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For most of us, the Movement Control Order (MCO) have indeed been kind, with most of us enjoying much-missed family time, experimenting with Dalgona coffee recipes and being a couch potato until MCO is over.

But what about those who are less fortunate than us? Those who work on daily salaries pre-MCO days that are now out of jobs?

This video of a Malaysian boy sharing his family’s story of not being able to eat for three days showed the story of what life was like for several unfortunate families that are seemingly forgotten by the reach of social media.

The story which was first shared by Mohd Zaki Bin Salleh on his Facebook account told the story of Krisnen and his family of five who was unable to eat for the past three days.

In the video, Krisnen mentions that his father has been unable to work which probably caused them to be in their current predicament of not being able to eat.

Adding that it has been three days since their last meal, the revelation of the hardship that Krisnen had to go to through was a fact of life for some Malaysians.

Here is what Zaki had to say.

“This is the reality of how things are. I stopped my car and along came Krisnen asking Uncle do have any food?. It has been three days since I’ve last eaten.”

“I asked him how many are there in your home? Krisnen mentioned that there were five. So I gave him five packets of rice with catfish and gravy.”

“I’m sure his family will enjoy their meal tonight.”

It is hard to imagine, that with an abundance of food made available for some of us in big cities and on social media, there are still fellow Malaysians out there that can barely put three square meals on the table during MCO.

For Mohd Zaki, who has been quite busy during MCO giving out alms to those in need, surely there are others out there who will be inspired to do more for our fellow Malaysians.


Yarraka Bayles from Brisbane took a video of her son, Quaden, who suffers from dwarfism, crying his eyes out and asking his mom to just kill him because he can’t stand the bullies anymore.

In the heartbreaking video, Quaden can be seen saying how he did nothing yet the bully called him the dumbest kid in class.

I just wanna die right now! I want someone to kill me!”

Just imagine what kind of torment this boy would have gone through everyday for him to be talking like this.  Yarraka explained how this happens almost every day, and this not only hurts her son but also hurts them as a family. Her sadness can clearly be felt through the video as she relates that she has to keep a constant eye on him due to multiple suicide attempts.

Comments of support and love poured in immediately after his mom posted the video and it’s uplifting to see some people still care and have some love in their heart.


A Choa Chu Kang resident was touched when she saw her 3-year-old neighbour offering a bag of goodies to SembCorp workers at about 11am on Friday (Jan 10).

Stomp contributor Suri contributed a video of what she saw and said: “Every day without fail, I would see the boy go downstairs with his aunty to say ‘hi’ to these SembCorp workers.

“We’ve been neighbours here at Block 758 Choa Chu Kang North 5 for about eight years and I noticed them doing this about six months ago.”

Suri told Stomp: “On this particular day, before they went downstairs, I heard the boy crying.

“I went to ask his aunty what happened and found out that he was actually sick for the past one week, so he wasn’t able to go say ‘hi’ to the SembCorp workers.

“The boy also wanted to give some bread to the men.

“I feel so proud of this boy because not every kid would do this.

“He said that he sees the SembCorp men as heroes who drive around in their trucks and clean rubbish for people.

“Most kids might find the garbage men smelly but this boy is special because he’s so appreciative.”


According to Sohu, the boy, identified as Lu Shijie, went home after school on November 14th. He was quiet and rather sad on that day as he was doing his homework. Later, his father received a text from Shijie’s teacher, who said that his son was not doing well in school.

So, the father went to talk to Shijie, who defended himself and said that the teacher was prejudiced against him. Apparently, on that day, he was playing with his classmates and it was his turn when his teacher came in. However, the teacher only reprimanded Shijie instead of everyone else, which was terribly unfair.

After telling his father about this, Shijie got very agitated and ran out of the house. His father chased after him but when they found Shijie, he was lying next to a half-empty bottle of pesticide that he had drank. Shijie was rushed to the hospital but sadly, after 24 hours of emergency treatment, he suffered from respiratory failure and passed away on November 15th at 9pm.

Shijie’s grieving father said that he was divorced from his wife, and he had sent Shijie to live with his grandparents at a farm. He needed to travel for work and their family did not have much money. Shijie was an introverted person who did not talk much about his problems with his family. He added that the teachers did not really care about his son, as he was not local and did not get good grades. 

He went to the school to talk to Shijie’s classmates and was shocked to find out that his late son was frequently bullied by his peers. Some of his so-called friends would tease him about being poor and this had been going on for the whole semester.

These bullies would laugh at his clothes and tease him about his grandfather coming to pick him up with a tricycle. They also made up terrible nicknames for Shijie’s family members to provoke him from time to time. When the teachers visited Shijie in the hospital, he got visibly agitated as well.

Meanwhile, the school denied rumours of bullying happening but refused to comment on the incident. They said that the matter was under police investigation and did not want to affect the investigation.


People yelling, car horns blaring — it was chaos outside a primary school in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, on Nov 14.

A tug-of-war match over a crying boy took place in a car at the end of the school day, causing a commotion and sparking discussion among concerned parents online.

In video clips posted on Facebook page Cyberjaya Info, a child was seen screaming for help as he struggled to climb out of the back seat of a black sedan.

But he was held in place by a man.

Hearing his cries, several passers-by rushed to his aid.

Insiden yang mencemaskan berlaku di hadapan Sekolah Kebangsaan Cyberjaya. Menurut saksi yang berada di tempat kejadian,…

Posted by Cyberjaya Info on Rabu, 13 November 2019

As the people inside the car tried to pull the door of the back seat shut, a few men were seen wrenching it open and attempting to pull the child out.

The woman in the front passenger seat was heard arguing with the passersby as they prevented her from taking the boy away.

A white SUV also blocked the black car from taking off, another clip filmed from overhead revealed.

In the video, numerous drivers were seen getting out of their cars to check out the commotion, while others sounded their horns as the stationary vehicles caused a jam on the road.

PHOTO: Facebook/Cyberjaya Info

Claiming to be the boy’s birth mother, the woman said that she was there to take him away with her.

She was also spotted holding up a handmade sign in Malay which read: “The birth mother should take her own child.”

According to China Press, the woman had given the boy up for adoption shortly after his birth.

She recently went to his school and tried to take him away following a dispute with his adoptive parents.

The police were called to the scene and detained the boy’s birth parents for questioning. They’re currently looking for two other suspects.

The child was returned to his adoptive parents who said he suffered bruises from the incident and added that he is recovering from the traumatic experience.


We often times see people sitting or lying on the streets and walk past them without a second glance, but what we don’t know is that many of these people have important stories to share.

This teacher saw a young boy sitting by a corner store and couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing there.

In a heartbreaking postMohd Fadli Salleh shared about how a 13-year-old boy lived on the streets without food or money, but managed to educate himself even though he has not gone to school since he was 9-years-old.

Seorang kanak-kanak selalu kelihatan tidur di lorong sahaja. Seorang insan baik hati, Kak Nooraini perasan anak…

Posted by Mohd Fadli Salleh on Jumaat, 8 November 2019

Mohd Fadli’s friend Nooraini had originally found the kid and invited him for a meal at McDonald’s, but after she barely slept that night thinking of the boy, she informed Fadli, who is a teacher, and he stepped in and met up with the boy.

He wrote, “This boy can always be seen sleeping in the alleys. After seeing how haggard he looked, Kak Nooraini invited him into McDonald’s for a meal and to ask him about his life. Kak Nooraini couldn’t sleep that night and told me about him, so without wasting any time, around 10:30am, I got some kids to look for him. 15 minutes later, they managed to find him and brought him to me.”

The teacher then realised that the boy was somewhat educated considering the way he had carried himself.

“The moment he sat down, I told him to order something to eat. At first, he said he was full. He rejected my offer with the utmost respect. But, I insisted and eventually, he gave in. He prayed before he ate. Such a good kid. He quickly cleared his plate, which shows how hungry he actually was,” he added.

He then decided to ask the boy about his life and found out that the boy’s mother had passed away when he was just 8-years-old. He had then moved to Kuala Lumpur with his stepfather at the age of 9, from Johor, and has not been to school since.

“I asked if he had an IC and a birth certificate, to which I was excited when I found out he had copies of both. He could go to school! I asked him if he could read. He nodded. I asked him to read the words on my shirt, he read it out smoothly. I asked him to tell the time on my analog clock, and he answered precisely. He knew basic mathematics,” he said.

Surprised by the boy, Fadli then found out that he has been teaching himself.

“Where did you learn all of this, I asked. He said he had been home-schooling himself. He even said home-schooling so accurately. His English!”

Fadli saw great potential in the boy and decided to investigate him a little further. It turns out that the boy was genuinely a good kid, he’s never stolen, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t hang out with hooligans. Which then begged the question, why was he living in the streets?

“I was going to contact his stepfather about schooling the boy, but he told me that his stepfather didn’t care whether he came home or not. He was a neglected child. I immediately told him that when he was hungry, he can come to this shop and order anything he wants to eat. I told him I didn’t mind if he came everyday, that I’d pay for him,” he noted.

The reason why Fadli took the boy underneath his wings is that he’s once been in the boy’s shoes before, when he didn’t have a single cent in his pockets, and he drank water from pipes while eating expired bread. Since then, he’s vowed to help anyone in need of a meal.

“As long as I’m here, as long as this shop stays open, and as long as I have the support of the people, they will never go hungry,” he added.


Baby boomers might seem to enjoy ragging on about how Gen Zs are permanently glued to their phones and never seem to leave the house, but these kids in Malaysia are proving them wrong by showing us just what it means to be wild, wet and free.

More specifically, they did it by turning a regular drain in their neighbourhood into a waterslide.

In a video posted on Facebook on Oct 13, several kids can be seen sitting in a large drain, “holding back” the flow of water as a smaller kid in red took his place at the very front. In one fell swoop, the children stand up, releasing the flood gates, and the kid in red shoots off with the currents.

He continues zipping down the drain for at least half a minute, at one point even disappearing from sight as the drain dips under the pavement, before emerging on the other side and stopping himself with the help of a pole.

Ni namanya Sunway Longkang!!Budak2 taman sy ni memang kreatif!! Teringat zaman dulu2.. Tengah2 hujan lebat ni la yang paling syokkk!!Balik rumah, kena pijak dengan mak.. Hahahaha!!😂😂😂Lokasi Taman Idaman Kluang

Posted by Echan Al-Ikhsan on Ahad, 13 Oktober 2019

The video had almost 9,000 shares at the time of writing.

Though most netizens were impressed by the children’s sheer ingenuity and creativity, some couldn’t help but worry about the safety of such “joyrides”, pointing out just how dirty the drains were.

PHOTOS: Screengrab/Facebook

Echan, the man behind the camera, responded in the comments with a photo of the boy with the caption: “That kid in the red shirt… Thank god. Still doing okay… Don’t worry… His mother already chased him around the garden to whip him with a rubber pipe.”

Of course, it goes without saying that one should still exercise caution before diving into the nearest drain. After all, there have been cases of people getting injured or even dying after falling into drains.

And let’s not forget that that one time a 3.4-metre-long crocodile was spotted hanging out in one of our longkangs.


We all have irrational fears and phobias, whether it be for spiders, clowns, and so forth. One poor little girl in the Philippines cried her eyes out and ducked in fear of seeing the Jollibee mascot, in fact!

Now, another little kid is reminding us of when we were younger and afraid of injections.

Nur Izzaty Mohammad took to the KamI dAk2 pEkan PaHanG Facebook group to showcase a little kid from Pekan, Pahang who ran all the way home from school after he had found out that they were giving out injections that day.

Ada ke anak orang pekan yang lari dari sekolah sebab takot kena cucuk ? Cikgu dan guard kejar sampai rumah weh😂😂😂 basikal siapa ntah anak sedara aku rembat weh . Meh kongsi cerita pengalaman korang weh 👇

Posted by Nur Izzaty Mohammad on Isnin, 7 Oktober 2019

Nur Izzaty wrote, “Are there Pekan born kids who ran away from school because of the fear of injections? Teachers and the guard ran after him all the way to his house. Don’t know whose child’s bicycle he grabbed. Come, share your experiences.”

In the video, the teachers can be heard coaxing the boy to unlock and open the house door by telling him they won’t give him the injection, but they ultimately fail as the poor little boy cries, shakes his head and walks into the house, but not before letting out a final ‘no!’.

We hope the little boy eventually gets the injection, probably while in the arms of his mother or father, especially if it’s a vaccine. We also hope he didn’t get into trouble for running out of school and seemingly skipping classes for the rest of the day considering he locked himself in his home.


A former student of Sultan Mahmud Science Secondary School (SESMA), who suffered a permanent hearing disability from being bullied four years ago, was awarded a whopping RM616,634 in damages

According to New Straits Times, the Kuala Terengganu High Court found nine parties, including five former SESMA students, guilty of bullying the then 14-year-old yesterday, 29 September.

The boy, now aged 17, had filed a RM2 million claim against five of his bullies who are now 21 years old, for punitive and aggravated damages

He also named the school’s senior assistant of student affairs, the former principal, the Director-General of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, and the Malaysian government as defendants.

In his judgement, High Court judge Datuk Zainal Azman Ab Aziz said the incident showed that the school was negligent in allowing the bullying to happen

“The act was planned and took place in the chief prefect’s dorm room, not the side of a drain or a sidewalk,” he said.

He continued, “The warden’s roster was well organised, but it is useless if the duty is not carried out. It is better to resign and become a regular teacher.

“For the sixth (the senior assistant) and seventh defendant (the principal), they were also seen as negligent in carrying out their responsibilities, especially in ensuring the welfare and safety of school students.”

The incident happened on 26 April 2015, where the victim was kicked and slapped by the then-Form Five students

As a result, the boy ruptured his eardrum and can no longer engage in water-based activities, reported Malaysiakini.

The boy also suffered depression from the bullying and eventually transferred to another school in July 2015.

The boy’s mother Rusaila Abdullah, 43, said she is thankful for the court’s decision.

“We are not after money but justice for our son who until today is still traumatised and has lost his hearing due to the bullying,” she said.


A 6-year-old boy recently made the news after he lodged a police report about his parents’ very violent argument that turned physical.

According to See Hua Daily, this incident occurred in Zhejiang, China, when the boy’s father went home drunk one night. He asked his wife to hand her phone to him so he could “check”, but she deliberately refused, resulting in an intense argument between the two of them.

The argument quickly escalated into a physical abuse when the drunk man began strangling his wife. WTF.

His wife did not back down as she picked up a hairdryer from the desk and hurled it at him. Their poor son witnessed the entire process without them realising (or caring for that matter), and he quickly ran out of his home to get help from the police. We assume that he ran to the nearest police station.

Yangyang, the boy, did so because he recalled that his kindergarten teacher told him to get help from the police whenever danger arises. He told the police,

“My dad started it (the physical attack) first. He was drunk when he asked to see my mum’s phone. But because mum didn’t want to, he hit her.”

The boy also mentioned that one of his parents bled from the fight, although the details weren’t reported.

The police officer then followed Yangyang home, and lo and behold, the couple was STILL FIGHTING. This means they weren’t even aware that their 6-year-old son ran away from home! The police gave the couple a stern warning, and they apologised to each other in the end.