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A shopkeeper in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan was slapped with a RM1,000 compound for providing floor cleaner instead of hand sanitiser to customers

According to Bernama, the offence was detected by authorities who were checking public compliance to Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) standard operating procedures (SOPs) through ‘Ops Pematuhan’.

In a statement on Tuesday, 3 November, Jempol acting police chief DSP Mohd Hafiz Muhammad Nor said the inspection was carried out by the police with other agencies, including the Jempol District Health Office and the Jempol District Council.

According to Mohd Hafiz, the shopkeeper claimed that the detergent can kill more germs than hand sanitiser, and was also a cheaper option

“This action is completely unacceptable as it can cause problems to the people who use it,” said the police chief, as quoted by Sinar Harian.

“The shopkeeper was imposed a compound of RM1,000 for not complying to SOP.”

In the same operation, Mohd Hafiz added that his team gave out four more compounds to traders around Bahau, Bandar Seri Jempol, and Batu Kikir

“Among the other offences detected were not wearing face masks, not registering customers who walk in, not preparing a customer registration logbook, and not limiting the number of customers going into the premise,” he said.

The police chief said that the authorities will continue to carry out Ops Pematuhan throughout the district to ensure the public, including shopkeepers, comply to all stipulated SOPs.