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A man recently went viral on the Facebook group KL 吹水站 , after he was caught on video, slapping and yelling at a security guard in a parking lot for clamping his car.

According to the post, the security guard was just following orders to clamp the car as it was parked in a reserved parking bay. However, the driver of the car was outraged that his car was clamped without warning. In a video documenting the conflict, the man can be seen slapping the guard and yelling at his face.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why did you make trouble for me like this? We pay you to take care of this premise!” The security guard can be seen clearly taken aback by the man’s physical confrontation. He tried to calm the man down by saying that he will unclamp the car and that he was just trying to do his job.

But the man only continued to berate the security guard. He continued to say that if the security guard were to clamp anybody, it should be the person who was parking in his parking spot.

“There got so many parking spots…why you want to clamp me? I also didn’t kacau (bother) you.”

The security guard again tried to convince the man that he was just following orders but the enraged man kept asking why they didn’t give him a warning before clamping his car.

The man could then be seen speaking to someone on the phone to complain that even on the security guard’s first day, he was making a lot of trouble. He kept insisting on the other security personnel that they should have given him a warning. “If you create trouble for me, I will also create trouble for you,” said the man in the video.

In the Facebook post, it was said that the condominium usually allocates two parking bays for their residents but some families have more than two cars. However, the man had parked in a reserved parking bay that was not his and the security guard was sent by the management to clamp his car.


In an accident that happened in Kedah today (11 August) at 3.15pm, a car turned turtle after it collided with another vehicle driving across the road. A video posted on Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS shows that the accident happened in front of the Padang Serai BH petrol station.

The dashcam recording shows a Perodua Bezza waiting at a junction for cars to pass by before driving across. After inching forward a few times and braking to give way to other vehicles, the car proceeds to cross the busy road.

However, before the Bezza can even reach the other side, a car approaches quickly and crashes into the Bezza before hitting a curb and overturning immediately after.

The Bezza freezes for a moment and slowly drives to the side of the road.

Netizens commented that this kind of accidents often happen when drivers don’t pay attention to their blind spots.

“This is why you don’t drive fast when there’s a blind spot, accidents like this are always the ones that take the life of a motorcycle rider,” one netizen said.

“I want to say that the Bezza driver wasn’t prudent. Look at the way he came out and brake before the accident. Maybe there was a blindspot on the right side of the car,” another netizen said.

Here’s the full video:


First, there were elephants that destroyed fruit stalls by the side of the road in Johor, now, there’s another incident in Perak.

The Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS took to their Facebook page to showcase a video taken from the East-West Highway, near Gerik, Perak, where an elephant went on a rampage and started attacking a car after someone honked their horn.

Gajah mengamuk pijak kereta

Gajah mengamuk pijak keretaLima individu bernasib baik apabila berjaya keluar untuk menyelamatkan diri apabila kenderaan mereka dipijak gajah yang mengamuk selepas sebuah kereta lain membunyikan hon.Kejadian menakutkan itu dipercayai berlaku di Jalan Raya Timur Barat (JRTB), kira-kira jam 7 malam tadi.Seorang pemandu sebuah kenderaan yang juga datang dari arah Kelantan yang tidak dikenali mendakwa dia mendapat tahu cerita itu daripada seorang mangsa."Puncanya begini, semasa gajah di tengah jalan mereka memberhentikan kereta, tiba-tiba kereta belakang membunyikan hon."Kereta belakang hon, gajah bangun mengamuk pijak bonet kereta mereka, lima orang dalam kereta itu nasib baik sempat keluar dan lari tinggalkan kereta," katanya menerusi satu pesanan suara.Berdasarkan individu berkenaan, kelima-lima mangsa terpaksa menumpang kenderaan lain berpatah balik dan berhenti di puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa.Katanya lagi, isteri pemandu kenderaan terbabit menangis apabila diberitahu kereta mereka rosak dipijak gajah berkenaan.▶️Harian Metro#inforoadblock

Posted by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Ahad, 2 Ogos 2020

Thankfully, all five passengers of the car got out of the incident injury-free.

Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS wrote, “Five lucky individuals managed to escape and save themselves when their vehicle was stomped on by an elephant after another car had honked their horn.”

It turns out that the elephant had been in the middle of the road, obstructing traffic when a car from the back decided to honk their horn. Upon hearing the horn, the elephant was triggered and started stepping on the hood of the car in the front, carrying the five passengers.

As according to Saevus, the best way to ensure your safety around elephants crossing roads is to remain at a distance, turn off your engine, lights and stay in your car so that you don’t scare them. Also, refrain from honking your horn!


As a general rule, people always remember to lock their car doors, in an effort to reduce vehicle burglary and generally stop weird people from entering their vehicles.

Taking place in Segamat, Johor netizen @araynmalek shared an incident that involved his fiance, who became a makeshift ‘e-hailing’ driver when a lady stepped into her vehicle while it stopped at a traffic light.

“This is an incident that took place in Segamat, Johor. My fiance stopped at a traffic light and a lady stepped into her vehicle.”

“When asked to leave, all she did was laugh. It is said that the lady is depressed and wants to commit suicide.”

In the 45-second video, it was mentioned that the lady did nothing but remained silent throughout the incident but would not let go of her seat.

The story then continued in another tweet, featuring a video of the victim taking the lady to a police station in an effort to resolve the matter.

To their horror, the lady simply took off upon arrival

“When she refused to leave my fiance’s vehicle, they took her to a nearby police station, where she simply jumped out of the vehicle and ran off.”

On a positive note, it is a good thing that the lady was unarmed and she did not harm anyone in the process. Things would have certainly gotten worse if weapons were involved in the incident.

Currently, only speculations were shared by netizens as to why the lady behaved that way.

We should be definitely more careful and lock our vehicles upon entry. As simple as it may seem, it will do a world of good especially in the prevention of criminal activity


A woman in Alor Setar recently met with an accident that caused her car to burst into flames

The incident took place around 8.15pm at KM46.1 Jalan Kulim-Baling-Gerik on Sunday, 7 June. 

Baling district police chief Supt Syed Basri Syed Ali told Bernama, “The woman’s car hit a cow, skidded on the road shoulder, and then caught on fire.”

Syed Basri also explained that the woman crashed after another man hit two cows which were crossing the road

The man, a Honda BRV driver, was travelling from Gerik, Perak heading to Kulim, Kedah.

According to Astro Awani, the woman said she did not notice the animal on the road and was not able to stop in time when the accident happened, causing her to lose control of her vehicle.

The woman was with her four children when the accident occurred. Fortunately, all victims escaped unhurt.

Harian Metro reported that the victims were between the ages of three and 40. They had been rescued by passers-by on the highway.

Volunteer firefighters rushed to the scene to put out the flames, but the victim’s car was totally destroyed.

Syed Basri said, “The case has been referred to the Baling District Council regarding animals roaming around in the area. Investigations will be carried out based on rule 10 LN 166/59.”


KUALA LUMPUR – Shots rang through Kampung Padang Balang as a policeman tried his best to stop a car from speeding away on a jam-packed road.

In a viral video, a traffic policeman was seen tailing a car cutting the queue on the packed dual carriageway as it desperately made its way down the road.

Confirming the incident, Kuala Lumpur Traffic Enforcement and Investigations department chief Asst Comm Zulkefly Yahya said the policeman had spotted the car earlier when he was on duty on Jalan Genting Klang on Monday (May 18) at around 4.30pm.

“There were two men in the car and they had run a red light, so the policeman chased after it on his motorcycle.

“In an attempt to lose him, the driver drove towards Jalan Gombak,” he said.

The policeman did not give up pursuing the car as it entered Kampung Padang Balang’s congested dual carriageway and hit a few vehicles as it tried to escape.

Slow-moving traffic allowed the policeman to chase the car on foot and he fired shots at the car’s front wheel on its right side to force it to stop.

However, the driver ploughed through traffic as it headed towards the DUKE Highway, where it crashed into a road divider and was abandoned.

Police personnel then searched the car and found a packet of drugs believed to be syabu inside.

ACP Zulkefly said police are tracing the suspects, adding the car is registered to a woman in Johor and that it had not been reported stolen.

The case is being investigated for obstructing a public servant from discharging his duties under Section 186 of the Penal Code.


It is a great thing that nowadays there are a lot of places that make life easier for people with disabilities. More and more OKU parking spots are popping up to make special needs people’s lives more convenient. However, there will always be inconsiderate people who will park their cars on the OKU spots and act as if they own it.

Yesterday (4th March 2020) in Klang, someone parked their car at the OKU spot in front of a food court named Family Kopitiam. From the pictures, the car is a bluish-grey Vellfire and there is no indication that the car is driven by a special needs person.

The Selangor authorities then towed the car, and bystanders who saw the incident then uploaded the pictures onto social media.

The series of pictures has gotten quite a few reactions from netizens and most, if not all of them are delighted that this has happened.

Well, all we can say is that the authorities did the right thing! What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments!


Girl Dumps BF of 7 Years By Vandalising His Car

November 27, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

There are many ways to break up with your other half and then there’s this really dramatic method that has taken Chinese social media by storm. On November 23rd, residents of Taizhou, Zhejiang were stunned when they saw a white Hyundai Creta on the streets with the body of the car spray-painted with some rather amazing words in red paint.

Photos of the car were posted on Weibo and people were puzzled why the car received such treatment. One side of the car was written, “The man I love the most,” while the back had the words, “I have left.” Another side of the car’s body was written, “Seven years of disappointment, I have left.”

People who saw the car were stunned by this and jumped to conclusions, with many of them saying that it was probably done by his ex-girlfriend. They said that the owner might have hurt the girl deeply for her to do something like that and criticised him for wasting seven years of her youth.

Surprisingly, the car’s owner was revealed and he admitted that it was indeed his girlfriend of seven years who had done it. He said that he had parked his car outside his house before that and was shocked to see the words sprayed there the next day.

He posted a video on Douyin defending himself and saying that he did not understand why they were scolding him. The man said, “You’re all scolding me for wasting seven years of her time. I want to ask, isn’t men’s time just as precious?” 

He also revealed that they had originally planned to get married after seven years but unfortunately, he still could not afford to pay the bride price, a sum of money or other forms of wealth paid by a groom or his family to the family of the woman he will be married to.

The man ended his video saying, “The only person I can blame is myself, for not being capable enough to marry her. Add oil, fellow men!” 


Car Speeding at 104km/h Flies Off Flyover

November 26, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

One woman in Hyderabad, India, risked her life and her daughter’s life by going at 104km/h instead of the set 40km/h on the Biodiversity flyover when she lost control of her car and it fell from the flyover, as according to Scroll.

The incident, which was caught on video as shared by DSSR (@SanjeevanSS), showcased the car flying off the bend of the flyover and crashing to the ground, killing one woman and injuring 6 others. The driver survived the crash while her daughter escaped with minor injuries. 2 other cars were damaged as well.

DSSR wrote, “Flying car..”

He also released a part 2 of the video in which the shadow of the car can be seen on the road below before it crashed to the ground.

“On preliminary investigation, it was found that the accident happened due to the car OVERSPEEDING at 104 km/h instead of the prescribed 40 km/h on the flyover,” said the statement put out by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad stated.


Meet Lan and his wife Nur Amyza Ismail, who are co-owners of Berkat Ilahi, a business that sells fresh poultry in Tanah Merah, Kelantan

The couple started from humble beginnings when they launched their business in 2008.

They initially had only one outlet, and drove a white Perodua Kancil.

Fast forward to 2019, Berkat Ilahi has expanded to four outlets all over Tanah Merah.And Amyza has recently bought a brand new Audi A3 as a gift for her husband.

“It never crossed my mind that we would ever own our dream car,” she shared in a Facebook post on 28 October, documenting the happy occasion.

“God will always bless those who are hardworking. I am giving my beloved husband the sports car of his dreams for all the hard work that he has put into this business.”

They still have their Perodua Kancil, but have repainted it with a fresh coat of red.

Amyza also reflected, “Who would have thought that we are able to afford a sports car now in 2019, when we only started with a Kancil in 2008?”

Amyza wrote that back then, both of them were made fun of for fantasising about their success because they were not highly-educated

“We want to show people that we are also capable of success in our own way,” she said.

Despite being insulted and disregarded by others, they did not back away from the criticism.

In fact, they are now grateful for it.

“We have never held a grudge against our haters. Because if we did, this negativity would have only dampened our spirits. Instead, we turned the negative comments into a burning motivation to continue striving.”

Not forgetting their roots, as a form of gratitude to their loyal customers, they would also occasionally sell their goods at a discounted price

Yesterday, 4 November, for example, the business sold fresh chicken for only RM3.99 per kilogramme.

In the post, Amyza wrote, “We wish to share our blessings with our customers who always support our business.”

In a separate post, her husband Lan said it was important to stay humble in every situation.

“When we are at the bottom, we need to do away with our negative traits and be confident that we can succeed.

“When we are at the top, we must remember to never make fun of those beneath us because everyone is capable of achieving success, for God can change everything.”