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Sneakers are expensive, that much we can all agree on. Most ‘decent’ sneakers from popular brands can cost upwards of RM300 to a mind-blowing RM1,500, which are supposed to be enhanced with unicorn tears and phoenix feathers to make you feel like you’re walking on the heaven’s clouds. Or at least, that’s what we think. We dunno, we don’t have sneakers that expensive.

Well for some underprivileged teenagers, the idea of buying expensive sneakers wouldn’t even cross their minds. After all, it’s practicality over all else and if it works, it works, as this Facebook post goes to show.

While some of her peers may be sporting (did you see what we did there) the greatest and latest from the biggest sportswear brands to get themselves ready for a sprint to the finish line, Rhea Bullos of Balasan, Philippines had a completely different approach when it came to her running shoes.

As a representative for Salvacian Elementary school participating in the Iloilo Sports Council Meet, you can expect the competition she had to face was stiff. However, here’s a twist.

Instead of sneakers, she wore only surgical bandages that were wrapped around her feet and ankles, resembling the shape of a shoe. And then, just for the sake of branding, the Nike ‘swoosh’ was coloured on the top of the bandages.

And with these ‘running shoes’, she won 3 gold medals.

A 400m dash, a 800m dash, and even a 1,500m dash were all conquered effortlessly by Rhea with her makeshift running shoes with ease, leaving netizens impressed and her competitors in the dust! In an interview, she says she aspires to represent the Philippines in the South East Asian (SEA) Games someday.


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Did you know there is such a thing as being “allergic to water”? Apparently there is, and it is quite a bizarre condition that we’re not sure if we can wrap our head around.

One of the people with this rare condition is Tessa Hansen-Smith from California, who is literally allergic to water. The condition is called aquagenic urticaria, which affects about 100 people worldwide. Google it! It’s real.

According to Daily Mail, the 21-year-old would break out in a painful rash whenever her skin comes into contact with water, which means that she cannot cry or sweat or take showers.

The university student will also suffer migraines and develop a fever within a few minutes of touching water.

Because of this, she cannot play sports and needs to be transported around her university campus just in case she sweats while moving, which will cause an allergic reaction.

“It’s a really difficult condition to have as I’m even allergic to my own tears, saliva and sweat,” she said.

“I’m really prone to heat exhaustion and have to avoid physical activity. I even have to be shuttled around my campus at college because otherwise I show up to my class with a fever, migraine and rashes making it really difficult to concentrate.”

“I suffer with a lot of muscle fatigue and nausea too; the sickness is usually caused by me eating something with a lot of water in foods like some fruits and vegetables. Even drinking water can cause cuts on my tongue.”

At eight years old, Tessa started breaking out in a rash whenever she showered. Her parents thought she was only allergic to certain shampoos or soaps, but her condition did not become better even after taking allergy tablets.

The condition becomes worse with age, so even though the tablets worked for a while, it became less efficient the older she got. Tessa was then diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria at the age of 10.

Tessa and her mother, who is a doctor, realised it was a rare condition after researching her symptoms online. But because this condition is so rare, there is very limited data on the kinds of treatment for it.

Tessa now has to take nine antihistamine tablets a day in order to keep her symptoms under control.

“Having aquagenic urticaria can be a mental game at times – it’s hard to take so many tablets everyday knowing that it’s not actually ever going to stop,” she said.

“At one point I was taking 12 tablets a day – currently I’m taking nine.”

“I’m frequently reminded that there’s no cure to aquagenic urticaria and that I’ll never really be fully better which is definitely a difficult thing to hear sometimes.”

But despite the challenges she faces daily, Tessa is not going to let her condition completely control her life.

“I have always been very determined to be independent and leave my home town for college. I try my best to take things one day at a time because some days are better than others,” she said.

“If I’m able to see my friends and loved ones without having to leave early due to feeling sick, or make it to all my classes in one day, I see that as a win in my book.”

Currently, Tessa has set up an Instagram page called @livingwaterless to raise awareness of her condition.


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Yesterday evening (25th November), a mother picked up her five-year-old daughter from a babysitter’s house in Terengganu only to find out that she had been sodomised by her nanny’s son that very day.

According to China Press, the young victim’s mother sent her daughter to her babysitter’s house in Kuala Terengganu at around 7:20 in the morning and picked her up later in the evening at around 5:20pm, as per usual. Everything seemed fine until her daughter had to use the toilet.

When she tried to urinate, the child felt a sharp pain in her lower body and cried to her mother. The worried parent asked her daughter what happened, to which she replied that somebody had inserted their penis into her from behind.

The shocked and infuriated mother immediately reported the incident to the police and took her daughter to the hospital to examine her injuries. Once authorities launched an investigation, it was discovered that the victim’s babysitter had left the 5-year-old at home with her son while she went to run some errands.

The sitter’s vile son then proceeded to take advantage of the situation and sodomised the poor girl against her will!

The sex predator has since been arrested while the case is being investigated under Article 14 (B) of the Sexual Offences Act.


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Girl Dumps BF of 7 Years By Vandalising His Car

November 27, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

There are many ways to break up with your other half and then there’s this really dramatic method that has taken Chinese social media by storm. On November 23rd, residents of Taizhou, Zhejiang were stunned when they saw a white Hyundai Creta on the streets with the body of the car spray-painted with some rather amazing words in red paint.

Photos of the car were posted on Weibo and people were puzzled why the car received such treatment. One side of the car was written, “The man I love the most,” while the back had the words, “I have left.” Another side of the car’s body was written, “Seven years of disappointment, I have left.”

People who saw the car were stunned by this and jumped to conclusions, with many of them saying that it was probably done by his ex-girlfriend. They said that the owner might have hurt the girl deeply for her to do something like that and criticised him for wasting seven years of her youth.

Surprisingly, the car’s owner was revealed and he admitted that it was indeed his girlfriend of seven years who had done it. He said that he had parked his car outside his house before that and was shocked to see the words sprayed there the next day.

He posted a video on Douyin defending himself and saying that he did not understand why they were scolding him. The man said, “You’re all scolding me for wasting seven years of her time. I want to ask, isn’t men’s time just as precious?” 

He also revealed that they had originally planned to get married after seven years but unfortunately, he still could not afford to pay the bride price, a sum of money or other forms of wealth paid by a groom or his family to the family of the woman he will be married to.

The man ended his video saying, “The only person I can blame is myself, for not being capable enough to marry her. Add oil, fellow men!” 


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Sometimes, there is a lot of truth in the saying that all that glitters isn’t always gold. Appearances can be deceptive, and it always helps to make sure you keep a close eye on things before going out on a limb to make wild claims about another person, before you wind up embarrassing yourself.

Well, these young women wound up having to endure a pretty harrowing, if not downright embarrassing situation when they were hauled in by members of the police over a complete mistake for a crime that they didn’t even commit, according to this Facebook post.

What had initially meant to be a dream, luxe birthday escapade for Sharonia Paruntu and her friends turned into an absolute nightmare when Sharonia and her friends wound up being arrested and hauled out of their 5-star hotel in the blink of an eye. This story was shared by Stanley Paruntu, who says he is Sharonia’s father.

And why did this entire mess even happen in the first place, you ask? All because the hotel staff who came in to clean up their room found a small plastic bag containing a bit of white powder, and noticed that a glass panel on the shower had shattered. One plus one = drug party, right?

According to Sharonia, two of their friends had somehow wound up trapped inside the shower at 2am and couldn’t get the door open. Despite multiple efforts at trying to pull it to budge, the door remained firmly held in place. They even broke the glass panel as a result of trying to force it open.

As they resorted to calling room service, the girls probably didn’t expect the whole situation to get a whole lot worse, as Sharonia explains over her Insta Story:

“Just got back from Police Cantonment Complex from 14 hours locked up, because W Hotels Singapore accused me of bringing drugs to their hotel. But it’s an armpit powder to make your armpit less stinky lol. And they didn’t ask me first what is it.

And they arrested me and my friends for 14 hours. Thank you W Hotels for a nice birthday present.”


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Two men, believed to be the father and grandfather, were caught trying to bury alive a newborn girl on Thursday, 31 October in India

The grandfather along with his son-in-law was trying to bury the newborn girl alive in a wasteland near a busy bus station in Secunderabad, a neighbourhood of Hyderabad in the Indian state of Telangana.

The newborn girl was rescued by police who were alerted by an auto-rickshaw driver.

According to an Indian digital news platform, The News Minute, the auto-rickshaw driver had noticed the two men carrying something wrapped in a bundle of blankets and acting suspiciously.

When the two men reached a secluded place near the bus station and were about to put the bundle in a hastily-dug pit, the alert driver raised an alarm.

Following which, policemen, who are always present around the busy bus station, rushed to the scene and started questioning the duo, reported The News Minute.

When questioned by the policemen, the grandfather, who was holding the newborn girl in his arms, pretended to sob and claimed that he was burying the dead body of his granddaughter

However, the newborn started moving her hands and legs, prompting the police to immediately detain both the accused and taking custody of the infant.

Following which, the rescued newborn was shifted to a government-run hospital in the city.

“As of now, the baby is responding to treatment well,” Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) S Srinivas was quoted as saying by The News Minute.

According to a report in Daily Mail, the grandfather confessed that when he learned about his daughter giving birth to a girl child, he and the rest of his family decided not to bring the newborn home

Both the grandfather and the father were detained and released a day later on Friday, with the police said to be investigating the matter further, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, the police suspect that the girl child had some medical complications and the cost of treatment the family may not have been able to afford.

The News Minute said that the police were counselling the family.


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The unwell tot was meant to rest at home but her mum had other ideas.

A girl in Taiwan was recently given a week off from school to recover from Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), but instead of staying home during the quarantine, her parents took her out on a sightseeing trip.

“She showed no signs of being ill at all,” the girl’s mum wrote in a Facebook post.

The young mum decided on an impromptu getaway because she was tired of the fussing toddler keeping her husband up all night.

She even showed off holiday snapshots on social media and checked in to various popular tourist attractions in Yilan, including the Beiguan Tidal Park.

In another post, the woman wrote: “The weather here is as hot as my daughter’s body temperature, I don’t even know if it’s a fever or the weather.”

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

Her Facebook posts irked one of her friends, who took to a public group on the platform to call the mum out on her inconsiderate behaviour.

Netizens slammed the toddler’s mother, remarking that she was ignorant about public hygiene. “A crying child may signal that she’s unwell, not that she’s itching to go out and play,” one wrote.

Other Facebook users said, “Now, we have to protect our own kids from getting infected because of selfish people like these.”

“I feel that those who were infected by you are very unlucky. If you’ve visited these sights recently, take note.”
PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

The concerns of these parents are not unwarranted though. HFMD typically affects children under the age of five and is spread through contact with an infected person’s phlegm, mucus, blister fluid or faeces.

Symptoms include fever, sore throat, mouth ulcers and rashes or small blisters on palms, soles and buttocks.

There is no specific treatment for the disease, as the body is equipped to fight the infection on its own. Thus why doctors would usually recommend home rest for at least 10 days for infected kids. 

To relieve the discomfort, however, those who are infected can take medicine for fever or pain and keep themselves well-rested and hydrated.


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A 10-year-old girl attempted to jump off the 19th floor of an apartment building in Larkin yesterday evening, 7 October, after a fight with her mother

According to Berita Harian, it is believed that the girl was upset and wanted to attempt suicide after a quarrel with her mother over a telephone issue.

Head of Larkin Fire and Rescue Suhaimi Jamal said his team rushed to the scene when they received a distress call about the victim

“When we arrived, we saw a girl standing on the ledge of the 19th floor of the apartment, it was believed that she wanted to jump down,” he said in a statement today.

“The team took precautionary steps to prepare for the rescue such as dropping a rope from the floor above and also preparing an air cushion on the bottom floor.”

Most notably, Suhaimi said that it was an officer who succeeded in talking to the victim and finally persuaded her to come inside

Larkin Fire and Rescue officer Ismarul Nizam said that it was not his first time handling a case involving a victim trying to jump off a building. However, he did not deny feeling anxiety and panic when he learned that the victim was just a 10-year-old girl.

“When we received a distress call at 4.01 pm, I wasn’t sure whether it involved a child or an adult. But since the incident happened next to the station, from below, we could already identify the victim,” Ismarul told Bernama after the rescue.

When he reached the 19th floor of the flat, Ismarul found two policemen already trying to coax the victim.

“I offered to try to persuade the young girl. Thankfully it worked. The approach I used is different for adults,” he said, adding that he was also grateful for the experience of taking care of his own six nieces and nephews.

The heroic act was caught on video and posted by the Larkin Fire and Rescue Station on Facebook

“Your mum isn’t angry anymore,” he tells her, “It is okay to come inside.”

The little girl can be seen nodding her head as Ismarul finally manages to convince her.


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More often than not, if your kid suddenly shoots up by 10cm, that’s a cause for celebration. Though that’s provided if your child has already reached the age for puberty.

Unfortunately for this mother in Ningbo, China, her daughter was only seven years old when she towered over her peers, standing at an astounding 120cm.

Not only that, but she had begun growing breasts too.

The reason behind her early-onset puberty rested on her sleeping habits — for the past three years, Dandan (not her real name) had been sleeping with the lights on.

When the girl first underwent her growth spurt, her mother was delighted by her development, therefore paid little heed to her unnatural growth.

It wasn’t until she was giving her daughter a shower that she realised Dandan had developed breasts. She even felt a few small lumps too, the woman told Zhejiang News.

After bringing her for a check-up, doctors discovered not only did Dandan’s skeletal structure resemble one of a 10-year-old’s, but her ovaries had also grown bigger.

“Under such circumstances, it is unlikely Dandan would grow any taller than 150cm,” the doctor said to the horrified mother.

As they’ve already missed the crucial window period, even if they were to administer treatment for Dandan, the drugs would have little to no effect.

Dandan’s mother was confused about her daughter’s condition. If her daughter wasn’t allowed to eat fried food, supplements or soft drinks, what would have led to her precocious puberty?

Further questioning about the girl’s lifestyle revealed that she would always sleep with the lights on.

Her mother explained that in a bid to encourage Dandan to be more independent, she has been sleeping alone since she was four. However, as the child is afraid of the dark, she sleeps with the lights on.

The girl’s doctor said melatonin production in children is highest at night. By sleeping with the lights on, it disrupts the body’s natural production of the hormone and suppresses it.

A drop in melatonin production is linked with faster sexual maturation, according to recent research, and may be the reason why Dandan reached puberty at a much earlier age. 

Girls generally hit puberty around the age of nine to 11, while boys reach theirs slightly later around 11 to 13 years of age. 

“There are many reasons why a child would undergo precocious puberty, therefore it is important to find out the cause as soon as possible so we can stop it. Should osteophytes start forming, it would be too late already.” Dandan’s doctor explained.

Besides keeping a watchful eye over their children for signs of early puberty, parents are advised not to let their children consume too much protein and supplements, along with meat products that might have been injected with hormones.

In addition, children shouldn’t be staring at screens for long hours and most importantly, to keep lights off while sleeping.


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Desperate to escape from sexual abuse, an 11-year-old girl in Samarinda, Indonesia, recently took a leap of faith and jumped off the back of her stepfather’s motorcycle.

According to initial reports, Bunga (not her real name) told the police that her stepfather was supposed to take her to school. Instead of dropping her off there, he drove past the school and continued on.

At that point, she knew where exactly he was going to take her and what would happen to her if she wasn’t able to find a way out.

The 50-year-old man would often bring her to a hotel and rape her.

Even though Bunga had confided in her mother about his actions, the woman turned a blind eye out of fear of losing her husband and had allowed him to continue raping her daughter.

Knowing fully well of her stepfather’s plans, coupled with despair from her mother’s inaction, Bunga leapt off the motorcycle in an act of desperation. She ran all the way back to school for help.

Upon finding out what had transpired, her teacher was incredibly shocked and immediately brought her to the nearby police station to make a report.

Local police apprehended both suspects on Sept 21. According to the police chief, Bunga’s stepfather had attempted to escape from Samarinda. To date, the man is guilty of raping the girl at least six times.

Bunga is now under the care of another family as her mother undergoes questioning.


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