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Bathing and taking care of a baby is not easy. There is so much that first-time parents have to learn when expecting their newborn.

A Vietnamese man, who will soon become a grandfather, recently gave his son a live demonstration of how to bathe a baby using their family cat.

Facebook user Vinh Quang Phạm shared a video on 7 November which has since garnered 39,000 likes and 17,000 shares.

According to TheSmartLocal Vietnam‘s translation, the man was cradling the cat in his hands while explaining that he must support the baby’s head when he washes the baby’s body.

Netizens were impressed by how patient and cooperative the cat was throughout the whole display

“To clean the baby’s head, first, put the baby on your lap and wrap him or her in a towel,” Quang’s father says.

He explained that you must wrap the baby in a towel so that the baby doesn’t get a cold.

Then, put the baby on your lap and splash water up to his or her face. Be careful not to let water get into the baby’s ears.

Finally, dry the baby and put him or her to sleep

With such an attentive and experienced father, Quang and his wife should have no problems taking care of their future baby


A social media user recently accompanied her cute orange tabby cat, named Ga Mei (which means ‘tangerine’ in Hakka), to a local convenience store to pick up a parcel of cans.

Since it was Ga Mei’s first time at the convenience store, Chen Hsin-ling, who hung a sign around its neck, brought the cat’s ID card, allowing the clerk to ensure that the information was correct, before finally handing the whole box of cans to the cute feline.

Chen, who has another tabby called Brownie, explained that she wanted a second cat to keep her company a few years ago, so she asked around and found 5 abandoned kittens at Shulin District in New Taipei City, and took one home by train.

At that time, Ga Mei only weighed 300 grams and after careful nurturing and training, Chen later began taking him out for walks, associating him with others. Recently, Chen was informed that her order of cat food and water filters had arrived.

As it was all for her pets, and they had their own “cat ID cards”, Chen decided to have Ga Mei get the package himself.

When the convenience store clerk saw Ga Mei with his own ID card and the “last three digits of his cellphone number” written on the sign, he quickly composed himself to “double check” Ga Mei’s identity, and retrieve the package for the cat.

“He even asked for a picture with Ga Mei afterward,” Chen added.

Although Ga Mei is the younger of two cats, his love of food often finds him sitting beside Chen’s piano bench waiting for snacks while she teaches her students.

Even if the wait leads to Ga Mei falling asleep, he never gives up.

Therefore, Ga Mei is now a big tomcat of 8 kilograms and is twice the weight of his older brother, Brownie.

Pictures of Ga Mei began circulating on Facebook soon after and many took to commenting below praising the clever cat and asking if he needs to confirm receiving the package by inking his paw print in place of a signature.


Unlike dogs, cats are not usually kept on a leash and are often free to explore places on their own. Most times they know when to return and may even come home bearing ‘gifts’.

However, recently a pet owner in Thailand noticed that their cat had gone missing.

Community Facebook page ช้างเผือก posted photos with a caption that read, “Returned home after three days with a debt. #catslaves”

Here’s the culprit:

Tied around the furry cat’s neck was a small piece of cardboard with a note for its owner

TheSmartLocal Thailand translated the message which read:

“Your cat kept staring at the mackerels at my store, so I gave him three mackerels. Aunty May at an alley no. 2.”

It included a phone number and Aunty May’s store location for the owner to contact and pay the cat’s debt.

Was the cat remorseful? Ashamed of what it did? Not in the least bit.Here’s a photo of it sitting guilt-free and seemingly oblivious to its mischief:

Time and time again, we’ve seen cats all over the world use their cuteness to get away with mischief.


If you’ve ever wondered what your cat gets up to when they are home alone, one owner has shared heartbreaking footage as ‘evidence’ they truly miss you when you’re gone.

Alexa set up a pet camera so she could keep an eye on her cat Glenn when she wasn’t at home, and tested it when she headed out to her parents’ party.

But she was left stunned when she re-watched the heartbreaking footage from the pet camera and has now vowed to get a second cat so Glenn doesn’t feel so lonely when she’s not there.

Sharing the video on TikTok, Alexa wrote: “I thought a cat cam would help me feel better about leaving Glenn at home,” along with an emoji of a crying face.

As Glenn waits patiently at the window, he runs to scratch at the door and meows loudly the moment he recognises his owner’s car, continuing until Alexa is by his side.

After seeing how her cat reacted, Alexa said: “It was heartbreaking! We’re looking to get another cat soon so he’ll have company in the future,” Bored Panda reports.

Other TikTok users commented to say “This is so adorable”, with one agreeing that Glenn deserved a cat friend.

Two-year-old Glenn walked into Alexa’s life when he was a stray kitten, showing up at her office in the US where she works as a speech therapist and digital artist.

The pair immediately formed a bond, with Glenn brushing up against her legs, and Alexa took him in after realising he didn’t a home to go to.

She shares videos of the clever cat on TikTok,showing off Glenn’s skills at learning to sit and boop his nose to earn food.


Escaped cat found after four days of hiding in airport

September 11, 2020 | Odd | No Comments

Sept. 9 (UPI) — Wildlife rescuers were summoned to an airport in India to help capture a cat that escaped from its carrier during a flight and eluded security for four days.

Wildlife SOS, a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation group based in Delhi, said Astha Shah flew from Bengaluru to Delhi with her two cats, and airline personnel discovered upon landing that one of the cats, Nala, was missing from her carrier.

Nala made her way from the cargo area of the plane to the airport, where security staff conducted a multi-day search for the 8-month-old pet.

Wildlife SOS volunteers joined in the search and placed food in locations around the facility to help lure Nala out of hiding.

The cat was safely captured after four days of searching, Wildlife SOS said. She was reunited with a grateful Shah.


July 21 (UPI) — A Utah animal shelter said a cat that went missing 10 years ago was reunited with her owner after being brought in as a stray.

The Tooele City Animal Shelter said a stray cat was recently brought into the shelter by a person who said they had been feeding the stray feline, but they were preparing to move and were concerned about leaving the cat without a consistent source of food.

The shelter scanned the cat for a microchip and found the contact information for a man who identified the cat as Mocha, his daughter’s cat. The man said Mocha had gone missing from the family’s home 10 years earlier, when his daughter was a teenager.

The man’s daughter, now an adult, came into the shelter and was reunited with her long-lost pet.

The shelter said the story should serve as a reminder of how important it is to bring stray animals in to be scanned for microchips.

“Bringing the animals to the shelter is one of the only ways to increase the chances of their owner finding them,” the shelter said. “That skinny, matted stray cat or dog that you just saw on the street may be the next pet that has been missing for over a decade, with heartbroken owners who have lost hope.”


Since the MCO started, many of us have dreamt of the day where we can freely roam beaches again to escape the stress of life. While it still isn’t entirely safe for crowds to start flocking to the beach again, we can all live out our dreams by admiring this adorable kitty’s first visit to the seashore!

“It’s her first time going to the beach,” said Semsema Mahmoud, the cat’s owner, after posting a series of cute photos showcasing his furry feline enjoying every moment under the sun in the Facebook group, Travel Secrets Club.

The excited little catto can initially be seen curiously surveying her surroundings with her paws digging into the sand. The adorable kitty then flashes a huge grin at the camera to share her joy at being able to experience the beach for the first time. 

After a few moments, she decides to hop on a beach chair and get comfy. She can hardly contain her own excitement as she spends the rest of the sunny afternoon chilling and lounging by the shore. We can’t decide whether we want her or want to be her. 


As we all know, the city of Wuhan is currently under lock down where no one is allowed to either leave or enter the city. This has left the city empty and desolate as everyone is staying indoors to avoid getting infected with Covid-19.

So, logically speaking, if you were a resident of Wuhan and got a chance to leave the city, wouldn’t you just grab the chance and leave? Well, apparently not everyone! Kristina Shramko is a 21-year-old Canadian citizen in Wuhan who had the chance to evacuate the city but chose not to. Well, it’s because she simply could not bear the thought of leaving her cat, Kitya, alone.

The lock down began on the 23rd of January and Kristina had the opportunity to go back to Canada on a chartered plane. But, since her cat wouldn’t be allowed on the plane, she chose to stay back in Wuhan.

According to Business Insider, Kristina moved to Wuhan eight months ago to be with her boyfriend but when the lock down happened, her boyfriend was on a business trip and hence couldn’t return to the city. For the past month, she has just been living with Kitya in her loft. A YouTuber herself, she has just been filming videos on her channel to fill her time. She even made a video about her experience living in Wuhan during the lock down.

Kristina did add however that she hopes that the government will allow her to leave the country with her cat. She said that Kitya has been accompanying her throughout the whole quarantine and she would not abandon her little fur-baby.

The love Kristina has for her cat is simply endearing! That is one lucky kitty!


Any cat slave would know that if a cat brings you anything, whether it’s a dead cockroach or a lizard, it means the cat sees you as an important hooman and you should definitely appreciate it.

But this woman from the United Kingdom is one lucky person because a cat brings her PINK FLOWERS, instead of dead insects or animals. However, she didn’t know it was a cat doing it because she always thought it was the wind that blew the flowers to her doorstep.

Although this adorable incident occurred in 2018, it is currently making rounds on social media again. Rosie (the human) had been noticing these flowers since early Spring last year until one of her housemates told her that she saw Willow (the neighborhood cat) with a pink flower in her mouth.

Rosie couldn’t hold her excitement to film Willow when she saw the cat coming over to her house as she was cooking.

“I was so excited that I went to film it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before.”

Here’s the sweet video of Willow (uploaded by Love Meow) being welcomed into Rosie’s garden:

According to Love Meow, Willow is loved by the neighbors and nobody could resist feeding and spoiling her. Rosie and her housemates would even save up cardboard boxes for Willow to chill in when she paid them a visit every day. They’d also offer Willow yummy treats and cat food when their friendly four-legged friend arrives at their doorstep.

Not only that, but Willow would also cuddle up onto their couch and blanket and claim them as her own. Look how fluffly and comfortable she is at the neighbour’s!

Our hearts are swooned by this cute ball of fluff, and we’re also jealous that this cat actually brings flowers as gifts! Let admin sigh in envy as she buries the dead mouse a stray cat left for her.


A pet rescue centre recently revealed that one of their cats named Quilty kept helping his friends escape their enclosure in Houston, Texas.

Deep down inside, Quilty just wants to be free

“Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame. Quilty loves to let cats out of the senior room. Repeatedly. Several times a day,” the Facebook post read.

On one of the occasions, the cats had peed on the receptionist’s mouse pad while another had used the donation bin as a litter box.

“[Almost] everything was knocked off the counter,” the Friends For Life shelter said, according to Fox2Detroit.

Quilty’s escapades with friends became so frequent that the shelter had to do something about it.

In true Asian parent fashion, Quilty was ‘banished’ to solitary confinement.

But his temporary absence left his friends missing their adventures together.

His roommates missed him while he was banished to the lobby. They enjoyed their nighttime escapades around the shelter,” the organisation wrote in the Facebook post

The feline king has become so popular that they even started an Instagram account for Quilty, including hashtags like #FreeQuilty, #NoMoreDoors, and #QuiltynotGuilty.

View this post on Instagram

This damn door…

A post shared by Quilty (@free_quilty) on

It seems that the six-year-old cat has always been mischievous

According to the shelter, Quilty used to help his dog sibling escape at his previous home too.

The smooth criminal left the shelter begging for someone to take Quilty off their hands.

“If someone out there is looking for a clever cat that gets along with dogs but does not get along with closed doors, we have someone they really need to come and meet. Please. Come meet him. And take him home. Please…”

There may be a happy ending for the furry escape artist though

An update by the shelter on Tuesday, 12 November, revealed that Quilty is on a one-week trial for a potential adopter who absolutely adores him.