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Parents who allow their kids to walk on their own in public places but are afraid of them running off will most probably purchase a contraption called a “kid leash”. It allows parents to stay ‘connected’ with their child by attaching a leash to their child’s wrist or backpack.

While there is seemingly an ‘advantage’ for parents who want to keep their hands free, there is also a downside of using a kid leash.

n a horrifying incident that happened in Huangshi, China on 28 May, a little girl on a kid leash was hauled up to the ceiling when she failed to follow her mother out the elevator in time.

According to Oriental Daily, the mother had taken three of her kids out on 28 May. As she walked out of the elevator, her two-year-old daughter did not follow her out and the door closed before she could get to her daughter.

CCTV footage shows the little girl standing in an elevator while the door closed, and immediately after that, she was hoisted up by the leash and was left hanging by her wrist for almost two whole minutes before she dropped back down.

Fortunately, the girl was successfully rescued after the family asked the management for help.

Thankfully nothing bad happened to the little girl! Parents who use kid leashes, please be extra careful. Just because your kid is attached to you does not mean that they are safe.

Here’s the full video:


This is a really irresponsible and selfish act! A woman from Wuhan, surnamed Yan proudly declared on WeChat that she managed to trick the airport health screening even though she was having fever and cough to take a flight to Paris and Lyon for a holiday.

According to Setn, she posted a few photos on WeChat saying that she had a fever and cough but managed to trick the health screening at border control by continuously taking antipyretic drugs (fever medicine) to keep her temperature down. Although there is the Wuhan virus outbreak in the city now, Yan didn’t care and wanted to fly to France to meet up with her girlfriends.

Hence, she kept eating medicine and successfully kept her temperature down so that she could make it through the temperature scanners. She even posted her “trickery” proudly on social media and uploaded photos of her Europe trip there. She happily said that she managed to make it to France to see her friends and ate at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

“I did it, finally I get to eat good food here. Feels like I’ve been starving for two days. This city is full of good food, of course I must eat Michelin-starred cuisine. Before I left home (Wuhan) I had a fever and cough so I was afraid that I couldn’t get on the flight. I quickly ate medicine and kept taking my temperature until I managed to make it past immigration,” she wrote.

Her photos showed her enjoying afternoon tea and snacks at a Parisian coffee shop EXKi Chaussée d’Antin. She also wrote, “Bonjour, Paris! As someone from Wuhan, I did not have any special screening or tested my temperature individually.” It seems that she is very happy that she has successfully entered France even though she was not feeling well. Erm, hello, what about the Wuhan virus?

Chinese netizens were shocked at her selfishness as she could’ve been infected with the Wuhan virus and might not know as she did not go and get tested. They scolded her, saying that the disease might have gotten into her brain and also said that if she was really diagnosed with the Wuhan virus then she had created a pandemic.

After Yan’s selfishness was exposed, the Chinese embassy in France said that they have contacted the woman, Sinchew reported. They received many reports and complaints from other netizens, so they decided to take action. On the evening of Jan 22nd, the embassy said they contacted Yan and ordered her to go to the nearest French hospital for a check-up.

Hopefully, she doesn’t have the Wuhan virus but that was a really selfish and irresponsible act! She could have infected so many people unknowingly!


Getting married is a symbol of unity, bringing two people and two families together. It also can bring cultures together, and that’s one of the beautiful things of a multicultural country like Malaysia, and to an extent our neighbours! That’s why stories like that of 27-year-old Malaysian Pathma Gurusamy and her 29-year-old Singaporean husband Ng Boon Jun are always super cute, and what they did to celebrate their separate roots had Facebook Group Subtle Asian Traits gasping at the beauty of it all.

The Group, which has 1.6 million members, obviously approved of the union with 35,000 reactions and nearly 2,000 comments, and were even more touched by the two ceremonies they held following Indian and Chinese customs! Here are some of the images Pathma shared in her post.

Pathma said that the wedding ceremonies both took place back-to-back in November 2019, which she describes as super tiring and something she wouldn’t recommend to others. They had the South Indian wedding customs first, both wearing traditional Indian wedding regalia to a ceremony in a Hindu temple. The next day, they had the Chinese tea-pouring ceremony and received ang pows from their relatives to congratulate them on their union.


A 26-year-old Malaysian woman committed suicide yesterday afternoon (16th December) at 12pm by jumping off a shopping mall building in Klang.

According to China Press, Khoo, who works as a secretary in a restaurant, had multiple debts and had sought help from a social worker about a month ago when she owed money to three loan sharks.

Peter, the social worker, said he was able to negotiate with the loan sharks and Khoo’s mother had also sent over some money. Through Peter’s assistance, Khoo managed to pay off her debts last week.

On the night before the incident, Peter said that he had talked to Khoo and advised her not to borrow money from loan sharks again. However, he did not expect to hear the tragic news that she fell to her death yesterday afternoon.

Right before Khoo had taken her life, she wrote a goodbye message on her Facebook where she said that her life has been a failure. She said she had done many wrong things and hurt a lot of people who cared about her.

“Friends, family, I’m gone. My life has been a failure. I have done a lot of wrong things and hurt a lot of people who care about me and love me,” she wrote.

“I don’t know how to face you, so I choose to avoid it all. Sorry, I’m weak.”

“I have never given my parents a good life for the past 26 years, and I have only repeatedly created problems for them to help me solve.”

“Thank you to those friends and family who helped me during my difficult time. Thank you all. I just hope that I will be an obedient child in the afterlife.”

“Goodbye, family and friends. See you soon.”


Sneakers are expensive, that much we can all agree on. Most ‘decent’ sneakers from popular brands can cost upwards of RM300 to a mind-blowing RM1,500, which are supposed to be enhanced with unicorn tears and phoenix feathers to make you feel like you’re walking on the heaven’s clouds. Or at least, that’s what we think. We dunno, we don’t have sneakers that expensive.

Well for some underprivileged teenagers, the idea of buying expensive sneakers wouldn’t even cross their minds. After all, it’s practicality over all else and if it works, it works, as this Facebook post goes to show.

While some of her peers may be sporting (did you see what we did there) the greatest and latest from the biggest sportswear brands to get themselves ready for a sprint to the finish line, Rhea Bullos of Balasan, Philippines had a completely different approach when it came to her running shoes.

As a representative for Salvacian Elementary school participating in the Iloilo Sports Council Meet, you can expect the competition she had to face was stiff. However, here’s a twist.

Instead of sneakers, she wore only surgical bandages that were wrapped around her feet and ankles, resembling the shape of a shoe. And then, just for the sake of branding, the Nike ‘swoosh’ was coloured on the top of the bandages.

And with these ‘running shoes’, she won 3 gold medals.

A 400m dash, a 800m dash, and even a 1,500m dash were all conquered effortlessly by Rhea with her makeshift running shoes with ease, leaving netizens impressed and her competitors in the dust! In an interview, she says she aspires to represent the Philippines in the South East Asian (SEA) Games someday.


Did you know there is such a thing as being “allergic to water”? Apparently there is, and it is quite a bizarre condition that we’re not sure if we can wrap our head around.

One of the people with this rare condition is Tessa Hansen-Smith from California, who is literally allergic to water. The condition is called aquagenic urticaria, which affects about 100 people worldwide. Google it! It’s real.

According to Daily Mail, the 21-year-old would break out in a painful rash whenever her skin comes into contact with water, which means that she cannot cry or sweat or take showers.

The university student will also suffer migraines and develop a fever within a few minutes of touching water.

Because of this, she cannot play sports and needs to be transported around her university campus just in case she sweats while moving, which will cause an allergic reaction.

“It’s a really difficult condition to have as I’m even allergic to my own tears, saliva and sweat,” she said.

“I’m really prone to heat exhaustion and have to avoid physical activity. I even have to be shuttled around my campus at college because otherwise I show up to my class with a fever, migraine and rashes making it really difficult to concentrate.”

“I suffer with a lot of muscle fatigue and nausea too; the sickness is usually caused by me eating something with a lot of water in foods like some fruits and vegetables. Even drinking water can cause cuts on my tongue.”

At eight years old, Tessa started breaking out in a rash whenever she showered. Her parents thought she was only allergic to certain shampoos or soaps, but her condition did not become better even after taking allergy tablets.

The condition becomes worse with age, so even though the tablets worked for a while, it became less efficient the older she got. Tessa was then diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria at the age of 10.

Tessa and her mother, who is a doctor, realised it was a rare condition after researching her symptoms online. But because this condition is so rare, there is very limited data on the kinds of treatment for it.

Tessa now has to take nine antihistamine tablets a day in order to keep her symptoms under control.

“Having aquagenic urticaria can be a mental game at times – it’s hard to take so many tablets everyday knowing that it’s not actually ever going to stop,” she said.

“At one point I was taking 12 tablets a day – currently I’m taking nine.”

“I’m frequently reminded that there’s no cure to aquagenic urticaria and that I’ll never really be fully better which is definitely a difficult thing to hear sometimes.”

But despite the challenges she faces daily, Tessa is not going to let her condition completely control her life.

“I have always been very determined to be independent and leave my home town for college. I try my best to take things one day at a time because some days are better than others,” she said.

“If I’m able to see my friends and loved ones without having to leave early due to feeling sick, or make it to all my classes in one day, I see that as a win in my book.”

Currently, Tessa has set up an Instagram page called @livingwaterless to raise awareness of her condition.


Yesterday evening (25th November), a mother picked up her five-year-old daughter from a babysitter’s house in Terengganu only to find out that she had been sodomised by her nanny’s son that very day.

According to China Press, the young victim’s mother sent her daughter to her babysitter’s house in Kuala Terengganu at around 7:20 in the morning and picked her up later in the evening at around 5:20pm, as per usual. Everything seemed fine until her daughter had to use the toilet.

When she tried to urinate, the child felt a sharp pain in her lower body and cried to her mother. The worried parent asked her daughter what happened, to which she replied that somebody had inserted their penis into her from behind.

The shocked and infuriated mother immediately reported the incident to the police and took her daughter to the hospital to examine her injuries. Once authorities launched an investigation, it was discovered that the victim’s babysitter had left the 5-year-old at home with her son while she went to run some errands.

The sitter’s vile son then proceeded to take advantage of the situation and sodomised the poor girl against her will!

The sex predator has since been arrested while the case is being investigated under Article 14 (B) of the Sexual Offences Act.


Girl Dumps BF of 7 Years By Vandalising His Car

November 27, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

There are many ways to break up with your other half and then there’s this really dramatic method that has taken Chinese social media by storm. On November 23rd, residents of Taizhou, Zhejiang were stunned when they saw a white Hyundai Creta on the streets with the body of the car spray-painted with some rather amazing words in red paint.

Photos of the car were posted on Weibo and people were puzzled why the car received such treatment. One side of the car was written, “The man I love the most,” while the back had the words, “I have left.” Another side of the car’s body was written, “Seven years of disappointment, I have left.”

People who saw the car were stunned by this and jumped to conclusions, with many of them saying that it was probably done by his ex-girlfriend. They said that the owner might have hurt the girl deeply for her to do something like that and criticised him for wasting seven years of her youth.

Surprisingly, the car’s owner was revealed and he admitted that it was indeed his girlfriend of seven years who had done it. He said that he had parked his car outside his house before that and was shocked to see the words sprayed there the next day.

He posted a video on Douyin defending himself and saying that he did not understand why they were scolding him. The man said, “You’re all scolding me for wasting seven years of her time. I want to ask, isn’t men’s time just as precious?” 

He also revealed that they had originally planned to get married after seven years but unfortunately, he still could not afford to pay the bride price, a sum of money or other forms of wealth paid by a groom or his family to the family of the woman he will be married to.

The man ended his video saying, “The only person I can blame is myself, for not being capable enough to marry her. Add oil, fellow men!” 


Sometimes, there is a lot of truth in the saying that all that glitters isn’t always gold. Appearances can be deceptive, and it always helps to make sure you keep a close eye on things before going out on a limb to make wild claims about another person, before you wind up embarrassing yourself.

Well, these young women wound up having to endure a pretty harrowing, if not downright embarrassing situation when they were hauled in by members of the police over a complete mistake for a crime that they didn’t even commit, according to this Facebook post.

What had initially meant to be a dream, luxe birthday escapade for Sharonia Paruntu and her friends turned into an absolute nightmare when Sharonia and her friends wound up being arrested and hauled out of their 5-star hotel in the blink of an eye. This story was shared by Stanley Paruntu, who says he is Sharonia’s father.

And why did this entire mess even happen in the first place, you ask? All because the hotel staff who came in to clean up their room found a small plastic bag containing a bit of white powder, and noticed that a glass panel on the shower had shattered. One plus one = drug party, right?

According to Sharonia, two of their friends had somehow wound up trapped inside the shower at 2am and couldn’t get the door open. Despite multiple efforts at trying to pull it to budge, the door remained firmly held in place. They even broke the glass panel as a result of trying to force it open.

As they resorted to calling room service, the girls probably didn’t expect the whole situation to get a whole lot worse, as Sharonia explains over her Insta Story:

“Just got back from Police Cantonment Complex from 14 hours locked up, because W Hotels Singapore accused me of bringing drugs to their hotel. But it’s an armpit powder to make your armpit less stinky lol. And they didn’t ask me first what is it.

And they arrested me and my friends for 14 hours. Thank you W Hotels for a nice birthday present.”