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Carbon monoxide poisoning can still happen regardless of whether you leave your windows down when the engine is on. The general notion that carbon monoxide leaks only happen for old vehicles also isn’t true. Senator Datuk T.Mohan, the Vice Chairman of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) debunked this myth, saying that new cars are also susceptible to this safety hazard.

“The vehicle’s engine is turned on for a long time without realising that a gas leak could occur from the exhaust and enter the passenger cabin,” said the Senator, in a statement recorded by BERNAMA. He added that the recommendation of lowering your windshields to avoid carbon monoxide gas poisoning is also inaccurate. 

As for how gas leaks like these can be detected, he said, “early signs such as temperature changes in the cabin and nausea” should be looked out for. “If there are these signs, the windows should be opened immediately.

However, to decrease the risk of these precarious situations, drivers are advised to not sleep in their vehicle when the engine is turned on. Last Thursday (17 September), two women died while another two women are in a critical state due to the inhalation of carbon monoxide after sleeping in a car with the engine and air conditioning turned on.

Mohan added that vehicle owners should ensure that their car’s air conditioning system is maintained at least once in a period of six months to avoid any possible incidents from happening.


It’s Day 38 of the Movement Control Order and it was just announced yesterday that the MCO is going to be extended until the 12th of May. Although this may frustrate you, we have to remember that this move is necessary for us to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it seems like even when the MCO is lifted, life may not return to normal immediately and we would have to get used to certain restrictions for quite some time.

“We need to tighten border control, especially now, with the increasing number of cases in over 180 countries. Lifting the MCO does not mean we will lift border controls; in fact, we need to strengthen it further.” 

Currently, Malaysia has banned its citizens from leaving the country and only allowing those overseas to return home who will undergo a 14-day quarantine at designated quarantine centres.Well, looks like we’re going to postpone all our travel plans for now. However, if there’s one thing we’ve all learnt from this pandemic is that Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah knows what’s best that should be done!