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A man passed away in the driver seat of his car on Friday, 18 December. He was in the car with his three children, who were safe.The 35-year-old was waiting for his wife who was attending a job interview at a private hospital in Bukit Pantai, Bangsar.

The news of the incident went viral after a witness uploaded photos on his Facebook profile from the scene, which showed two of the children standing outside the victim’s red coloured car. One of them was seen trying to speak on the phone as a Japanese woman sat beside them, trying to help.

According to the witness, he was approached by the Japanese woman, who could not understand Bahasa Melayu spoken by the children and asked for assistance.

He then called an ambulance and the paramedics confirmed that the man was dead.

It is believed that the victim suffered a heart attack

According to his wife, Nurul Ain Mohd Razib, he had complained of experiencing chest pain while sending her to the interview on Friday. While she was worried, he insisted on her attending the interview.

As she went in, he waited in the car with their children, aged 10 months, three, and six years.

“While waiting for my turn, I was chatting with my husband on WhatsApp because I was worried about his condition. About 3.45pm, I called his mobile as the WhatsApp messages were not answered,” Nurul said, adding that she was shocked when the call was answered by her eldest son, who was crying.

“My eldest son informed me that his father, Mohd Ashraf Rosli, was not moving.”

The husband worked in the information technology division of the hospital, where the wife was interviewing for the post of a nurse

He was rushed to the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC) where he was pronounced dead.

Brickfields district police chief ACP Annuar Omar confirmed the incident, saying that the victim’s body was sent to the Forensic Medicine Department of the UMMC for an autopsy.

“The case has been classified as sudden death,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the victim’s wife, it wasn’t the first time he had complained of experiencing chest pain. He had the same pain two weeks back but it decreased after taking painkillers

The family is said to be waiting for the results of the COVID-19 test

Following which, they plan to take the body to his hometown in Bercham, Perak for burial.

According to Nurul, she and her husband had planned to return to Bercham to attend a wedding in the family after the interview session but did not expect the opposite to happen.