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As we struggle with adjusting to life at home during the MCO period, the front-line workers are risking their lives every day to battle this growing adversity and keep us all safe.

We cannot even imagine the burden and struggles these heroes go through while they’re on duty. So, we decided to take a peek into the lives of these front-liners to show the public that evidently, having to #StayAtHome is not a punishment but a privilege.

1. Working long hours

We’re all aware that as part of enforcing the MCO, police officers, along with help from the army, are now tirelessly conducting strict roadblocks all over the country at all times – be it day or night, rain or shine.

Thankfully, their efforts have been successful as 95% of Malaysians have been reported to comply with the MCO and staying put at home. You’re doing a great job, officers!

2. Wearing uncomfortable uniforms

In the case of healthcare workers, they are required to wear layers of protective uniforms called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can feel suffocating.

A Malaysian doctor took to his Facebook to share how wearing these uniforms will limit your movements as you can’t feel the air around you, and you’re left to breathe your own carbon dioxide in those tight masks. Imagine how trapped they must feel underneath all those layers!

3. No time for self-grooming

As part of the SOP when wearing the PPE, the workers are required to shower after taking off these uniforms to thoroughly cleanse themselves.

Another doctor, who is also a mother, shared how she showered so frequently within her shift, that she impulsively decided to cut her hair short to ease the process. This just shows the commendable spirit of our front-liners who are prioritising their jobs more than themselves.

4. Forced to get by with limited resources

Unfortunately, our healthcare workers in the country are running out of various medical supplies – from their protective equipment to even bottles of sanitiser being stolen from the hospital – which leaves our medical staff more desperate as they are forced to manage with whatever limited resources they have left.

One video posted on Facebook showed the fighting spirit of the staff who were turning a normal plastic bag into a protective covering for their heads.

Mereka seperti ke medan perang tanpa senjata. Tabahnya kakitangan perubatan KKM disarungkan plastik sampah. Tiada ah, tiada yang membantah, hanya pasrah. Wahai rakyat Malaysia, pengorbanan mereka sebegini pun kamu masih bongok dan buta?Dialog dalam video:"Tak ape lemas sekali, daripada lemas selama-lamanya."PS: Aku pos pasal *kekurangan PPE di KKM sebab masih ramai yang salahkan KKM dan kerajaan (dan tak salahkan diri sendiri yang masih berkeliaran luar kawasan) padahal satu dunia bekalan PPE kehabisan sebab wabak Covid tak mengira negara dan sempadan. *Kekurangan PPE juga terjadi di hospital-hospital swasta.Sumber: WhatsappKekurangan PPE turut berlaku di UK dan mereka juga gunakan plastik sampah, mujurlah negara mereka sejuk.https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1258278/UK-coronavirus-news-NHS-doctors-infection-disease-shutdown-London#jangancakapKKMtakbuatkerja#takpayahnaksalahkankerajaan#korangkenadudukrumahpunmengeluhsusah

Опубликовано Sera Bagus Суббота, 21 марта 2020 г.

Thankfully, our Prime Minister recently announced that they will allocate an extra RM1 billion to obtain medical equipment and services to contain this outbreak. Hooray for the front-liners!

5. Unable to be with their families

The sacrifices these front-liners make don’t just stop at their workplace. Most of them are also advised to isolate themselves from the rest of their families at home.

The actions of one PDRM officer touched the hearts of many when he decided to set up a tent outside of his house and would do everything including showering and sleeping there, as a way to protect his family members!

6. Exposed to a high-risk working environment

Even after all those precautionary steps that these front-liners are required to take, the bitter truth is: there’s always a possibility they could get infected at any time.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health has announced that this has been a reality for a total of 138 healthcare workers. Thankfully, none of them contracted the virus from treating patients, but from coming in contact with them at social events.

7. Retired workers being called back to work

Due to the pressing demand of workforce that is required by the front-liners right now, the ministry is calling out to retired but experienced doctors and nurses who are willing to help as our country records more and more cases every day.

As reported by Malaysiakini, a former head nurse expressed how she is more than willing to return to work if it means that she can contribute to the country. Though she faces some health complications, she believes that retired professionals are able to assist the front-liners with smaller tasks so they can be more prepared and focused when dealing with high-risk situations.

After seeing the sacrifices of these front-liners, it truly makes us realise how important it is for each one of us to carry out our social duty in helping to combat this issue.

So please, Malaysians, it’s really not a lot to ask of us to just #StayAtHome as we get through this together.