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Beberapa simbol utama sebagai tanda amaran pada kereta perlu diketahui supaya tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan.

a close up of a light

1 . Temperature enjin – simbol ini menunjukkan kereta anda terlalu panas.

a drawing of a cartoon character

2 . Tekanan minyak – minyak pada enjin anda kurang atau terdapat sedikit masalah pada sistem minyak enjin.

a drawing of a cartoon character

3. Amaran enjin – apabila simbol ini menyala, anda seharusnya memeriksa kereta kerana simbol ini menyala disebabkan banyak perkara.

4. Bateri – simbol amaran yang memberitahu bahawa bateri kereta anda semakin lemah.

a drawing of a face

5. Minyak – kereta anda akan kehabisan minyak.

6. Tali pinggang – simbol peringatan untuk memakai tali pinggang.

a drawing of a cartoon character

7. Tekanan tayar – maksudnya tekanan tayar kiri dan kanan tidak sama.

a drawing of a face

8. Kawalan cengkaman – simbol amaran yang menunjukkan cengkaman tayar anda kurang baik. Ia boleh membahayakan anda.

a drawing of a face

9. Kunci anti break – terdapat masalah pada sistem break anti lock kereta anda. Oleh itu, kereta anda perlu diperiksa secepat mungkin.

10. Automatic shift lock dan enjin start indicator – simbol yang menunjukkan bahawa anda perlu menekan break untuk menghidupkan enjin atau tukar ke gear neutral.

a drawing of a cartoon character

11. Airbag – sistem airbag anda mungkin bermasalah sama ada pada salah 1 airbag atau kesemua sekali.

a drawing of a face

12. Lampu kabus – simbol ini menyala apabila lampu kabus anda terpasang dan anda tidak perlu risau!

13. Air pada wiper – simbol yang menunjukkan air wiper anda kurang, anda perlu isikannya kembali supaya tidak kering.

Banyak lagi simbol lain pada kereta anda dan mungkin tidak semua tapi ia penting untuk ketahui status kenderaan anda sama ada baik mahupun sebaliknya.


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In a horrifying tragedy in Sichuan, two children burned to death in a locked car as their grandfather watched on helplessly.

The grandfather, surnamed Jing, had brought his two grandchildren out in his car on Saturday (Aug 3), reported newspaper See Hua Daily.

Jing, 54, got out of the car to run some errands, leaving the two children, aged two and four, locked in the car.

Suddenly, the car burst into flames.

Seeing what had happened, Jing and several passers-by immediately tried to break the car windows with tools, but failed to rescue the children as the blaze intensified, according to newspaper Oriental Daily.

Jing was inconsolable and sobbing, saying that the two children had died a horrible death.

Footage captured by eyewitnesses shows the burnt car and the charred corpses of the two children stuck to the car seat.

Local authorities have detained Jing for further questioning and are investigating the incident.


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A 55-year-old man and 51-year-old woman were taken to hospital after the car they were in crashed into a drainfollowing a collision with a van in Yishun on Saturday evening (July 20).

Stomp contributors Sam and Kohji alerted Stomp to the accident that happened along Yishun Avenue 7 towards Gambas Avenue and shared photos and a video taken at the scene.

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to the accident near Block 173 at about 9.53pm.

The driver and his female passenger were conscious when taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, a police spokesman said.

Police investigations are ongoing.


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A video of a motionless dog being dragged on the road by a car was uploaded on Wednesday, 10 July

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the video was uploaded by a motorist who noticed the body behind an SUV.

In the minute-long video, the moving car could be seen dragging the motionless dog by the neck. 

The dog, known as Kanom Jeen, which means ‘fermented rice noodles’ in Thai, had lived together with three other dogs and its owner in Surat Thani province, south of Thailand.

According to the unidentified owner, her dogs usually roam free around their family farmland

However, Kanom Jeen had to be tied to the back of the car that evening as the family had an unexpected guest visiting. 

The owner had assumed that the guest would think to untie the dog’s chain before leaving. 

Unfortunately, the guest left the farmland with the car that Kanom Jeen was tied to. 

Image from Facebook/Jo Ruangrat

Image via Facebook/Jo Ruangrat

The dog was left abandoned on the road after the body was detached from the chain

An unfortunate accident took place when a motorcyclist travelling had not seen the body and crashed into it. 

The 67-year-old man was reported to have suffered severe injuries from the accident. 

Image from Coconuts Bangkok

Image via Coconuts Bangkok

The owner has since expressed her regrets and apologised over the incident

“Our family feels extremely sad and guilty to see our beloved dog die in such a brutal way,” said the owner in a Facebook post as quoted by Coconuts Bangkok.

I cannot stand looking at the photos because they’re too graphic. I know how much it must have suffered, but it truly was an accident,” the owner said, adding that nobody would understand how she felt about the incident.

Image from Facebook/Watchdog Thailand

Image via Facebook/Watchdog Thailand

The incident had sparked outrage among netizens

Some netizens accused the owner of trying to defend herself to get a lesser punishment with one even calling her a liar.

The dog still had to scream before it died! I don’t believe you when you say you had no idea what was happening. I hope what goes around comes around!” a Facebook comment said.

One netizen even called the owner heartless while another user pointed out that if she really loved the dog, she would not have left its body on the road. 

However, some felt sorry for the owner, believing that she was genuine about her apology with one user even asking the rest to stop criticising the owner as losing her dog was already punishment enough.

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It was at 7am on 6th July when Wu, a computer technician from Johor Bahru filled his four-wheel drive with diesel at a petrol station. Shortly after, the 33-year-old had driven not more than 200 meters after leaving the petrol station when suddenly his car broke down and could not move.

He then called a tow truck service to take his car to the mechanic, where they examined his car and discovered that his petrol tank was filled with water!

“I immediately went to the police station to lodge a report and returned to the gas station to complain to the staff, but the person in charge claimed that they had sealed the diesel pump and put a label on it stating that the nozzle could not be used,” Wu told Sin Chew Daily.

Wu added that the staff insisted he had removed the seal from the nozzle himself, filled his car with diesel and complained so that he could claim compensation from the petrol station. He later contacted the petrol station manager, who only suggested that he report the case to the police and claimed that the petrol station had a way to prove that Wu had taken off the seal from the nozzle.

“When I returned to the petrol station after my car broke down, I saw the staff use a black strap to tie the nozzle of the diesel oil pump. When I was filling my car with diesel earlier, I did not find any seals.”

What makes Wu feel even more helpless is that although the petrol station is equipped with surveillance cameras, the spot where the incident happened wasn’t in range, thus making it impossible to find out what actually happened.

Meanwhile, Wu said that his four-wheel-drive engine and other internal parts were seriously damaged and is still undergoing maintenance repairs which are expected to exceed RM10,000. Additionally, Wu now faces a major inconvenience as he doesn’t have transport to go to work.

He added that he made a complaint to the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association and hopes that the petrol station will compensate him for his losses. He also hopes that by sharing his experience, others will be alerted to this issue and be extra careful when going to the petrol station.


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PETALING JAYA – The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has started a proceeding over the “flying car” project announced by the Entrepreneur Develop­ment Ministry.

Since that announcement, there was confusion among the public on whether public funds were utilised or had been used for the project despite Entre­preneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Redzuan Md Yusof’s clarification in Parlia­ment that it was a private project, said PAC deputy chairman Wong Kah Woh.

“Therefore, we have decided to start a proceeding on it,” he said when contacted.

On Feb 26, Redzuan said Malay­sia’s first flying car was expected to be unveiled this year.

The model of the flying vehicle made its debut at this year’s Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition, which was attended by the Prime Minister.

Known as the Vector, which was touted to be the much-talked about flying car, the model appeared more like a drone.

In Parliament on March 29, Redzuan said the government’s endorsement of the privately funded “flying car” project was aimed at developing human capital.

“These Malaysian youths (behind the project) are already far ahead and they are in the same rank as those who invented and did research (on the concept) at an international level,” he said.

Malaysians have made fun of the “flying car” project on social media, with some asking if the model is made from KDK fans, while others expressed scepticism.

Wong noted that the Entrepreneur Deve­lopment Ministry informed the Parlia­ment earlier that no public money was involved in the project.

“So far we have conducted two proceedings on the matter; on June 14, where representatives from the Entrepreneur Development Ministry attended our proceedings; while on June 19, the deputy secretary-general of the International Trade and Industry Ministry attended the PAC’s proceedings,” he said.

He said representatives from the Interna­tional Trade and Industry Ministry were summoned because the PAC wanted to know if they were informed of the project.

“We will have more proceedings on the matter by calling other relevant agencies,” said Wong.

Attempts to get a response from the ministers of Entrepreneur Development and the International Trade and Industry were unsuccessful at press time.


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Imagine being locked out of your car by your kid so that little rascal can play with your handphone in peace?

That’s exactly what happened to a mother in Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

She was locked out of her car by her toddler who didn’t want to be disturbed while he was playing with his mother’s smartphone, reported Malay Mail.

The boy was afraid of having the gadget taken away, so he decided to hide in the car and locked it from inside

The mother had to call for assistance after he ignored her requests to let her in.

The Fire and Rescue Department were called to break into the car to rescue her son.

According to Malay Mail, the child was rescued safely.

However, during the “rescue”, the boy was intently glued to the handphone’s screen, unperturbed with whatever the firemen were trying to do to get inside the car.


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A driver in China has caused outraged when photos and videos of him dragging a dog with his car went viral on the internet. 

His alleged reason for leashing the dog outside his car? Its stench was too strong. 

Reports said a man drove his car with a dog leashed to the rear on June 5 in Guangdong, China.

Videos of the incident show a black dog chasing behind the car as its leash was tugged. 

At one point, the dog collapses from exhaustion at a traffic light, but the car then continues to drag the poor pup when the light turns green. Despite dragging the dog on the road for a long time, the man did not stop to check whether the dog was okay. 

Concerned passersby uploaded photos and videos of the incident onto the internet. Chinese netizens are said to have slammed his irresponsibility and cruelty.

The outburst online prompted police to question the man, who allegedly admitted to the act. Even more upsetting was news that the dog was just adopted by him on the same day.

According to reports, he was fined 100 yuan (S$20) and given two demerit points for dangerous driving.

The case is still under investigation. 


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Facebook has erupted with another scandal that is causing some major tension.

Netizen Auni Ameera posted a series of videos showcasing what looks like a riot somewhere in Kelantan.

Apparently 2 girls had mistakenly driven into a closed road, where a Ramadan bazaar was being held. From Auni’s posting, it seems like the crowd was not happy about the girls driving in and started attacking the car. Metal bars were used to smash their windows, while others shouted death threats and some apparently molested the girls.

Further probing into the Kelantan State Facebook page added that the girls not only had driven in to the closed road, but also almost hit someone’s mother that was in their way. The lady had managed to pull her mother out of the way, while the crowd surrounded the car.

The driver and passanger had gotten down to address the crowd. The lady and her mother, along with the crowd were clearly awaiting an apology but instead was met with disdained looks.

“Natey mu nok gapo”, the driver had apparently said rudely, which can be translated to “What do you animals want?” causing all hell to break lose.

The women can be seen trying to defend themselves against a few assailants while other seemed to be trying to mediate the situation. It is unsure how the incident ended while many are questioning the crowd’s actions. Violence is never the answer guys!

Many have voiced out that even if the girls were rude, the crowd should not have acted the way that they did. On the other hand some said that, the girls could have sincerely apologised (considering they almost hurt someone) which could have very much defused the situation.

What would you have done if you were the girls? What would you have done if you were part of the crowd? Sound off in the comments section! 


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A company based in central China has reportedly built a hydrogen-powered vehicle which they claim can travel long distances using just water as fuel.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the company, named Qingnian Cars, took a prototype of the car on its first journey last Wednesday (22nd May).

The company’s chief executive, Pang Qingnian, also told the press that this car is also capable of travelling between 300 to 500 kilometres powered by just 300 to 400 litres of water and was quoted as saying,

“The cost [of research and development] is a trade secret that I cannot reveal. We achieved this at a low cost, this is our company’s technology.”

“The water that we are using is ours, we don’t have to go to the Middle East to buy [petrol]. Water is not polluting either.”

The car’s engine reportedly runs on hydrogen, which is generated by a chemical reaction produced by a catalyst being applied to a mixture of aluminium powder and water.

According to Forbes, hydrogen-powered vehicles are slowly emerging in countries like the United States and Japan because of the low emission profile, which in turn causes less harm to the environment. On top of that, its fuel source, water, is abundant all over the world. An excerpt from Forbes’ report reads,

“Hydrogen atoms can be taken from water; natural gas; and methane from biomass. One common form of hydrogen extraction is the electrolysis of water which involves using electrical energy to separate water into gaseous hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), thereby converting electrical energy into chemical energy.”

“This hydrogen can then be stored or transported, or it can be converted back to electricity in a fuel cell. If the energy used for the process comes from renewable energy, the process is entirely emissions-free (so-called green hydrogen) with water and oxygen as the only byproducts.”

While there have been other companies who’ve claimed they had invented water-powered vehicles in the past, many of them have turned out to be false. So, it’s no surprise that news of this latest breakthrough was met with skepticism from some netizens.

Qingnian Cars has reportedly been developing hydrogen technology in collaboration with Hubei University since 2006, and the car that was revealed last Wednesday was confirmed to be a prototype, and is currently not in mass production.


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