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Most of us must have experienced the psychic staring effect before, the feeling of being watched especially when you are alone

Be it a friend or a foe, the sensation of being stared at from afar can be pretty intimidating.

Sadly for this cat owner in Taiwan, it is something she has to live with it every day.

Meet Wang Lai, Da Ji, and Da Li.The three furballs who love giving their human ‘death stares’ every morning.

According to ETtoday, the chubby cats live on the owner’s second floor of her shop, located in Taipei.

Every morning, whenever she pulls open the rolling grille in front of her shop, the trio will emerge from hiding and reveal themselves through the transparent ceiling panels.

With no remorse, the cats will give their hooman death stares as a signal for her to feed them.

Take a look. These cats have no chill.

The owner said if she does not rush to the second floor immediately after she comes into the shop, the cats will keep meowing until they are fed

If she is ever too slow in feeding the hungry cats, she will find toilet papers scattered around the floor and stairs.

“Sometimes, there are customers (once I open my shop), so I can’t go up to feed the cats immediately,” the owner told ETtoday while smiling.

“They will then keep meowing at me or will give me a death stare!”

She explained that the second floor is where the cats eat and defecate, adding that the cats are quiet after their stomachs are full.

Whenever they are free, the felines also love to ‘supervise’ their hooman by staring down through the ceiling panel

When asked why does the ceiling have transparent panels, she said there used to be a hole between the first and second floors.

The cats loved climbing into the area and kept meowing.

One day, she cut a transparent acrylic panel and installed it on the ceiling so that the cats can look at people directly from the second floor.

And the cats love it!

“I didn’t expect them to like it so much. After that, I added two more transparent panels so that they won’t fight over the space,” the owner related.

One netizen even posted a photo with a Japanese caption that read “Stupid humans”.