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A South Korean food blogger who keeps posting his videos on YouTube has suddenly become popular in memes too.
The popular food blogger, Tasty Hoon, recently posted a video wit on his YouTube channel with barbecue chicken and cheese fondue. The video went horribly wrong and netizens were left in splits after watching it.

On YouTube itself the video garnered more than 1 million views and and have comments in thousands. A user wrote, “It’s 6:50am EST. I haven’t slept. I am crying and my chest is spamming from trying not to laugh. And now I’m hungry. Thank you for your service, sir.” Another user said, “This might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! Tasty Hoon if you never do another video you will be a legend just for this! I love how the fried chicken with cheese shrapnel made your tears go away!”
The video was also shared on Twitter and has been viewed more than 3.6 million times there.

Thinking about the guy that put cheese in a chocolate fountain https://t.co/jZQ1krWcvI— Parker (@panoparker) 1604007164000

On Twitter, it had some of the funniest reactions.

@panoparker Is he laughing or crying at the end? I really can’t tell, but fully understand either emotion.— Donald G. Carder (@theangrymick) 1604010897000

I laughed out loud, not just that back of the throat small laugh, lmaoooo https://t.co/EM8bfznU4X— ???? ? (@alexivenegas_) 1604032454000

2020 explained in under 30 seconds https://t.co/W6otNLYy8C— Kelly (@kellykiewel) 1604021677000

I think I’ve just witnessed a major moment in human history & discovery. The invention of the solid cheese-fuelled… https://t.co/Sd0NBkFuut— Hodgo (@that_hodgo) 1604055828000

I don’t know how to retweet without adding something… This is hilarious https://t.co/8AHSaZovVl— Mick (@MickLovesYou) 1604014368000