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The interstate travel ban has affected our livelihood tremendously. Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, however, shared some good news yesterday (May 30), especially for married couples who are living in different states. They can finally travel interstate to see each other! Woot!

He explained that the decision was made after the Special Ministerial Meeting with advice from PDRM. He elaborated, as reported by The Edge Markets,

“Crossing between states is still not allowed except for work, and emergencies such as death or medical treatment.”

Married couples can travel interstate to meet their partners but they need to obtain approval from the police first. So if you need to travel for work, an emergency or to see your spouse, you can do it beginning tomorrow (1 June)!

However, what caught netizens attention was the tweet from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia after the announcement was made. In a tweet, KKM said which loosely translated to “To those who are single, please be strong and patient, your time will come!”

Here are the two conditions:

Although the announcement can be seen as good news for some of us, please adhere to the SOPs ok? We should not take things for granted and always choose to prioritize the safety of ourselves and everyone around us.


I’m sure many of us know that during the weekend, a lot of people tried to travel interstate back to their hometowns without a permit. As the police are now stricter than before, many vehicles were checked on at various roadblocks. 1,248 vehicles were asked to turn back on 17th May as they did not have permits and were probably trying to sneakily balik kampung.

Because of that, the Ministry of Health is alarmed and urges the public to not travel interstate in a Facebook post. They say,

“To those who want to curi-curi and travel interstate back to your own kampungs, please see the infographic.

To those who have police permission to travel interstate, remember to abide by the SOPs .”

The infographic that was attached to the Facebook post had a few statistics concerning interstate travel. Up until 17th May, 971 positive cases or 14.1% out of the overall number of cases had a history of travelling interstate and 18 out of 49 clusters were linked to interstate travels.

With the statistics backing them up, KKM says that the action of disallowing interstate travel is not to burden everyone but it is for the sake of everyone’s health and security. They further explained that our lives will not be the same anymore and it is a fact that we all need to digest. We are all facing an invisible enemy and that is a reality that we need to live with.

“Please obey the advice given by the government. Your health is your own responsibility.”