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Meet Puspa Dewi, a 53-year-old Instagram entrepreneur known for her age-defying beauty.

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Puspa looks so young that people often mistake her as her sons’ girlfriends at first glance.

However, the proud mother of two is happily married to her 56-year-old husband whom she has dated since 1993

Affectionately known as Mama Hadi on Instagram, she has further defied her youthful looks after becoming a grandmother this year

Her eldest son and his wife gave birth to a son in February.

When it comes to the secret of preserving her youth, Puspa has credited good genes, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive attitude

According to CGTN, she eats a balanced diet and exercises with utmost discipline every day.

As a veteran swimmer and badminton amateur, Puspa said she also catches up with recent sporting trends and is currently into zumba and aerobics.

The grandmother said being with her loved ones and doing what she enjoys for a living has also helped her feel young

“People say that the older I get, the younger I look, which I think is true, because I am happier now, the children are all grown up, and I get to run a business I love,” she told Indonesian news outlet Detik.

“I guess I am just radiating happiness.”