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The Black Labrador was discovered having the time of his life while in his owner’s car after the pooch had followed the man out for a joyride. However, it looks like the pooch got more than he bargained for as he was stuck inside the car while it spun in reverse for more than an hour, WFLX reported.

The incident, which happened at Port St. Lucie in Florida on Thursday (November 21st) at around 8.30am. One neighbour, Anna Sabol said she was surprised to see that there was a car spinning in circles outside the cul-de-sac. She thought it was an inept driver but when the car kept doing doughnuts, she felt it was weird.

She looked out of the window and saw two police cars coming and the fire department. They could only watch as the grey sedan continued spinning while the dog, named Max seemed to be enjoying driving. The police tried to stop the car with the owner’s key but it had run out of battery.

They could only watch as Max drove for about an hour before he crashed into a mailbox, a trash can, and moved some bricks in front of a home. The car slowed down and police managed to open the driver’s door by punching in the passcode.

Sabol said, “I laughed. I thought they should give that dog a license to drive. He was a better driver than a lot of them I’ve seen. He was doing pretty good until he hit the mailbox. He went around for about an hour without hitting anything at all,” Apparently, the dog’s owner, which wanted to remain anonymous, said that he had stepped out of the car for a moment when the Black Labrador somehow accidentally knocked the car into reverse and locked the door.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident, including Max. In fact, the dog seemed pretty happy about being in the driver’s seat for once as he had jumped out of the car, wagging his tail.

Watch the video here:

Car circles the cul-de-sac with ‘MAX’ locked inside

On November 21, 2019 at around 8:07 am, officers went to the 2600 block of SW Edith Court, Port St. Lucie, FL for reports of a dog locked inside of a car (2003 Silver Mercury Sable) circling the cul-da-sac while in the reverse gear.While on scene, police learned the owner of the car made a wrong turn onto SE Edith Court, therefore he (owner) stopped his car, stepped out and while doing so, he shut the door leaving the dog inside. The dog named MAX accidently hit the shifter into reverse causing the car to circle the cul-de-sac, leaving the owner locked out of the car. As the car circled the cul-de-sac, it struck and damaged a mailbox. The owner provided police with an extra car fob, however it was inoperable due to a dead battery, so police gained access by approaching the car and entering the code on the key pad located on the driver side door. No injuries were reported, and the car sustained minor damage. MAX was fine, healthy and happy!

Posted by Port St. Lucie Police Department on Jumaat, 22 November 2019


On Friday, 22 November, the 12-year-old German Shepherd was awarded a medal after he helped solve a murder case in Selangor

According to a post uploaded on PDRM’s official Facebook page yesterday, Urby was given the medal along with his handler, Koperal Umbat Anak Selan from the KLIA police headquarters, for successfully locating the body of a murder victim in October this year.

The victim, a Bangladeshi national, had been reported missing

The 35-year-old victim’s body was discovered on 12 October in bushes in Kuala Langat with the help of the K9 Unit that was led by Urby, reported Harian Metro.

PDRM was eventually able to solve the case last month after the discovery.


An abandoned dog travelled around 200km on foot just to search for its owner — and nearly died because of it.

The case happened in Russia, where the owner attempted to send her 1-year-old Bullmastiff back to its kennel where she was born because the owner was allergic to the canine.

According to the NY Times Post, Maru the doggo was sent back to the kennel via the Trans-Siberian train.

The owner didn’t even have the heart to send Maru back, imagine how heartbroken the dog must be.

Maru managed to escape the train through the compartment door, and she trekked through the Siberian forests, avoiding hungry animals just to return to her human. She suffered a panic attack and was extremely afraid because of the loud noises on the train, as well as being apart from her owner.

The kennel owner in Novosibirsk, Alla Morozoa, organised a search party for the lost dog. Luckily, within two and a half days, Maru was finally found alive with tears in her eyes at an industrial estate, although wounded and exhausted.

The kennel owner said,

“Luckily neither bears ate her, nor wolves chewed her up. The dog was very tired. The was lame, her paws were broken. The pads on her feet were damaged. Her muzzle was broken.”

If it weren’t for her injuries, she would’ve made it to her owner’s home. She was that close to where she lived, even though she had no reference point!

Alla also stated that she was angered by how the owner who abandoned Maru didn’t even participate in the search


A video of a motionless dog being dragged on the road by a car was uploaded on Wednesday, 10 July

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the video was uploaded by a motorist who noticed the body behind an SUV.

In the minute-long video, the moving car could be seen dragging the motionless dog by the neck. 

The dog, known as Kanom Jeen, which means ‘fermented rice noodles’ in Thai, had lived together with three other dogs and its owner in Surat Thani province, south of Thailand.

According to the unidentified owner, her dogs usually roam free around their family farmland

However, Kanom Jeen had to be tied to the back of the car that evening as the family had an unexpected guest visiting. 

The owner had assumed that the guest would think to untie the dog’s chain before leaving. 

Unfortunately, the guest left the farmland with the car that Kanom Jeen was tied to. 

Image from Facebook/Jo Ruangrat

Image via Facebook/Jo Ruangrat

The dog was left abandoned on the road after the body was detached from the chain

An unfortunate accident took place when a motorcyclist travelling had not seen the body and crashed into it. 

The 67-year-old man was reported to have suffered severe injuries from the accident. 

Image from Coconuts Bangkok

Image via Coconuts Bangkok

The owner has since expressed her regrets and apologised over the incident

“Our family feels extremely sad and guilty to see our beloved dog die in such a brutal way,” said the owner in a Facebook post as quoted by Coconuts Bangkok.

I cannot stand looking at the photos because they’re too graphic. I know how much it must have suffered, but it truly was an accident,” the owner said, adding that nobody would understand how she felt about the incident.

Image from Facebook/Watchdog Thailand

Image via Facebook/Watchdog Thailand

The incident had sparked outrage among netizens

Some netizens accused the owner of trying to defend herself to get a lesser punishment with one even calling her a liar.

The dog still had to scream before it died! I don’t believe you when you say you had no idea what was happening. I hope what goes around comes around!” a Facebook comment said.

One netizen even called the owner heartless while another user pointed out that if she really loved the dog, she would not have left its body on the road. 

However, some felt sorry for the owner, believing that she was genuine about her apology with one user even asking the rest to stop criticising the owner as losing her dog was already punishment enough.


With a desire to satiate his craving for dog meat, a man in Sichuan did the unthinkable.

He decided to visit a shelter in the city of Yibin to adopt a dog on the pretext of needing a watchdog, then slaughtered it when he got home.

According to Chinese media, the worker at the shelter felt that something was amiss and proceeded to follow up with the man after the adoption.

However, he was uncontactable and they realised that the information he had provided on the adoption form, such as his address and contact details, was false.

The shelter launched a police report and after investigations, they tracked the man down and discovered the grisly truth.

It was reported that the man and a male companion of his had killed the dog after the adoption for its meat. In an attempt to cover his tracks, the man also removed the remaining meat from his freezer and buried it.

Upon the discovery of his actions, the man apologised and made a donation of 2,000 yuan (S$400) to the shelter.

The act of consuming dog meat has long been the subject of controversy in China, specifically the annual lychee and dog meat festival in Yulin.

Animal rights activists have been campaigning for the cancellation of the festival on the grounds that the dog meat trade is “inhumane and unhygienic” due to the manhandling of the canines. They highlighted videos of dogs who were caught with wire lassos, transported in small cages and slaughtered with metal rods.


Just three days ago (9 April), a dog tragically drowned in a small pool after it was placed inside to learn how to swim. The owner and the pet shop worker failed to take immediate action after it sunk to the bottom, which resulted in the poor dog’s death. This infuriating incident happened at a pet shop in Fujian City, China.

According to Shanghaiist, the owner was said to have brought the French bulldog to the premise to learn how to swim. Once the worker placed the dog in the water and stepped away from the tank, it became panicked and was frantically paddling and splashing water everywhere.

It was obvious that the dog couldn’t swim and was at the brink of drowning but the duo didn’t do anything to save the dog. Instead, the senseless owner recorded the incident with her smartphone while the dog was helplessly paddling. Wtf! 

True enough, the dog gave up struggling and sunk to the bottom of the pool. The worker then fished it up with a pipe while the owner was still holding on to her phone. Below is the video from both the owner and the CCTV footage but keep in mind, it’s disturbing to watch. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Pet CPR was later performed on the dog at a nearby vet but it was too late as the poor dog was gone forever. Gone too soon, buddy! 

According to the pet shop owner, the dog owner had asked the worker to let the dog swim before the accident happened.

“This is an accident. If the dog can swim, it will swim, otherwise, it will just float and won’t sink. We don’t know why the dog sunk on that day. We’ve agreed to settle the problem privately and she asked us to pay her 15,000Yuan (approx. RM9,200) as compensation,” the shop owner said.

It was understood that both parties are still negotiating the amount of compensation. No matter how much the owner gets paid, the dog will never come back to life.

If we’re honest, both parties were at fault. The owner doesn’t seem to be responsible enough as she didn’t instruct the worker to act at once when things went wrong, while the worker could’ve acted a little faster. RIP doggo.


As much as we want to give all our love and care to our beloved pet dogs, mistakes are inevitable, and sometimes these mistakes can even be fatal. The world of a dog owner fell apart, when her Golden Retriever passed away after accidentally swallowing a rope toy.

In the United States, a woman named Indira Tuckler bought a rope toy for her one-year-old dog to play with. However, later that day, she found that the rope had been torn to shreds, and proceeded to throw them away out of fear that her dog would swallow it.

Unfortunately, at that point, the dog had already unwittingly swallowed some of the strands of rope, and soon began exhibiting worrying signs such as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive water consumption and loss of appetite. Two days later, the Golden Retriever passed away from severe damage to her intestines.

According to her post, once the rope went inside the dog, it travelled along the intestines and tore several holes in the process, while clinching the intestines into a tight ball. This was discovered after roughly 91cm of rope was removed from the dog’s body, along with approximately 35cm of the punctured intestines. That is such a gruesome way for an innocent dog to go!   

So great were the wounds in the intestines, that it even bled into the stomach, leading Indira’s pet to contract a deadly infection. Since the incident, Indira has posted about the dangers of rope toys, in hopes of bringing awareness to other dog owners of how lethal this seemingly harmless, and popular toy can be.

She explained that the rope can be hard to identify via an X-ray, and that while it could show up in an ultrasound scan, the only way to truly confirm it would be via surgery, which is also the only treatment. It definitely wasn’t caused by old age either, as the victim was only one year and two months old at the time of her passing.

At the same time, she also cited an article by German town Veterinary Clinic, which further details the potential risks of letting your dogs play with rope toys. It categorized the thin strands of rope that unravels from such toys as a ‘linear foreign body‘, and went as far as to call them ‘the most dangerous object your dog can swallow‘. Even though a dog might only pull off and swallow bits of pieces of ropes at one time, over time it can slowly obstruct the digestive system, much like clumps of hair in a shower drain.

While we’re extremely saddened by the untimely death of such a beautiful canine, we definitely won’t let her demise be for nothing. Spread this post to as many dog lovers and owners as you can, because you never know if you might save a precious canine life! 


Chip implants for dogs

April 8, 2019 | Tech | No Comments

Owners of unneutered male dogs are often told that their pets would live longer, be happier, stay healthier and behave better if they were castrated – either way, they say, it doesn’t harm the dog.

However, the research doesn’t necessarily back that up. “The fact that castrated dogs live longer has been shown by a large US study. Unfortunately, the owner behavior is not taken into consideration,” says Sandra Goericke-Pesch of the Veterinary University in Hanover, Germany.

“In the US, the carrying out of castration probably indicates an increased readiness of the owner to go to the veterinary surgeon. That naturally has a positive effect on life expectancy.” The results of the study are therefore not conclusive.

For about 10 years, it’s been possible to cause temporary castration by implanting a chip that stops testosterone and sperm production for six months or a year. The suprelorin chip, which is barely larger than a grain of rice, takes effect after about six weeks.

The testicles shrink – and so does the dog’s ego.

“The dominance of the dog over other males is positively influenced by 45% to 65%,” Goericke-Pesch says.

This can be particularly helpful with aggressive males. “But only if the cause is sexual motivation,” says Andrea Buisman, head of training at a dog training company in Germany.

A trainer can determine through observation whether the problems are sexually motivated or whether the dog is generally very driven by instinct.

Even less aggressive male dogs can show problems, such as not being calm or being interested only in female dogs – these can also be good reasons for castration. However, if a dog is already insecure and cannot deal with other dogs, then castration can exacerbate the problem due to the dog’s shrinking self-confidence.

If the dog has testicular cancer, there is no alternative to the surgical removal of the testicles.

However, veterinarians and trainers recommend a temporary solution for almost all other factors.

However, there can be financial reasons for choosing permanent castration: The repeated chip implants can cost RM483 to RM714 each time, while a one-off surgery costs around RM1,680.


Dog Refusing to Leave Dead Owner’s Side

April 8, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

A couple heartbreaking images that were posted on social media showed a dog cuddling up to his owner who passed away. Its 57-year-old owner died after being hit by a train during the wee hours of the morning. It was reported that Victor, the victim, had been drinking near the tracks before he was run over by the train.

According to Daily Mail, the emergency crew found the dog beside victim’s body.

It reportedly did not want to leave its dead owner so the crew had to forcefully remove the dog from the scene.

It’s also said that the dog tried to bite one of the police officers and paramedics for trying to separate him from his owner. Locals around the area claimed the dog’s owner was alcoholic and that the dog had been by his side for several years!


They say dogs are a man’s best friend and it’s easy to see why when they always look like they are full of endless joy and love. That’s why when renowned Taiwanese author and filmmaker Giddens Ko found out that his aged dog Aru was nearing the end as she had three tumours, he rushed back home to be with his dear friend. After realising there was nothing more that could be done, he sorrowfully documented his dog’s
last day in a heartfelt Facebook dedication.

According to the post, he was on the train home from a book-signing ceremony when he called his wife to check on his dog as Aru hasn’t been feeling well lately. Aru was suffering a fever and hadn’t eaten much, barely touching her food but had perked up a bit when she received some visitors.

“When I got home, it was around 9pm. Aru was lying on the ground, sleeping while using an oxygen machine. ‘Aru! I’m home!’ I shouted her name, hugging her from the back. She couldn’t react much, so I had to hug her from the front so she could see me. She looked at me with soft, sincere eyes. That night I cleaned her ears with wet wipes. She likes it when I do that, pushing her head against me as if asking me to continue. This time, Aru didn’t have the strength to move her head much. I used six wet wipes. She doesn’t have the strength to manja with me anymore.”

“I think she is tired. I put my head against her to feel her heartbeat.”

He recounts the time they had spent together and said, “Thank you for being with me for 14 years! These 14 years have been a blessing because you’ve been a very good dog. The best in the universe. If you want to continue this struggle, I will do anything for you to help you and we won’t give up. But if you’re tired now and you want to rest, please let me know, won’t you? I will understand.”

The man continues pouring his heart out to his beloved dog for a long time until his concerned wife came over to accompany him and comfort Aru as well.

“You like eating so I fed you lots and lots of delicious food. I want to bring you everywhere I go. I love you so much. We all do. But if you’re very tired, I’m telling you it’s alright, you can go if you want to.”

They quickly made the decision to bring Aru to the hospital for further treatments, but it seems Aru was too tired.

I was holding her bottom half and my wife held her head but before we reached the elevator, Aru suddenly wet herself and blood started trickling from her nose and mouth. I told my wife, ‘Go back in quickly, Aru is dying.’ “

“Aru’s breath is getting weaker as she lies in my arms. I call my eldest brother and break the news: ‘Aru is going.’ He rushes over at around 9.50pm and together, we hold Aru and comforts her. My mother calls at 10pm and asks about Aru, I turned on the loudspeaker and let her say her goodbyes to Aru.”

“The moment my mother bids the last goodbye to Aru, her breathing fades and stops altogether. It is 10:02pm. Her weight feels strange now, not heavy anymore but rather light.”

“I say to her, ‘We love you so much. We really do. Remember to tell the other dogs in heaven that your owner said you were the best dog, alright? Every single day with you has been a joy.’”

Giddens says he sees the train ticket for his ride back was a gift from God, adding that he’s so blessed he got home in time to be with Aru. Although he’s mourning and missing his dog, he is happy for Aru. “There could be no better parting for her than being home, with her master and loved ones holding her …Even though I’ve been crying, I am happy. This world is beautiful and it’s been so good to Aru.”

He closes his dedication with heartfelt words.

“Goodbye Aru! When we meet again, you’ll already know how to open the fridge by yourself. I know that’s your greatest wish!” 

They say when you own a dog, she’ll be with you for only a part of your life, but to the dog, you are her whole life.

You can watch a video of them together here.


Posted by 九把刀 Giddens Ko on Selasa, 2 April 2019

Our deepest condolences to Giddens and his family! Remember to give your pets a tight hug when you see them and appreciate them every day.