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Thanks to the global outbreak of the coronavirus, many have been taking preventive precautions to the next level such as by emptying out grocery stores in fear that the Wuhan virus outbreak may cause food shortages and selling face masks for over 20 times the cost.

But what’s most sad is the fact that people are starting to shun medical staff who work tirelessly to care for those infected with the virus, all while risking their own health.

A good example of this is Peng Cheng Yu, a nurse. Her husband, Yeo Yeu Ann took to his Facebook page to share how his wife was shunned while she was taking public transport as the other passengers feared the possibility that she may have contracted the virus while caring for those tested positive.

So proud of my lovely wife @jesuslovescy as she goes off to work each day. Thing is, she’s noticed that ppl on the train…

Yeo Yeu Ann 发布于 2020年2月9日周日

He wrote, “So proud of my lovely wife as she goes off to work each day. Thing is, she’s noticed that people on the train have been giving her quite a bit of space. Not that she minds the extra space, but she is a bit concerned about causing worry to others while wearing her uniform on the train, so from what I know, she’s been thinking of changing into her home clothes before she boards the train. That’s her – so thoughtful and considerate of others.

But still, do not be afraid, friends, of our nurses who don their uniforms. The nurse uniform should be something to be proud of and respected and admired in public, especially during such a time as this.”

The loving husband found the sweetest way to comfort his wife while she wears her nurse uniform in public.

“That’s why, I nowadays try to hold her hand even more and draw her closer to me especially when she’s wearing her uniform – because she’s a NURSE and I am SO PROUD OF HER. Heck, she even spends time visiting the homeless to check on their health too and educate them,” he proudly wrote.

He also left a special message to those who have been fearing the presence of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals in public.

“Looks, let’s not be fools. Nurses and doctors take much more careful precautions about hygiene and wash their hands much more. It’s their own health on the line and the least we can do is honour and love them and find ways to support them. So brother and sisters, if your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend is a nurse or doctor, do encourage them and support them in whatever love languages they have. Hold their hands in public, affirm them and help them with whatever chores they have, buy them coffee or just spend a good time over a delicious meal. Pray with them, too!”

Such a loving and devoted husband Peng Cheng Yu has and how lucky they are to have each other.

And come on, guys, medical professionals risk their own well being everyday in order to heal and save the lives of our loved ones, hence, we should show them our appreciation and respect instead of shunning them. So, next time you see a nurse or doctor on the train, shake their hands because they’ve probably washed their hands already.


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Suspecting his wife was having an affair, the husband camped outside a hotel in the hope of catching her with her lover.

When he saw them entering a car, the man demanded they alight.

But Desmond Koh Wee Boon drove off instead, and ended up driving for about half an hour, up to speeds of 70kmh, with the victim hanging onto his front windscreen for at least 7km.

Yesterday, Koh, 34, was sentenced to 11 weeks’ jail and disqualified from driving for two years for one count of doing a rash act that endangered human life or the safety of others.

The court heard that on April 28, 2018, the victim, 27, and his friend managed to track down the victim’s wife and camped outside Fragrance Hotel in Kovan.

After waiting for several hours, the man saw his wife entering the car with Koh at about 3am.

He banged on the windscreen and the driver’s side door, demanding they alight.

But Koh drove off, and the victim clung to the driver’s door and shouted for him to stop, but he continued to drive for about 40m down Sireh Place, before making a left turn into Kampong Sireh.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Lee said: “The left turn caused the victim to be flung from the car and onto the road.”

As the car stopped behind a vehicle, the victim climbed onto the bonnet of the vehicle.

“(He) then clung on to the top of the car’s windscreen with his body stretched over the windscreen,” added DPP Lee.

But Koh started driving again, for about 250m down to the Singtel building along Upper Serangoon Road.

GRAPHIC: The New Paper


At the building, the victim’s wife alighted from the car and tried to persuade her husband to get down, but he refused.

Koh then continued driving along Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Lorong Ah Soo, Hougang Avenue 3, and Defu Lane 10.

At a red traffic light, a Grab driver and his passenger spotted the victim banging on the roof of the car.

The victim shouted for them to call the police, which they did.

Koh then drove back to Upper Serangoon Road, past Serangoon MRT and Nex shopping mall.

The police managed to track Koh down in front of Block 323 Serangoon Avenue 3.

Koh and the victim were later arrested.

The victim fainted due to hyperventilation while being detained, and had to be taken to hospital.

The Grab driver and his passenger said Koh had turned the car at high speeds, braked the car intermittently to throw the victim off, and had also beaten red traffic lights.

In mitigation, Koh’s lawyer said the victim was the aggressor, and his client had feared for his own safety.

In response, DPP Lee said Koh had acted disproportionately to what he perceived as a threat from the victim, and had opportunities to stop the vehicle but did not do so.

He also added that Koh was convicted of a traffic offence in 2009 and for voluntarily causing hurt in 2014.

In sentencing, District Judge Christopher Goh noted that Koh had driven through some major roads, and the mitigating factors were not exceptional in this case.


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Sukabumi Police have arrested a woman for allegedly hiring four hitmen to murder her husband and stepson.

The husband, Edi Candra Purnama, 54, and stepson, M. Adi Pradana, 23, were found inside a burned-out car on Jl. Cidahu-Parakansalak, West Java, on Sunday.

Residents only noticed the corpses, which reportedly had been placed inside the car after the murder, once the fire had died down.

The woman, identified as AK, was arrested in Jakarta on Monday night. Another suspect, allegedly one of the hitmen, identified as KV, was undergoing treatment at Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta, police said without elaborating.

Sukabumi Police chief Sr. Adj. Comr. Nasriadi alleged the murder had been motivated by a domestic conflict and a debt issue.

“The suspect put the corpses inside the car and set it on fire to eliminate traces,” Nasriadi said on Tuesday as quoted by


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A woman in Canada recently announced that she is once again engaged to her husband, whom she doesn’t remember after suffering a brain injury two years ago

Lauran Hart Faganello took to Facebook on 20 August to share the news about her engagement with husband Brayden James Faganello.

9 months after I married Brayden I sustained a brain injury that completely changed our lives. While setting up for an…Posted by Laura Hart Faganello on Monday, August 19, 2019

Her post has since gone viral and received over 68,000 likes and 21,000 shares. 

Before Lauren lost her memory, the couple had originally exchanged handwritten letters over a duration of eight months

According to the couple’s website Faganello Productions, Brayden was from South Africa while Lauren lived between Belgium and Spain. 

The couple eventually met for the first time in Victoria, Canada and they tied the knot in 2016.

Nine months after their wedding, however, an accident took place that changed the couple’s life forever

The woman shared that a large pole had fallen on her head while she was setting up for an event, causing her to suffer from a brain injury that resulted in memory loss.

When she woke up from the injury, she thought she was 17 years old, and had no recollection of any events that took place beyond that.

“My memory of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying Brayden was gone,” she wrote.

Over the next two years, Lauren had to relearn everything, including how to read, write, and speak coherently while also learning how to live with the short and long term memory loss

(I had) to come to terms with the fact that I’m married to someone I don’t truly know.

“I went through a period of anger and depression; I felt like so much had been ripped away from me,” the woman wrote in her post, adding that she desperately hoped her memory would return but it has yet to happen. 

Although Lauren had forgotten who Brayden really was, he was still patient with her, which led to her wanting to try to make their relationship work.

“I took off my rings, and I told him I wanted to date him. So, we started dating again,” Lauren said.

She shared that during their course of dating, Brayden became her best friend, crush, and her love

“I haven’t miraculously gotten my memory and all my old feelings for him back, but I have new feelings and new memories,” her caption read.

I’ve learned that love is a choice, and I am choosing to love Brayden.

Today he proposed to me (again), and I said yes (again)!” she said, adding that she’s grateful for their new beginning and for their happy future ahead of them. 


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When the cat’s away, the (unfaithful) mice will play.

This “lonely” husband who downloaded Tinder while his wife was out of town found himself in a bit of a prickly situation when he got a match on the app — his own wife.

Sharing his story on Reddit in the hopes that the internet could offer some guidance, the man said that he had met his wife on Tinder three years ago and that they had been “quite happily” married for 14 months.

He said, “A month ago she left on a business trip for a week and I found myself downloading Tinder on a particularly lonely night.”

His reason for downloading the dating app?

“I don’t even know why. I didn’t have any intentions. But I did it.”

Oh sure, that’s very convincing.

PSA to all the married men out there: There are other things to do to pass time. You don’t have to download dating apps. Watch some movies. Play some games. Eat some good grub. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, back to our “bored” husband. After swiping around aimlessly, he deleted the app. Before long, another opportunity presented itself.

“On Monday my wife left for another business trip. Last night I once again downloaded Tinder and started swiping. Again, I had a laugh, but ultimately was bored of it.

“Then I saw her picture come up.”

He decided to “make a bold move” and swiped right on his wife. Surprisingly, they matched. This meant that his wife had swiped right on him first.

Why was she on Tinder? Was she really on a business trip? Why did she even swipe right on him? Filled with questions, the man decided that he was going to confront his wife when she returned.

Of course, this presented a dilemma — confronting her would also mean admitting that he was on Tinder.

The troubled husband turned to Reddit, asking, “What the h*** do I do?”

Unfortunately for him, netizens were unsympathetic. Commenters blasted him for downloading the app in the first place, expressing their doubts about his motives.

Photo: Screengrab/Reddit
Photo: Screengrab/Reddit

Some Redditors pointed out that both parties had no grounds to be upset with each other since they were both equally at fault for being on Tinder.

Photo: Screengrab/Reddit
Photo: Screengrab/Reddit

Others suggested that there may be more to the situation. In a twist worthy of a telenovela, some commenters speculated that perhaps the wife had found out that the husband was on Tinder and created her own profile to suss him out.

Photo: Screengrab/Reddit

Whatever the reality is, it seems like an awkward conversation is definitely in store for this couple.

One Reddit user summed up the situation best by saying: “You guys seem like a good match”.


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A wife in China has come up with a solution after being constantly frustrated with her husband’s late nights at work.

Her friend recently paid her a visit and discovered that the wife had installed a punch card machine… in their home.

With the punch card machine in place, the woman’s husband is expected to reach home by 9pm every night.And if he doesn’t? Time is literally money for him.

Kwong Wah reported that if the husband reaches home early in time for dinner, he will not have to wash the dishes. 

However, if he is about 30 minutes late, he will be fined 100 yuan (RM62). 

And if he crosses the 30-minute mark, he will have to do house chores for one day over the weekend. 

“If a punch card machine can manage my husband’s working hours in the office, then it should work just fine for his non-working hours,” the wife said, according to the report.

Her new system, however, has received mixed reactions from people

According to Kwong Wah, one person said, “It is like being deprived of freedom.”

While another commented, “Hey honey, maybe I should consider implementing this at our home too?”


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A determined netizen has taken to Twitter in search of a partner… but not for herself.It’s for her cat.

“My baby girl is in real heat,” @missrushdi wrote on Twitter on 24 July.
The tweet has since garnered over 2,000 retweets.

“Does any cat in Bangi want to marry my daughter?” she wrote, attaching an adorable photo of her cat Chantik in the tweet

The netizen revealed that her cat has been growling and meowing non-stop, an indication that she is trying to attract a mate.

While the woman said she is “desperate for a husband” for Chantik, she’s willing to settle for a one night stand.”Just touch and go, I’ll deal with the babies,” she said.

“This is serious okay! I need a handsome boy to pair her with because she’s really noisy in my room,” the netizen wrote.

She attached a video of the precious kitty wiggling and rolling around as evidence.

Since the woman is busy with work, she specified that only handsome kitties in Bangi or nearby will be considered.

Interested netizens jumped at the chance to volunteer their male kitties as tribute.Unfortunately, many of them were disqualified from the running because they lived too far away.

“If you were near I would just give this one.”

“If you were near, I’d volunteer my cat to be her husband.”

“I have my handsome boy but at my parents house in Perak, and I stay in Selangor.”

While one in particular could no longer scratch the feline’s itch the way she desperately needs

“Unfortunately he’s been castrated.”

Luckily for Chantik, several adorable potential suitors live close enough to fit the bill!

“My boy is also in heat. And plus I live in Bangi. Hit me up.”

“Still solo, need a mate. Bangi area too.”


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Oh no, this is a really terrible! An 18-year-old girl was gang raped in Rajasthan’s Alwar, India on 26th April while she was travelling with her husband on their motorcycle. The incident happened around 3pm when the couple was going to Talvriksha from her village, Lalwadi.

According to NDTV, five men on two motorcycles stopped the couple and proceeded to beat up her husband before gang raping the woman in front of him.

“The woman’s vehicle was stopped by a group of five men travelling on two motorcycles. The woman’s husband was beaten by two persons while the remaining three gang raped her. After this, the two men who were beating the woman’s husband also raped her. They also made a video recording of the incident and threatened the victims they would kill them if they complain to the police,” the police report said.

They also reportedly did it in front of the husband and the whole horrifying incident went on for more than three hours. After that, the five men left the couple and at first, the victims decided not to make a police report. However, the culprits contacted them and attempted to blackmail the couple, saying that they would release the video online if they did not pay a certain sum of money.

The couple paid the money but the rapists still decided to post the video online while also demanding more money, so the husband and wife lodged a police report. In further updates on this case that has enraged people across the nation, NDTV reports that police allegedly delayed in helping the victims as an election was happening. The report was made on 30th April but the police only took action on 7th May, leading to protests from the public after the case went viral.

Based on Indian Express, the police have arrested the five men who were involved in the gang-rape and another man who is allegedly involved in circulating the video online. They have been identified as Chotelal Gurjar, who is a truck driver, Hansraj Gurjar, Indraj Gurjar, who is a married tractor driver, Ashok Gurjar, Mahesh Gurjar, and Mukesh Gurjar, who is accused of circulating the video. All of them are aged between 20 and 25 years old.

Apparently, on the day of the incident, initial investigations showed that Indraj met with Chotelal, Ashok, Mahesh and Hansraj at his in-laws’ place. “When Ashok and Chotelal went to the market to buy cold drinks, they spotted the couple passing by. They then called Indraj, Mahesh and Hansraj and followed them on their motorcycles for a few kilometers and then stopped them,” Hindustan Times reported.

Hopefully, these horrible rapists will be severely punished so that it can serve as a lesson to other people!


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A Thai woman’s post on social media garnered attention when she exposed her abusive husband who hit her to the point of miscarriage.

According to China Press, the 36-year-old woman was working at a massage parlour, where she met her (now) husband, who’s younger than her by 10 years. She was happy to have found herself a partner and decided to leave her job to become a housewife.

But who knew the husband would be lazy and jobless? He made her go back to work with a pregnant belly!

He also demanded money from her the whole time, while he stayed at home doing nothing.

The wife saved an amount of money for the husband to set up his curry business. But his curry business failed, and her money went to waste. She didn’t want to lose her money anymore, so she refused to give him any, which resulted in arguments and he would beat her up.

In a recent fight, he requested money from her again, but because he didn’t get the amount he wanted, he beat her up.

This time, she felt an excruciating pain in her abdomen, and a lot of blood dripped onto the ground! A developing fetus was seen lying in the pool of blood.

Right after it happened, she decided that she had enough of the abuse. After taking photos of her wounds and the aborted fetus, she then left for the hospital.

It’s reported that she has two children, one with her ex-husband, and one with the current one. Both of the children are at her mother-in-law’s house. She hasn’t been able to see or contact them for days, and she’s anxious about her older child (a daughter of her ex-husband). It would be difficult for her to live in such a hostile environment.

Netizens commented that instead of posting this incident on social media, she should’ve reported to the police.

The police stated that they have seen her social media post but have yet to receive her report. They are trying to contact both the woman and her abusive husband.


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Jealous Husband Burns Woman to Death!

May 7, 2019 | Viral | No Comments

Domestic violence cases are always difficult to hear about, but the truth is that these cases must be brought to light to help better educate the public and raise awareness. This is especially important when you consider that our Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Wan Azizah voiced concerns earlier this year over statistics that showed a total of 4,963 domestic violence cases against women reported in January – November 2018.

Bernama reports a grim reminder of this reality in the recent case of a 39-year-old woman, S.Vijeyyenthi, who suffered 70% severe burn wounds on her limbs and face at the hands of a jealous husband who suspected she was cheating on him. S.Vijeyyenthi passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning (6 May) in Melaka Hospital due to her burns, which were inflicted on 29 April.

Her 45-year-old husband, who was arrested on 30 April at the Krubong landfills, used petrol from S.Vijeyyenthi’s own motorcycle to inflict the burns on his wife. He confessed that he suspected she was having an affair with another man, which led to his terrible act.

Melaka Criminal Investigation Department chief ACP Mohd Nor Yhazid Idris told Bernama, “The case was previously investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code and was amended to Section 302 of the Penal Code which caused death and the suspects to be remanded for further investigation.

“The victim is believed to have died due to severe injuries.”


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