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As many of you know, the government launched a BPN fund (Bantuan Prihatin Nasional) allocated to specific income groups that are facing financial difficulty during this MCO season. The fund was set to be distributed today (6th April), and so many Malaysians have decided to take matters into their own hands by visiting BPN/BSN outlets in their neighbourhood.

As a result, crowds of Malaysians can be seen gathering at every BSN location, clearly breaking the MCO regulation that stresses on the importance of social distancing. In pictures shared on Facebook group, Penang Kini, Malaysians were caught on camera lining up without care of the 1 metre distance rule. According to the post, this was allegedly happening at BSN locations all over the country!

“Please be patient. We understand that many people are losing their money right now due to Covid-19 but please practice safe social distancing. After all, you can use other bank ATM machines as during MCO, the MEPS RM1 fee doesn’t apply.”

However, according to China Press, this isn’t just happening at BSN locations. It’s happening at other banks in Ipoh too! Citizens could be spotted queuing in masses from as early as 8am today. When questioned, some said they were there to withdraw money, while others simply wanted to apply for their BPN/BSN accounts to be eligible for the aid. There were also a few who were beneficiaries of BSN recipients who wanted to collect money as well.

While we understand the nation’s plight during this period of uncertainty, government aid will be distributed accordingly throughout the MCO period. Malaysians are advised to be patient and not break MCO laws just because they want to be the first few to receive the funds. Be patient, guys!