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Keem Ooi is a Malaysian baker based in Damansara, KL, who has become popular for her gorgeous creations in the kitchen

Some of the desserts are just so pretty that you might feel sakit hati to eat them

Her attention to detail can not only be seen on the outside of her desserts but on the inside too

What’s even more impressive is that Ooi is a completely self-taught baking enthusiast, who has amassed over 31,000 followers on her Instagram @keempossible

Her love for baking first began at a young age when she would watch her mum bake and learn from her.

“My passion grew greater when I joined a Facebook baking group four years ago. A theme would be given fortnightly for members to submit,” the 50-year-old shared with SAYS.

Her most recent work, which went viral, is of a fictional raccoon character, Tom Nook, from the popular video game Animal Crossing

Although her desserts are not up for sale, she conducts both group and private baking classes at a studio and in her home, where she advises her students to sell their work

Her classes, which attract both professionals and home bakers, is a place where Ooi can pass on her knowledge and experience with baking.

“My goal is to bake and learn as many different kinds of cakes as possible. That’s how it helped level up my skill, boost my creativity, and every bake turns out to be a masterpiece,” Ooi expressed.

She holds group classes at a baking studio called The Social Kitchen, where class prices range between RM350 and RM480 per person.

And she also provides private classes where you can request what you want to learn for a higher fee.