helping a young boy who was bleeding badly after he fell off his motorcycle.

The post was made by Mohd at around 1.30pm Sunday (March 3) when the incident occurred.

Mohd said, “It happened in front of me just now at Jalan Loke Yew (where) this boy fell off his own motorcycle and he was bleeding badly. I called 999 and requested for (an) ambulance.”

Just now happen in front of me at jalan loke yew towards viva home.. Budak nie jatuh sendiri dari motor, he bleeding…

Posted by Mohd Farouk on Sabtu, 2 Mac 2019

“While waiting for the (ambulance), this woman popped out of nowhere and came and helped this boy. I’m telling you, she did not look at race or whatever, she just came, opened her bag and started helping.”

He added that “(the lady) is (Chinese) from Selayang and the boy is Malay.”

According to Mohd, the lady is a social worker and she managed to stop the bleeding and assist the boy until the ambulance arrived.

From what Mohd witnessed, he added “(Sister), I really don’t know you but I believe that (a) good soul like you will always blessed by God.”

“For the people out there, don’t look at race to help each other. We are human, and our blood is the same colour.”

“This (lady) made me believe one thing today (and that is) that God lives among us. For the bleeding boy, you (the lady) were God for him today. Thank you (sister), God bless you always.”

Mohd advises his friends and family to stop driving dangerously (such as drinking and driving) as one may hurt oneself or someone else.

“Thank you so much and God bless all of you,” said Mohd at the end of his post while thanking other people who helped out during the incident.

Many praised the woman for her prompt gesture in helping the young boy.

One Facebook comment reads, “This is Malaysia’s spirit, thumbs up for the (lady). We must have more of this and this country will be a great country to live in.”

“God bless that girl who helped the victim, we need more people like her. It is important (that) we equip ourselves with the basic knowledge of first aid and CPR. We never know when and where we can be of help to others,” added Facebook user Suma Venugopal.

Facebook user Iskandar Ibrahim said “It is not the colour of your skin that should matter but its (sic) the colour of your blood. We’re humans. Being human is the hardest.”

The post has since gained nearly 621 reactions, 169 comments and 29 shares as at 10.10 pm.

-Asia One

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