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At some point in our lives during childhood, we have been told to “jump more” in order to grow taller (because most of us are vertically challenged and our parents think it’s better to be taller). Remember how parents told us to play basketball or jump rope?

This saying still applies in this day of age, because a couple in China encouraged their 12-year-old son to jump 1,000 times a day. They had also offered him 10RMB (approximately RM6) for every 1,000 jumps he did.

Why would any parent want their child to jump a thousand times every single day? According to EBC News, this kid is 145cm, and the average height for kids that age is 152cm. And being typical Asian parents, they want him to grow taller and they also believed that jumping could help.

The boy’s father gave him a jump rope and managed to convince him to start jumping. From that day onward, he used the jump rope every day (other than days when he fell sick), and he even jumped up to 3,000 times PER DAY. After one whole year of jumping, the parents rewarded a total of 4,000RMB (approximately RM2,365).

We don’t know how he did it, 3,000 jumps a day seemed pretty extreme!

However, not only that the boy did not grow taller, but he ended up being the shortest student in his class.

It turns out that he had been spending the money he earned on unhealthy snacks like potato chips! This explained the mystery where he often lost his appetite at the dinner table and the “un-explainable” weight gain. His parents thought he was going through a hard time with academics, but he was actually just snacking endlessly.

“I used this method because I wanted my son to grow taller, but I didn’t expect it would make him a shorty instead.”

So, this is a clear example of how jumping rope does not help kids grow taller. Parents should really just accept that height is mainly affected by the parents’ genes, and also a healthy, balanced diet.


A tragedy occurred on 12th November when a 12-year-old schoolgirl jumped to her death in the elementary school building in Guangdong, China. Her father received this piece of news and rushed to her school, only to find her lying on the ground, falling unconscious.

Xiao Ru’s father painfully described when she smiled for the last time as he called out for her name. Even though she was sped to the hospital, she still couldn’t make it as she suffered from breathing difficulties and excessive blood loss.

When Xiao Ru’s father looked at the CCTV footage of what happened before her death, he broke down in tears seeing how she was treated by her mathematics teacher. According to See Hua Daily, this entire incident happened during lunchtime, when Ms Wang (the teacher) insisted to check on Xiao Ru’s homework before the young girl had any chance to eat at all.

Ms Wang threw Xiao Ru’s homework onto the ground, in front of all the kids, and she began yelling at the girl for not finishing her homework. The teacher went on to smack the girl’s palm for a couple of times with a ruler and continued criticising Xiao Ru for 3-4 minutes. All her classmates witnessed how humiliated Xiao Ru felt, and she burst into tears. Right after taking in Ms Wang’s scolding, Xiao Ru walked out of her classroom which was located on the 4th floor and jumped off the building.

Exasperated by the poor girl’s death, the father demanded the 40-year-old teacher to give an explanation about the whole disaster. However, not only that Ms Wang did not show herself after this incident, but the school was also unable to provide sufficient information regarding the teacher’s qualification certificate.

Nobody knows what she had gone through before her leap of death, we hope that she is able to rest in peace now. It’s saddening to see children choosing to end their lives because of modern-day stress that some adults sneer at, mocking them with the mindset of “we had it worse back in our days”.


While suicide may never be the answer to any of life’s hardships, many people who are desperate and feel hopeless in their own situations tend to look at it as being the only way out of the position that they find themselves in, or from their mental troubles. As such, it is predicted that by 2020, one person will die from suicide every 20 seconds.

One such unfortunate soul to have met an untimely end by suicide was reportedly suffering from marital issues and financial debt before taking her life recently, as reported by China Press.

At an unspecified hotel in Genting on Saturday (12th October 2019), a 27-year-old Burmese woman was said to have jumped to her death from the 19th floor after facing financial difficulties and problems in her marriage.

Prior to committing suicide, the woman had sent messages to her friends on WeChat asking them to take good care of her daughter after she passes away. Screenshots of her WeChat conversation with a friend before she jumped have been circulating social media since the suicide was discovered.

“I only have RM1,000 left. I will be returning to Myanmar soon, once my daughter’s passport is ready. I’m afraid we will no longer be able to meet each other again.”

According to the WeChat correspondence, the woman said that she had lost up to RM200,000 due to a gambling problem, and only had RM1,000 left. She also expressed her disappointment in her marriage and her husband after they faced marital difficulties. 

“Marrying him was one of my biggest disappointments in life. I can see clearly now. I have let him go.”

Further correspondence sent on WeChat also mentioned that the woman had initially intended to return to Myanmar with her daughter after her passport had been processed, but wound up entrusting the care of the child to her friend afterwards. 

The deceased also asked her friend to send her a video of her daughter before she committed suicide, and tried to do so by taking a handful of pills. However, she later changed her mind and went up to the 19th floor of her hotel to jump to her death.

“I want to see her one last time. I’m afraid I’ll never get to see her again.”

The case is currently still under investigation by the local authorities.

Again, we have to remind all our readers that if you are facing any problems in your life, please reach out to speak to a friend or seek professional help. Suicide is never the answer. We extend our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased.-


Footage of a 17-year-old boy jumping to his death from a high bridge in Shanghai last week has sparked heated debate among internet users, with many criticising the standard of Chinese parenting.

The boy jumped from the Lupu Bridge, which crosses the Huangpu River, on Wednesday evening.

Before he jumped, he had been in the back seat of a white car being driven by his mother, who suddenly stopped the vehicle on the bridge. The video shows the mother standing next to the car, apparently talking to her son inside.

After the mother returned to the driver’s seat, the boy got out of the car and ran towards the side of the bridge. His mother chased him, but the boy jumped off the bridge, China News Service reported.

The mother, who was not named in the report, said she had criticised her son, a student at a technical school in the city, over a conflict with his classmates before he committed suicide.

Footage of the incident posted on the internet has attracted tens of thousands of comments on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging site.

Many denounced Chinese parenting, with some recalling their own experiences.

“His mother will live in guilt for the rest of her life. The boy’s choice is definitely not due to this single argument. Crushing the camel to death is every straw on it,” one internet user wrote, with his comment receiving more than 1,000 likes.

Another wrote: “His mother is like mine. No matter how deeply aggrieved I feel, my mother can always figure out my problems. I can’t deny her love for me, but I also can’t deny that her misguided way of educating me brought me much harm when I was young.”

A third Weibo user said: “I totally understand the boy’s feelings. He had conflicts with his peers and aspired to be comforted by his family. But instead, he was attacked and must have felt extremely bad.”

Li Yinuo, chief representative of the Beijing office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, wrote on WeChat, a mobile social media app: “Behind this short video, we can imagine unheard calls for many years, endless stifling depression and curbed emotions.”

But some people said today’s young needed to toughen up.

“Children today are getting weaker and weaker. Teachers can’t say a bad word to them and at home, parents dare not criticise them. What can they do when they grow up?” an internet user wrote on Weibo.

Another wrote: “I think if a person hasn’t experienced frustration when he is young, he will make trouble after he becomes an adult.”