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Less than a year ago, the streets of SS15, Subang Jaya were bustling with long queues as multiple bubble tea stores popped up like mushrooms.

But because of the Covid-19 virus and the lockdowns, those bubble tea stores are now going out of business.

He wrote, “When reality strikes. I see millions of dollars drained out, I see the disappointment of business owners. I see sadness, I see the lost of hope. At the same time, I see the possibility of reshaping the ecosystem here. I see the stabilising of the demand and not speculation. I choose to see hope.

“The wave is neither cruel nor merciful, face it with no judgement, adjust our mentality and start to adapt to the new normal and may all businesses strive again.”

“Most of the shops are closing down. They are putting their shops up for rent, or to sell,” Keith can be heard saying in the video, as he showcased the many shops that are closed with ‘for rent’ or ‘for sale’ signs along the once bustling ‘bubble tea street’ of SS 15.

If you’ve been to the area recently, you’ll see for yourself how the once bustling street is now barren and quiet. Many images are also circulating online to show how these once popular bubble tea stores are now shut down.