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Siapa saja yang tidak pernah mendengar lagu Mipan Zuzuzu kerana ia pernah trending sebelum itu di semua platform media sosial terutamanya TikTok

Lagu itu menjadi hangat di seluruh negara selepas nyanyian seorang gadis Mat Salleh yang secara tiba-tiba menjadi trending.

Dikatakan lagu tersebut merupakan lagu komersial untuk sebuah makanan bijirin iaitu ‘Miel Pops’ yang juga terkenal di beberapa buah negara seperti Sepanyol, Rusia dan Itali.
Namun, lain pula dengan kejadian yang berlaku di laman Facebook baru-baru ini apabila tersebar gambar surat beranak seorang bayi yang diletakkan nama Mipan Zuzuzu Bin Mahzan.

Gambar sijil kelahiran telah disunting sebelum dimuat naik

Menerusi sumber, bapa bayi tersebut yang dikenali sebagai Mahzan telah berkongsi gambar sijil kelahiran itu di laman Facebooknya dan menjadi tular.

Dia memberitahu gambar tersebut dimuat naik setelah mendapat sijil kelahiran anak lelakinya itu yang baru lahir pada 5 Novermber lalu.

Selain itu, dia mengakui bahawa gambar tersebut memang disunting pada bahagian nama anaknya untuk tujuan hiburan saja

Isteri masih steady dan tahu suami suka bergurau

Mengaku memang seorang yang suka menyunting gambar, Mahzan memberitahu dia mendapat idea selepas mengambil surat beranak tersebut.

“Lepas ambil surat beranak tu saya tengok, rasa macam boleh edit

“Jadi saya editlah nama tu dan share pada Facebook untuk hiburan kawan-kawan saja. Tak sangka pula boleh viral”

“Isteri saya pun tahu perkara itu tapi dia steady je. Dia tahu saya ni jenis suka bergurau,” katanya.

Dia juga memberitahu nama sebenar anak keduanya itu bernama Marzuki Bin Mahzan.

Sementara itu, tinjauan di ruangan komen mendapati rata-rata netizen memberi pelbagai reaksi mereka apabila melihat gambar tersebut

Nasib baik si ayah tak letak betul-betul ya nama tu, kalau tak mahu menyanyi sambil panggil nama anaknya.


Bathing and taking care of a baby is not easy. There is so much that first-time parents have to learn when expecting their newborn.

A Vietnamese man, who will soon become a grandfather, recently gave his son a live demonstration of how to bathe a baby using their family cat.

Facebook user Vinh Quang Phạm shared a video on 7 November which has since garnered 39,000 likes and 17,000 shares.

According to TheSmartLocal Vietnam‘s translation, the man was cradling the cat in his hands while explaining that he must support the baby’s head when he washes the baby’s body.

Netizens were impressed by how patient and cooperative the cat was throughout the whole display

“To clean the baby’s head, first, put the baby on your lap and wrap him or her in a towel,” Quang’s father says.

He explained that you must wrap the baby in a towel so that the baby doesn’t get a cold.

Then, put the baby on your lap and splash water up to his or her face. Be careful not to let water get into the baby’s ears.

Finally, dry the baby and put him or her to sleep

With such an attentive and experienced father, Quang and his wife should have no problems taking care of their future baby


An eight-month-old baby was tragically killed in Kelantan by his father recently

According to Berita Harian, the incident took place on Tuesday, 13 October, at Kampung Sungai Dua in Bachok.

The baby is believed to have been killed by his father using a blunt object.

Bachok district police chief Supt Samsulmuddin Sulaiman said that initial investigations found that the suspect is mentally ill.

In a separate report by Berita Harian, Kelantan police chief DCP Shafien Mamat said that the man refused to give a statement. Instead, he would not stop reciting prayers and claims that he heard an angel’s voice before killing the child.

Police found the child’s body stuffed inside a sack under a kitchen table.
The remains had been covered with salt by the baby’s father.

Samsulmuddin told Berita Harian, “The baby’s body had signs of serious injuries and bruises in different parts of the body. He was also covered in coarse salt and it is believed that the 40-year-old father did it.”

He also explained that the suspect’s relative alerted the authorities regarding the child’s death.

According to Samsulmuddin, the relative, a man in his 50s, had visited the suspect’s home and found that the child died in a peculiar state.

“After receiving the report, police raided the suspect’s home. It was locked from the inside and we had to force entry. Once inside, we arrested a man and found the victim’s mother, a 32-year-old woman, crying and traumatised,” he said.

The mother sustained bruises and scratches on both of her arms and she was sent to Bachok Health Clinic to receive treatment. Today, 14 October, Shafien said that the woman has also been apprehended to assist with investigations.


We’re all well-aware that children below 12 and senior citizens are not allowed in public places due to the SOPs that have been implemented in Malaysia. This is because this group of people are more susceptible to the Covid-19 virus.

However, what this mother from Penang did might have taken the rule too far. Facebook user, Caiyun, posted about an incident that happened today, 26 August where she found a baby in a car park of a mall. She saw a couple of people beside the car peering into the vehicle and saw the baby crying inside.

Caiyun immediately took a picture and showed it to the security guard who told her to meet the customer service representative. When they went to the customer service, they were told they couldn’t make an announcement as the broadcast system was broken.

When they were hesitating whether or not they should call the police, two staff members who were notified of the situation came to check on the baby. After the security guard informed his superior, he reached out from the open rear seat window to open the lock and then rescued the baby. From the looks, the baby was a newborn and seemed thin.

After asking for some details, they took the baby into the mall and Caiyun left as well. After that, she called the duty manager who told her that the baby’s mother came after 15 minutes and explained that she had to bring her baby with her to the mall as there’s no one to take care of the baby at home. Due to SOPs, she was not allowed to bring her baby to the mall.

Reminder to parents to not leave your children in the car NO matter how long. It won’t take long for something unfortunate to happen or for your child to suffer a heatstroke!


This mother in Japan is seven months pregnant and she was really heartbroken as her favourite comedian, Ken Shimura has died of Covid-19. On her Twitter, she revealed that she was also restless and worried about the whole pandemic situation. Be it as it may, she still had to go for her pregnancy check-up.

When the doctor put on the gel and started the ultrasound, she was pleasantly surprised by what she saw on the screen.

“My baby flashed me the peace sign from inside of me. And now I’m cheered up.”

Awwwww, what a cutie pie! It’s as if the baby was telling the mother to cheer up and stay strong!

According to the Health Department of Western Australia, babies in the womb can feel everything their mother experiences including the sounds in the environment, the air they breathe, the food they eat and the emotions they feel.

“When you feel happy and calm, it allows your baby to develop in a happy, calm environment.

However, emotions like stress and anxiety can increase particular hormones in your body, which can affect your baby’s developing body and brain.”


The baby had drunk about 10ml of milk when their parent realised something was off.

There was a strong stench of alcohol coming from the infant’s bottle.

A two-month-old infant in Zhejiang, China, was rushed to the hospital after accidentally ingesting baijiu last Friday (Jan 17), reported Oriental Daily.

Baijiu is a clear liquor with an alcohol content of anywhere between 28 to 65 per cent. Alcohol, once ingested by an infant, can cause low blood sugar, leading to seizures and coma or even slow the heart rate down to a fatal level.

When rushed to the hospital for an emergency treatment, the infant had already turned red in the face and was unconscious in the mother’s arms.

As the child was too young to induce vomiting, the hospital had to pump the infant’s stomach in order to remove the alcohol from the system.

According to reports by the local media Shaoxing Wanbao, the contents of the child’s stomach smelled very strongly of alcohol. After 20 minutes of repeatedly pumping out the contents, the child was finally cleared of danger.

Even though the child had ingested only a small amount of alcohol, doctors warned the parents that there might still be a risk of complications in the child’s gastrointestinal tract, liver and nervous system.

The doctors explained: “The effects on the gastrointestinal tract and liver might be acute and can be treated immediately, but the effects on the nervous system are not immediately visible and would, therefore, require long-term attention.”

The parent revealed that in their haste to appease the hungry child, they had grabbed what they believed to be a bottle of water to mix the child’s formula, not realising it was a bottle containing baijiu saved from a banquet. 


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said it is aware of Low’s Facebook post. It is investigating the employment agency for a possible breach of the Employment Agencies Act.

A Singapore Police Force spokesperson confirmed that the employer has lodged a report against the employment agency and said they are looking into the matter.

One Singapore mum thought her maid had simply been careless when her baby daughter ended up with second-degree burns. But the truth was far more sinister.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Amy Low, 40, recounted how her maid had burnt her baby’s hand on purpose in a bid to get sent home and warned other parents to keep a close eye on their domestic helpers.

On Jan 14, Low and her husband had left their two daughters, aged eight and 16 months, in the care of their maid while they were at work. 

At 5.20pm, Low’s husband received a call from their eight-year-old saying that her baby sister had suffered a burn.

Low and her husband rushed the girl to the hospital, where the doctor told Low that her daughter had suffered second-degree burns and seemed to “have some doubts” about the cause of the wounds.

“Since the maid started working, we told her that her priority is always to look after our girl and never to bring her into the kitchen,” Low wrote. “We can always take away dinner and there is no need for her to cook.”

Nevertheless, she took her maid’s explanation at face value, believing that the girl had touched a hot cooking pot before she could stop her.

But things began to unravel the next morning when the maid packed up all her belongings and insisted on returning to her employment agency.

“I kept assuring her that we never blamed her, as it was just an accident, she could still stay on and work for us. But she was very insistent, hence I called the agency up,” Low said.

The agency readily agreed to take the helper back and return Low the amount that she had paid to cover her maid’s loan.

The loan, also known as a placement fee, refers to pre-employment expenses that the maid owes to the agency. It is usually deducted from the maid’s salary in their first few months of employment.

Feeling that something was amiss, Low checked the footage from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in her kitchen.

To her horror, she saw her helper dipping her daughter’s left hand repeatedly into a boiling pot, ignoring her cries of pain.

Questioning her maid, she found out that the maid’s friends and employment agency had taught her to hurt the child “so that she could go home”.

The 30-year-old came from Myanmar and was employed on Dec 7 last year, Low told The Straits Times

Still in shock and “shaking throughout”, Low called the police who arrested the domestic helper at her Buangkok Link flat on Jan 15. 

But her nightmare did not end there.

After the employment agency found out that she had made a police report, they began to harass her and accuse her of being a “bad employer”, leaving her fearful that they would hurt her family, she claimed. 

The police are investigating Low’s maid for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous means.

However, Low said the police have not taken any further action against the employment agency for harassing her.


A two-month-old baby from Jakarta, Indonesia died after her mother fed her two teaspoons of banana.

According to KidSpot, the 27-year-old mother did not know that babies younger than four to six months old cannot eat solid food and unknowingly fed her twin girls two teaspoons of banana each.

The following morning, she discovered that the older twin had died and immediately took the newborn girl to a clinic with her husband. The clinic called the police, who took the woman in for questioning.

Police determined that there weren’t any signs of foul play in the baby’s death, and during the autopsy, a banana slice was reportedly found in the baby’s respiratory tract.

The woman told the police that she didn’t know solid foods could not be given to babies younger than four to six months old as their digestive system is still underdeveloped.

“Her twin is alright, but the elder sister choked, maybe it was her fate?” the woman said.

“I only gave them two baby spoons each, it is not like I force fed them the whole banana.”

Police spokesperson, Erick Sitepu said that it was at 8pm that the baby’s mother attempted to give them banana as weaning food using a spoon before she was going to be put to bed.

Although it is a criminal offence in Indonesia when there is a death caused by negligence, the police are currently viewing the baby’s death as “purely accidental”.


When it comes to giving birth, whether through vaginal birth or caesarean (also known as C-section), it’s always monumental for any mother. So what is any mother supposed to feel then when she learns that her baby is born pregnant and has to go through what she did?

Before you question its viability, this incident happened to mum Mónica Vega from Barranquilla, Colombia.


According to Insider, and first reported on MAMÁS LATINAS in March 2019, it all started when Mónica took an ultrasound when she was seven months pregnant with baby girl, Itzmara.

It was revealed that two umbilical cords were connected from Mónica – one from her to Itzmara – and the other connected from Itzmara to her twin, a malformed foetus found in her own body.

Turns out, this phenomenon is due to “Fetus-in-fetu”, a rare condition that usually isn’t discovered until the mother has given birth.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Fetus-in-fetu is very rare, with only one case occurring per 500,000 births.

Fetus-in-fetu occurs when the embryo fails to divide correctly in twins. This usually happens during the first week of gestation. As a result, it causes one twin to be confined in the other’s body, forming a “parasitic” twin.


According to MAMÁS LATINAS, the twin was solely feeding off Itzmara’s heart.

In fear that it would pose harm to Itzmara by damaging her internal organs, Mónica scheduled for a C-section at 37 weeks to remove the twin.

As risky as it was, within 24 hours of Itzmara’s birth, Itzmara herself had to undergo a C-section. Only then would she be completely free from her twin who had neither a heart nor a brain.

The fact was, whether or not the surgery was done, the parasitic twin would not have been able to survive on its own.

Thankfully, newborn Itzmara emerged safe and healthy after her surgery.


Perhaps one of the scariest things to encounter on a flight is a crying baby.

So much so that certain airlines are implementing child-free zones and flights, which would have most certainly helped to prevent the following ‘in-flight entertainment’.

A young couple and a mother started squabbling over the ruckus the latter’s child was making on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Wuhan on Monday (Oct 7).

A person who filmed it explains that the baby had been crying ever since the lights in the plane were switched off.

Unable to tolerate the kid’s incessant noise any longer, a young couple in front turned around to ask whether the mother could do something about it.

“If you think you’re so good, don’t ever have children for the rest of your life,” the angry mother burst out yelling.

She continued to berate the pair non-stop, repeatedly announcing out loud that the two had no morals and cursing them never to have kids.

The mother explains herself in a later part of the video, saying that she was already doing her best in pacifying her child, therefore hearing the young couple’s words incensed her.

Netizens, however, were unimpressed with the mother’s explanation. Many believed that her tone was too harsh and she could have easily settled the situation by apologising, as her child was indeed disturbing other passengers.

“To be honest, she really was quite helpless. You can control a kid but not a baby. But the mother was a little rude.”
“People not having kids and your child disturbing people are two completely different matters. You say taking care of a child is difficult, but wasn’t it your choice to have one? Did these passengers force you to? You’ve disturbed others yet you’re so oblivious, even cursing others not to have kids.”
“Your child indeed disturbed others. You could have just apologised instead of saying such things.” PHOTOS: Screengrab/Weibo

Some were more empathetic towards the mother’s predicament, believing that certain things could only be understood when you’re a parent.

“Those who have been mothers would understand how helpless this mother was. Sometimes you just can’t placate the kids.”
“It is really difficult for a mother to bring her children out alone.”
“These young people are too much. They seem to think she didn’t care her child was cying. If a baby’s crying could be stopped immediately, why would being a parent be so tough? They’re young and don’t know anything, they can only cry.” PHOTOS: Screengrab/Weibo