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A mum has left people in stitches after sharing a side-by-side comparison of the birthday cake her daughter had asked her to make and the one she ended up with.

The little girl had picked out a buttermilk duck cake from her mum’s cookbook, and asked her to make it in time for her seventh birthday celebrations on Christmas Eve.

The cake in the book was finished with popcorn to resemble feathers, two crisps for a beak, and liquorice for eyes, but her daughter doesn’t like buttermilk so the mum switched it for chocolate instead.

But, unfortunately, it didn’t quite go to plan and the mum shared an hilarious photo on Facebook to show a red-eyed, angry-looking duck with no neck and a popcorn hairdo, as reported by Kidspot.

Luckily she was able to see the funny side and uploaded the post with the caption: “OK all, please don’t laugh. My daughter turned seven on Christmas Eve and wanted a duck cake.

“She doesn’t eat buttermilk cake so Woolies mudcake hack to the rescue… #nailedit.”

And people loved her efforts, as one commented to say: “This is the best, funniest cake I’ve ever seen. I love it. It’s ‘quacktastic’.”

A second wrote: “Who needs a neck anyway!”

Another asked: “How many chips did you search through until you got the perfect beak?”

And others said the thought and effort that had gone into attempting the cake was all that mattered, commenting: “This seriously made my day. I can fully relate. Made with lots of love.”

Someone else added: “You’re a champion mum, nailed it hard.”


Food delivery riders are one of the MVPs during this MCO. They help us to tapau food, rain or shine when we can’t go out.

This abang rider was delivering a cake to a customer when it started raining really bad, reported Star. When he went to collect the order, the seller gave him two cakes, one for the customer and the other one for him. The skies were dark at that time and it had already started raining heavily. The distance to the drop off point is only 2km away.

The customer told him to wait until the rain stopped to deliver the cake. However, 45 minutes had passed and the rain still did not stop. Zulhairi (the rider), felt sorry for his customer as they had waited such a long time, so he just went on his motorbike and dropped the order off.

When he passed the cake to the customer, the customer gave him another envelope but he had no time to check the contents or to say “thank you” because it was raining dogs and cats.

After he was done with the delivery, he stopped at a nearby bus stop to wait out the rain. He opened up the cake and saw that there was an envelope inside it. Curious, he peered into it and found an RM50 note inside of it! He checked the envelope the customer gave him and saw that it contained another RM50 as well. He then texted them to say thanks and show his appreciation.

“They gave me so much even though the distance between the two places were really close. Maybe it’s because I was really soaking wet from the rain.”

In addition to that, abang Zulhairi would also like to remind the other riders to be extra careful when delivering food items during this rainy season.

“I myself would not take any orders when it’s raining very heavily. You can’t really see the road conditions and whether there is a pothole or not.”

It’s not just the consumers that are taking care of the food delivery riders, Grab is also taking an active step by establishing a “Partner Protection Fund”. Through this fund, RM1,000 will be given to drivers and/or riders who are Covid-19 positive or has been directed to self-quarantine.

There is also another fund, the “Partner Relief Fund” of up to RM300 in the form of vouchers for drivers and riders to buy their daily household needs. The voucher can be used on most Grab services such as mobile reloads, purchasing food or groceries at up to 50% off.

Other than the funds, Grab is also providing its partners free masks via GrabBenefits.

This is awesome! We hope that abang Zulhairi is staying safe on the job and for the rest of us, don’t forget to stay home and stay clean!