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As we all know, our medical front-liners are giving it their all during this pandemic and many are risking their lives to save others. Some of these front-liners don’t even dare to go home fearing they might infect their own family members.

And while numerous front-liners have unfortunately been infected by the virus while on duty to help save others, there are still many ungrateful Malaysians out there complaining about the Movement Control Order (MCO) and how it is affecting their lives and disrupting the economy.

While this is all true, a Malaysian female doctor decided to share her thoughts as well. Here”s what she said:

1. Healthy people find that the MCO is unnecessary, but many are unaware that hospitals still receive hundreds of samples every day

Hundreds and hundreds of positive cases too.

“Many people have many opinions about the MCO and how it is not necessary at all as it affects the economy and their daily lives. While it may seem inconvenient, those of us working in hospitals are still receiving hundreds of samples daily.

The number (of cases) is climbing every day, and it’s very scary.

Worst of all, some patients who’ve passed away have left behind their young children. So, it’s not just elderly people who are affected by this. Young and healthy individuals like you and me can be affected too.”

2. If people were allowed to move around freely, we would not be able to track down close contacts

Before the MCO started, Malaysians were still moving around freely and that made it almost impossible for doctors to track down those who may have come in contact with a patient.

“It is likely many people were infected during this time, but not tested.”

She continues to stress that, “this is why we absolutely need Malaysians to stay home. Just yum cha, exercise, and pray at home. The MCO has been extended for another two weeks, it is not that long. Stay home so that we can break the chain and us doctors can continue to focus on the current wave of infected patients. If everyone abides by the MCO, it will be lifted in no time!

3. Although we try our best, many are upset that we do not take samples from everyone

“If we could, we would hope to test everyone who has a cough or a cold as well, but we are low on manpower and resources. That is why we can only sample high-risk individuals or close contacts. If clinics and hospitals started testing everyone, I would be able to stay home during the MCO too! But that is not the case.”

4. Instead, I am fighting as a front-liner, but I am not afraid of death, that’s why I’m here

“My sister cried when she knew I would be serving as a front-liner.”

After all, can you imagine what your family would have to go through if something happened to you because of this virus? The pain and the heartache are unimaginable.

“Can your family and friends bear it if you passed away from this? If not, please stay home. Because I can’t.”

“Close relatives who knew I would be serving in the frontlines gave me their blessings and I felt the love and was extremely grateful.

But the greatest blessing for me, and other front-liners, would be if all Malaysians take care of their health and stayed at home.

I cannot save the world on my own, but I am doing my best by carrying out my duty as a medical front-liner; I hope Malaysians can carry out their duty as citizens of this country by staying at home too.”

“I still believe Malaysia Boleh.

Through this Malaysian doctor’s story, it’s evident that the MCO was put in place for a very important reason and compared to what our front-liners have to go through, it’s really not that much to ask for that we just stay at home! That’s honestly the best way to show our front-liners our appreciation during this time.

In addition to that, a local company known as Akisama Group (Development Company for RC Residences) had also launched a “Caring For Medical Staff” campaign as a way of thanking and looking after our medical staff.

In fact, through this campaign, Akisama Group managed to distribute a total of 6,400 masks to medical front-liners in hopes of reducing their risk of contracting this deadly virus.

Amidst all the uncertainties where many enterprises are struggling without income and those in the underprivileged community are struggling without food, Akisama Group is still trying their best to spread love and warmth, especially to all the front-liners. This is in spite of the fact that the development of RC Residences has also been brought to a halt.

After all, without the sacrifices and dedication of our medical frontline personnel, this pandemic would be way more detrimental than it is now. So, remember to thank our front-liners for their selfless contributions to our country, and if you’re able to, feel free to contribute in whatever small way you can.

And of course, STAY AT HOME!