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Possibly the only silver lining in 2020 is that it has given us more time to spend with our pets.So to commemorate that, why not ‘register’ them as a Malaysian citizen this year?

On 28 November, local company Paw Life Matters introduced Pet ID Tag, Malaysia’s first pet identification card that resembles the nation’s identification card MyKad.

Serving as a pet tag while doubling as an adorable accessory, Pet ID Tag will include information about your furkids, such as their names, breeds, physical attributes, and your contact numbers.

According to its website, customers can also include their pets’ allergies, vaccine records, and medical needs, among other information.

Pet ID Tag is only 5.4cm wide and 3cm tall, small enough to be hooked on your pets’ harnesses or collars

As the pawrent, you will also be getting a Pet ID Card, which is the size of a credit card.

It can be used as proof that you are the legitimate owner of your furkids in case they go missing.

“The numbers (sic) of lost and stolen cats and dogs in this country are rising every day,” Paw Life Matters writes on its website.

“Many pets without proper identification have [failed] to reunite with their owner. Motivated by this, Pet ID Tag is created to ensure your lost FurBaby comes home safely.”

Image from Paw Life Matters

However, it should be noted that the Pet ID Tag does not hold any official significance. Pet owners are still advised to register their pets with local authorities.

Pet ID Tag is currently priced at RM35 each

A percentage of sales goes towards rescuing strays and animal shelters.

“Our mission has always been to help the voiceless. This is why with every purchase [of] any of our products, a percentage of sales will be donated to our chosen animal shelters. These donations will help with food, shelter, vaccinations, neutering, and to help them find a Furever home,” Paw Life Matters says.

Other than Pet ID Tag, the company also sells pet treats and shampoos.

You can buy a Pet ID Tag on Shopee here.