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As Malaysians continue to grapple and debate whether there is a need for the government to relax the current rules associated with the Movement Control Order, businesses that are planning to resume operations have been told to adhere by stringent SOPs to ensure that all customers continue to practice good hygiene habits and social distancing. After all, if it wasn’t for these SOPs, how are we to curb the spread of Covid-19?

But just what kind of procedures should businesses, especially restaurants that are planning to open, put in place to ensure that people get to dine and enjoy their meals, while also following the MCO?

Well for one mamak restaurant here, seemingly no expense was spared to ensure that everyone stays safe, in a recent video that surfaced over social media.

While the location of the mamak in question is unknown, it can be seen that the mamak is running what appears to be a rehearsal among its own employees, to show them what steps they should take before patrons are allowed to dine-in at their premises.

To start with, patrons have to wait in a line outside the restaurant, and be individually checked with a temperature gun to ensure they do not exhibit feverish symptoms. Then, they have to record their personal information into a log book provided by the mamak.

After that, customers are instructed to wash their hands thoroughly, before they are allowed to sit. Even then, each table has been specifically marked with tape, ensuring that customers sit in positions that continue to respect social distancing measures. Meaning, no face-to-face interactions!

While it may be a good thing that these steps and measures are being taken to ensure that all of us abide by what is described as ‘the new normal’, it is probably still a better idea to take-away your food and eat at home for the time being.