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A woman and her parents in India have been arrested after her husband was strangled to death and buried in their backyard.

The woman, identified as Mariammal, left her alcoholic husband and took their two daughters with her to stay with her parents, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Apparently, he had been abusive as well.

Several days ago, the man turned up at his in-laws’ house and demanded that his wife and children return home with him.

Mariammal refused to do so, and scolded him for turning up for her brother’s funeral a month before.

While husband and wife got into a shouting match, Mariammal’s father suddenly attacked him. With the help of his daughter, they strangled him with a rope.

They later burned his body with kerosene and buried him behind their house.

Police, who received an anonymous tip about the killing, found the body and arrested the woman and her parents.

It is not clear what the mother’s role was in the case.


NEW DELHI – The trailblazing Indian founder of a global restaurant chain surrendered to a court on Tuesday (July 9) after losing a last-ditch bid to avoid a life sentence for murdering a love rival.

P. Rajagopal rose from rags to riches to create the Saravana Bhavan chain which has more than 80 eateries in India and around the world, from Leicester Square to Lexington Avenue via Singapore, Sydney and Stockholm.

He had been battling for 15 years to avoid prison since being convicted over the killing of the husband of a woman he wanted to make his third wife, reportedly on the advice of his astrologer.

The 71-year-old, dubbed the “dosa king” after the famous South Indian food staple, was meant to have reported to prison on Sunday (July 7) but made a final plea on medical grounds.

The Supreme Court in New Delhi turned him down on Tuesday and the judges ordered the tycoon to “surrender immediately”.

He later gave himself up at the Madras High Court in Chennai in his native southern state of Tamil Nadu, arriving in an ambulance with an oxygen mask strapped to his face.

Saravana Bhavan owes its success to catering to Indians and the large diaspora abroad with the winning formula of affordable South Indian delicacies like dosa pancakes, deep-fried vadas and idli rice cakes.

But Rajagopal’s world came crashing down when he made up his mind to pursue the daughter of one of his legions of adoring employees, believing that she would bring him even greater success.

“He was obsessed with her,” Mr D. Suresh Kumar, a Chennai-based journalist told AFP.

The woman, then in her 20s, was already married and rejected Rajagopal’s advances.

He targeted the woman with threats, blackmail, and even exorcisms, but when they failed the businessman hired a gunman to kill the woman’s husband.

One attempt was unsuccessful, but the man’s body was later found in a forest in Tamil Nadu.

In 2004, Rajagopal was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years. When he appealed, the sentence was increased to life and the punishment was upheld by the Supreme Court in March.


A married woman and her lover allegedly posed with guns before they died in what police in India believe was a suicide pact, according to reports.

Heartbreaking pictures show the tragic couple holding the weapons shortly before their deaths.

They have been named in press reports as Anju Suthaar and Shamkar Chaudhary, both aged 21.

It is thought they uploaded the images and video on social media before taking their own lives.

According to News 18 , they left an audio message saying they had fallen in love.

The Times of India reports that Anju had married less than two months earlier.

It happened in the village of Leelasar in Jaisalmer.

An investigation has been launched to find out how the couple got the pistols.

SP Rashi Dogra told the Times of India: “We will talk to the friends and family of the couple and find out from where they got the country-made pistols.”

They are thought to have been under the influence of alcohol when the tragedy happened.


An adorable six-year-old boy begged medics to save a chick he accidentally ran over while on his bike.

Derek C Lalchhanhima from Mizoram, northeastern India, took the little chicken – belonging to his neighbour – to a nearby hospital along with all the money he had.

He didn’t know the animal was already dead and begged for help.

A heartbreaking photograph of the boy stood holding the dead chick in one hand and a note in the other has gone viral.

In the picture, he stands with a teary eyed expression looking helpless.

Eventually his parents had to explain to him that there was nothing doctors could do for the poor chick.

Derek has won the hearts of people all over social media and his kind actions even got him an award at school, the Hindustan Times reports.

At school he was photographed draped in a shawl – reportedly a traditional way of honouring someone – and given a framed certificate.

“He’s always been a rather unique kid,” Derek’s father said.

“Amazing, kind hearted kid,” one Facebook user wrote.

Another said: “Great example of humanity. We all should learn from you.”

The act was described by one as ‘innocence at its best’.