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A 10-year-old girl attempted to jump off the 19th floor of an apartment building in Larkin yesterday evening, 7 October, after a fight with her mother

According to Berita Harian, it is believed that the girl was upset and wanted to attempt suicide after a quarrel with her mother over a telephone issue.

Head of Larkin Fire and Rescue Suhaimi Jamal said his team rushed to the scene when they received a distress call about the victim

“When we arrived, we saw a girl standing on the ledge of the 19th floor of the apartment, it was believed that she wanted to jump down,” he said in a statement today.

“The team took precautionary steps to prepare for the rescue such as dropping a rope from the floor above and also preparing an air cushion on the bottom floor.”

Most notably, Suhaimi said that it was an officer who succeeded in talking to the victim and finally persuaded her to come inside

Larkin Fire and Rescue officer Ismarul Nizam said that it was not his first time handling a case involving a victim trying to jump off a building. However, he did not deny feeling anxiety and panic when he learned that the victim was just a 10-year-old girl.

“When we received a distress call at 4.01 pm, I wasn’t sure whether it involved a child or an adult. But since the incident happened next to the station, from below, we could already identify the victim,” Ismarul told Bernama after the rescue.

When he reached the 19th floor of the flat, Ismarul found two policemen already trying to coax the victim.

“I offered to try to persuade the young girl. Thankfully it worked. The approach I used is different for adults,” he said, adding that he was also grateful for the experience of taking care of his own six nieces and nephews.

The heroic act was caught on video and posted by the Larkin Fire and Rescue Station on Facebook

“Your mum isn’t angry anymore,” he tells her, “It is okay to come inside.”

The little girl can be seen nodding her head as Ismarul finally manages to convince her.


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More often than not, if your kid suddenly shoots up by 10cm, that’s a cause for celebration. Though that’s provided if your child has already reached the age for puberty.

Unfortunately for this mother in Ningbo, China, her daughter was only seven years old when she towered over her peers, standing at an astounding 120cm.

Not only that, but she had begun growing breasts too.

The reason behind her early-onset puberty rested on her sleeping habits — for the past three years, Dandan (not her real name) had been sleeping with the lights on.

When the girl first underwent her growth spurt, her mother was delighted by her development, therefore paid little heed to her unnatural growth.

It wasn’t until she was giving her daughter a shower that she realised Dandan had developed breasts. She even felt a few small lumps too, the woman told Zhejiang News.

After bringing her for a check-up, doctors discovered not only did Dandan’s skeletal structure resemble one of a 10-year-old’s, but her ovaries had also grown bigger.

“Under such circumstances, it is unlikely Dandan would grow any taller than 150cm,” the doctor said to the horrified mother.

As they’ve already missed the crucial window period, even if they were to administer treatment for Dandan, the drugs would have little to no effect.

Dandan’s mother was confused about her daughter’s condition. If her daughter wasn’t allowed to eat fried food, supplements or soft drinks, what would have led to her precocious puberty?

Further questioning about the girl’s lifestyle revealed that she would always sleep with the lights on.

Her mother explained that in a bid to encourage Dandan to be more independent, she has been sleeping alone since she was four. However, as the child is afraid of the dark, she sleeps with the lights on.

The girl’s doctor said melatonin production in children is highest at night. By sleeping with the lights on, it disrupts the body’s natural production of the hormone and suppresses it.

A drop in melatonin production is linked with faster sexual maturation, according to recent research, and may be the reason why Dandan reached puberty at a much earlier age. 

Girls generally hit puberty around the age of nine to 11, while boys reach theirs slightly later around 11 to 13 years of age. 

“There are many reasons why a child would undergo precocious puberty, therefore it is important to find out the cause as soon as possible so we can stop it. Should osteophytes start forming, it would be too late already.” Dandan’s doctor explained.

Besides keeping a watchful eye over their children for signs of early puberty, parents are advised not to let their children consume too much protein and supplements, along with meat products that might have been injected with hormones.

In addition, children shouldn’t be staring at screens for long hours and most importantly, to keep lights off while sleeping.


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Desperate to escape from sexual abuse, an 11-year-old girl in Samarinda, Indonesia, recently took a leap of faith and jumped off the back of her stepfather’s motorcycle.

According to initial reports, Bunga (not her real name) told the police that her stepfather was supposed to take her to school. Instead of dropping her off there, he drove past the school and continued on.

At that point, she knew where exactly he was going to take her and what would happen to her if she wasn’t able to find a way out.

The 50-year-old man would often bring her to a hotel and rape her.

Even though Bunga had confided in her mother about his actions, the woman turned a blind eye out of fear of losing her husband and had allowed him to continue raping her daughter.

Knowing fully well of her stepfather’s plans, coupled with despair from her mother’s inaction, Bunga leapt off the motorcycle in an act of desperation. She ran all the way back to school for help.

Upon finding out what had transpired, her teacher was incredibly shocked and immediately brought her to the nearby police station to make a report.

Local police apprehended both suspects on Sept 21. According to the police chief, Bunga’s stepfather had attempted to escape from Samarinda. To date, the man is guilty of raping the girl at least six times.

Bunga is now under the care of another family as her mother undergoes questioning.


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A girl in China died from severe burns on Sept 5 after her attempts at imitating a popcorn making trick went horribly wrong.

According to Chinese media, 14-year-old Zhou and her 12-year-old friend, Peng, had seen a viral clip teaching viewers how to make popcorn using a drink can.

The two then proceeded to do the same by placing corn kernels in an empty aluminium can and lighting alcohol in another aluminium can that was placed below it.

Due to its high alcohol content, the alcohol exploded when Zhou attempted to light it. Both girls suffered severe burns on the spot.

The two were immediately taken to hospital. Results showed that Zhou suffered burns on 96 per cent of her body and had to be kept under observation in the intensive care unit. Peng managed to scrape by and was not in critical condition.

The incident took place on Aug 22, but doctors’ efforts to treat Zhou’s injuries proved futile and she died two weeks later.

Many netizens believe the two girls had been imitating a video by a popular influencer known as Office Chef Ms Yeah.

In one of Ms Yeah’s early videos, she was seen cutting open an aluminium can in a similar fashion and making popcorn in her handmade contraption.

E05 Happy Valentine's Day. I made a popcorn bouquet for you. Love love| Ms Yeah

Happy Valentine's Day! I made a popcorn bouquet for you. The popcorn is made with a coke can. Call me genius. I wish you lots of love and happiness.Subscribe to Ms Yeah Official Channel on YouTube: Ms Yeah…instagram: msyeah#MsYeah #办公室小野 #missyeah

Posted by Ms Yeah on Selasa, 21 Mac 2017

After the teens’ accident, angry Chinese netizens took to sending Ms Yeah death threats and called her a murderer in the comment section of her videos.

Ms Yeah broke the silence in a long letter posted on Weibo on Sept 10.

The past few days had been the darkest days of her life, she wrote. In response to the current situation, she promised to take responsibility for Peng’s treatments and would do everything she could to ensure that Peng’s family received the help they needed.

She also clarified that the two girls had not been imitating what she had done in her video. In her video, Ms Yeah used a teapot warmer to slowly heat up the can of corn kernels, which had been carefully propped up on the tripod of the tea warmer.

Whereas, evidence from the scene of the accident showed that the two girls had used two cans, one of which had been cut in a peculiar way.

The 25-year-old suggested the girls could have been referencing a different video, as she herself had seen a video with similar instructions that was posted back in 2016, a year before she had shared her own.

The original video involved cutting the aluminium can the same way the girls had done, before precariously balancing another can on top of it. Ms Yeah explained that she had found the original method too dangerous, therefore she opted to use a tea warmer instead. 

She ended her letter pleading for netizens to not label others as murderers.


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A nine-year-old Chinese girl has become the youngest person to swim across a strait linking the island province of Hainan with the mainland.

Zhou Yihan, who learned how to swim when she was just a year old, took 13 hours to make the 26km (16-mile) crossing of the Qiongzhou Strait last week, starting from Haikou, the capital of Hainan, and finished in Xuwen in Guangdong province, mainland media reported.

The girl, a third-grade pupil from Guangzhou, set out with nine adult swimmers at 5.40am last Wednesday, only three of whom were able to complete the full crossing.

Yihan had to overcome repeated jellyfish attacks and strong currents that delayed her arrival, news portal reported.

The girl was inspired by her father, Zhou Zhenyu, who successfully completed the challenge – known as the “Everest of the Seas” – last year with his daughter travelling alongside him on a support vessel.

“I thought it was fun. I wanted to do it like him,” she said.

To prepare for the voyage, she spent six days a week training in a local swimming pool with her father and a professional coaching her.

Yihan, like the others taking part in the challenge, had a support boat alongside her, and her parents and coach travelled on board to offer support.

Individual swimmers were not allowed to climb on board these vessels and had to rest, eat and drink in the sea to complete the crossing successfully, although four of the adult swimmers took part in a relaying, each swimming for an hour at a time. Two others were unable to complete the crossing.

“I was bitten by a jellyfish when I was less than 1km away from the starting point. [I was bitten] more than 20 times, and I was a little worried. My coach and father took turns to swim in front of me to drive away the jellyfish,” she recalled.

“When the sea got rough halfway the waves kept me at the same point. I couldn’t move forward for quite a long time. My father was worried and asked me to get on board, but I didn’t want to quit. I wanted to keep going on,” she said.

She missed the planned landing point due to a strong current and arrived later than expected.

It took her father eight hours to finish the journey last year, and he had previously expected her to take about 11 hours to finish the crossing.

Her father had previously told Yangcheng Evening News that he had not encouraged his daughter to undertake the challenge, but once she had made up her mind to do it he and her mother had offered their full support.

Unlike many Chinese parents whose primary concern is their children’s academic performance, he said he did not want to put too much pressure on her at such a young age.

“We want to shape her via exercise, such as swimming, rock-climbing, trampolining and gymnastics,” he told the newspaper.


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A girl from China experienced hell on earth when she minded her own business in the elevator when suddenly, a man strangled her neck from behind.

According to China Press, the young girl was busy looking at her phone in the corner of the elevator, and the man in a short-sleeved shirt was standing on the other side.

Based on what we could see from the CCTV footage, the man had been targeting the girl as he scanned her figure from head to toe without her realising.

The girl told interviewers that she headed down to get a package, and when she took the elevator back to her home on the 21st floor, a man came in and pressed on the 28th-floor button. It could be seen that he shuffled towards the girl and waited for his chance to attack her.

Suddenly right before the elevator arrived on the 21st floor, he grabbed her on the neck with both of his hands, as she struggled to escape. The cruel man managed to strangle her for 22 SECONDS.

“I managed to stop the elevator door from closing (twice) with my leg because I was afraid that he’d take me to the 28th floor. I also yelled for my mum, and only after that he’d loosen his grip. I ran out after that.”

Her mother told interviewers she heard noises and screams coming from the elevator. When the young girl ran back home, her mum saw how pale her face was.

“She (daughter) was still having nightmares in the middle of the night. And she’d wake up crying.”

The identity of the man was confirmed, and the police are on the hunt, but the reason for his acts remained unknown.


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Japanese Girl Becomes Addicted to Durian

July 22, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

Although some Foreigners would liken the stench of the fruit to hot poop garbage, gym socks or mushy onions, most who have tasted it would liken it to creme brulee but with character.

After giving the frightening fruit a chance while on her trip to Malaysia, one Japanese girl made a turn for worst — becoming a full-on addict in a place where Durian is sold at a premium, Hong Kong.

Spreading her message of Durian love, iChang took to YouTube to show the world just how obsessed she was about the fruit in a 9-minute video.

It began after tasting the fruit for the first time in Malaysia. Now she scours the streets of Hong Kong looking for a tasty morsel.

However, despite the fruit being available in all forms, shapes, and sizes, the prices of the goods sold was a tad bit expensive.

To fuel her search, iChang frequented a convenience store to purchase Durian-flavoured snacks, but they did not come close to the actual fruit.

After being thoroughly disappointed at her previous purchases, she made her way to a fruit market in Yau Ma Tei, only to find durian being sold from HK$65 to HK$140 per kilo (RM34-80)!

She went on to purchase the fruit anyway, despite the premium price tag.

When she took it home and ate it, she complained the taste could never beat eating durian in Malaysia, especially the ones in Penang, which were cheap and good.

At the end of her video, she made comments of her revelation that would resonate with any durian addict living outside of Malaysia.

“It’s difficult to eat. You can’t have another once you’ve had the one in Malaysia. I like the sweetness and richness of Musang King, but I cannot go back anymore after tasting the real durian in Malaysia.”


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A UTAR undergraduate donned her graduation robes 33 days before her convocation ceremony during her mother’s funeral in a bid to fulfil one of her mother’s final wishes, reported China Press.

Xu Jia Huan’s mother Xu Li Zhen, 47, passed away before she could witness her daughter graduate from university.

She had fainted after a 20-minute Zumba session and died when pa­ramedics arrived.

“Today, father and brother are dressed (in blue), even though brother is wearing father’s clothes. I’ve also helped you put on a blue shirt because it fits you well, better than it does me.

“Mummy, your big baby has graduated; graduated 33 days earlier than expected,” she wrote.

The post was accompanied by a picture showing Jia Huan, her father and her brother in front of the casket.

It has been shared more than 3,800 times and has received more than 11,000 comments.

The body was cremated at a temple in Kampung Danan, Kelantan, yesterday.


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A Khon Kaen school director and teachers are investigating a July 10 incident in which Mathayom 3 female students daringly attacked their classmate during a dispute over debt collection in a classroom.

The attack, which took place when no teacher was present, was captured on a smartphone camera, shot by another classmate, who subsequently posted four video clips of the incident on Facebook, causing a stir and criticism over the violence perpetrated by the all-girl group.

The video clips showed a schoolgirl and 6-7 of her friends scolding a classmate because of an “overdue debt”, but the latter remained unresponsive so the group turned more violent to the point that they pulled the student by her hair and kicked her in the back, after which she fell to the ground. The group then banged her head against the floor. She didn’t attempt to fight back at any time during the attack.

A source who did not want to be identified sent the video clips to this Nation reporter, saying the incident took place during lunch break at the school on July 10.

The victim, who used to be close friends with her attackers, did not talk to any teacher about the attack until the video clips went viral.

The source said the school director and teachers were now conducting a fact-finding probe into the incident and handling the case delicately as it involved minors.


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On 12 July, at a convenience store in Bandar Country Homes, near Gombak, a man was caught allegedly molesting a 9-year-old girl

The convenience store’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) recorded the man repeatedly grabbing the girl from behind and grinding his groin area against her.

CCTV footage of the incident, which has gone viral on social media, shows the alleged child molester leaving the victim for a moment only to return and shove himself against her and her younger sister.

The two girls, traumatised by the man’s brazen action, managed to escape from his grips. Following which, he hangs out at the aisle for a while pretending to pick something up and then walks away.

While the original CCTV footage has been taken by the uploader, a blurred out version of the footage was shared by news site Harian Metro.

The girl’s father, who found out about the incident from his wife, lodged a police report about two hours later after the incident

According to Gombak district, police chief Assistant Commissioner Samsor Maarof, the suspect has not yet been identified, reported NST Online.

“Efforts to track down and arrest the suspect are underway,” he was quoted as saying in a statement today, 14 July.


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