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With the numbers in Malaysia rising every day, the country has been condemned for failing to contain the Covid-19 outbreak despite having hot weather.

On 5 April, a Taiwanese doctor, Dr Lee Bing Ying, said that it is easier to control viral diseases in countries with hot weather and said that Malaysia is “embarrassing” itself for failing to contain it, reported China Press.

In a show posted on Facebook, he said:

“It is easier to control an epidemic in tropical regions, but they are not totally immune to diseases,” said Dr Lee, chairman of the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan.

“Let’s take influenza as an example. We have the influenza epidemic in Taiwan every winter and we still receive some cases during the summer.”

“I came across an article about research on influenza vaccines. According to the research results, I realized that there are three to four tropical countries with a lower influenza prevalence.”

“Therefore, if you are in a tropical country where the weather is hot, and yet you cannot control the viral disease, it is embarrassing.”

However, living in hot climates will not protect you against contracting the virus, according to the World Health Organisation.

Dr Lee went on further to criticise Malaysians for not wearing masks and likened Malaysians to “American-England kind” of people.

“I saw some footage and pictures from Malaysia. They are not wearing face masks. I think they are like the American-England group, they are the same kind,” Dr Lee said.

The host of the show then noted that Malaysia used to be colonised by the British and claimed that Malaysians do not wear face masks because the weather is too hot and uncomfortable.

Dr Lee then responded that a lockdown is more unbearable.

“The Malaysian government then announced this and that and whatnot, but at the end of the day, the people are still not wearing face masks,” he said, adding that wearing face masks is the most important and most effective preventative step.

In yet another criticism of Malaysia’s ability to handle the outbreak, Dr Lee said that the government’s decision to put the country on a “lockdown” will kill people faster than the virus. At the same time, other guests on the show compared Malaysia to “poor” countries like India, African countries and Middle Eastern countries.

“The steps taken by the Malaysian government may reduce the number of deaths in the country, but more people will die of hunger and thirst,” Dr Lee said, adding that many citizens have been unemployed since the “lockdown” and will starve to death.

Dr Lee then urges the Malaysian government to reassess the implementation and concluded that the Covid-19 outbreak in Taiwan will continue to spread even after summer comes.

Wow! Such outrageous claims about Malaysia! What do you think of Dr Lee’s comments? Let us know!


PETALING JAYA – A motorist was arrested after she shouted at police officers manning a roadblock here.

The woman was one of hundreds of motorists who were caught by surprise after the police set up a new roadblock along Persiaran Surian to enforce the movement control order (MCO).

It was set up as many people were still driving out far from their homes to buy necessities, said Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal.

“We found that there were some people who lived in Kota Damansara but wanted to shop at the Taman Megah market.

“Just buy your necessities in your area. We will not accept any reasons unless all the shops in your neighbourhood are closed, ” he told reporters yesterday.

Police arrested a 44-year-old woman after she shouted expletives at them when passing through the roadblock.

“We arrested her and brought her back to the Petaling Jaya police headquarters for further investigation.

“She called us idiots. Well, we are idiots who have your safety in our hearts and minds, ” said ACP Nik Ezanee.


As we enter the second phase of MCO, authorities have made stricter enforcement laws to monitor what goes in and out of households  during this precarious time. Hence to comply with the necessary measures, Pos Malaysia has announced that it will temporarily stop delivery for international mail and parcel.

In their Facebook page, Pos Malaysia said:

“International mail and parcel services are suspended temporarily due to service disruptions to all destination countries except China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and United Kingdom starting 30th March 2020 until further notice.”

According to Pos Malaysia, the reason behind their suspension of services is due to the growing pandemic that has caused flight cancellations, airport closures and the enforcement of preventive measures from destination countries that are acting to curb the spread of Covid-19.

But don’t worry! It doesn’t mean you can’t send deliveries at all. Pos Malaysia assured its customers that their Express Mail Service (EMS) will still be available and partners will still transport items to all destinations except for the listed countries below:


ALOR SETAR – A man ended up being killed and dumped inside a plastic barrel for always borrowing his younger brother’s shirts.

Apparently, the last straw came when he wore a shirt that was given to the younger brother by his girlfriend.

Body of man believed killed by younger brother found entombed in concrete

The body of a man believed to have been killed by his younger brother was found in a blue plastic barrel filled with concrete behind their house in Kampung Padang Hassan, Alor Setar, Kedah on Sunday.——————————————LIKE & FOLLOW US for the latest updates——————————————YOUTUBE➜ https://cutt.ly/TheStarFACEBOOK ➜ https://fb.com/TheStarOnline WEBSITE ➜ https://thestartv.com/c/news

Posted by The Star on Sabtu, 7 Mac 2020

Police found the body of the 34-year-old man, believed to have been killed by his younger sibling, in a blue barrel filled with concrete behind their house.

Initial investigation showed that he died following a fight with the younger brother who had told him off for always wearing his clothes.

According to a statement from the police, the younger brother said during interrogation last Friday evening that he confronted his older brother, who had always taken his shirts to wear.

The older one then got a meat cleaver and attacked his sibling.

But the younger brother managed to seize the cleaver and struck the victim in the neck, causing his death.

The younger brother then stuffed the body into a blue plastic barrel. The next day, he filled the barrel with wet concrete.

At 1am yesterday, however, the younger brother was filled with guilt and confessed his misdeed to another older brother.

A police report was lodged shortly later.

The barrel containing the victim’s remains was found at their house in Kepala Batas.

A neighbour, who knew the family, said the victim recently wore his younger brother’s shirt, which was a gift from his girlfriend.

It is learned that the victim was jobless while the 25-year-old brother was a fried chicken hawker.

Kedah CID chief Asst Comm Sapii Ahmad said the case was being investigated for murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

“The weapon and construction equipment to mix the concrete were recovered and seized from the house,” he said.


Bawa cangkul, besi untuk menyamun

February 27, 2020 | Crime, News | No Comments

BUKAN hanya meragut rantai emas jemaah wanita, dua lelaki turut memukul mangsa menggunakan besi dalam kejadian di Masjid An-Nur Kampung Guar, Jalan Guar Jering, Kubang Semang dekat Bukit Mertajam petang hari ini.

Pemangku Ketua Polis Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah Superintendan Mohd Mustafa Bidin ketika dihubungi dan mengesahkan menerima laporan berkenaan berkata, mangsa berusia 65 tahun berada di ruang solat masjid berkenaan bagi menghadiri kelas mengaji sebelum dihampiri dua suspek pada 3 petang.

“Suspek bertindak meragut rantai emas yang dipakai dan mangsa yang menjerit ketakutan kemudiannya dipukul menggunakan besi.

“Mereka juga membawa cangkul dan mengacukan ke arah mangsa serta dua lagi jemaah wanita yang berada di situ,” katanya hari ini.

Mengulas lanjut beliau berkata, dua suspek terbabit juga turut mengambil beg solat yang mengandungi telefon bimbit, telekung solat dan kitab.

Menurutnya, mangsa mendakwa hanya dia dan dua lagi jemaah berada di ruang solat berkenaan sebelum meminta bantuan seorang pekerja warga asing yang sedang membaiki bumbung masjid.

“Kejadian itu menyebabkan mangsa mengalami sakit badan dan tiada kecederaan lain dilaporkan sebelum tampil ke balai polis bagi membuat laporan.

“Kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 395/397 Kanun Keseksaan,” katanya.


GEORGE TOWN – A man accused of abusing his step-daughter pleaded guilty to the charge at a Sessions Court here.

S. Vasadha Kumar, 36, pleaded guilty to the charge of burning the 10-year-old girl with a hot knife on Feb 1.

Judge Norsalha Hamzah said as the case involved a child, it was a serious offence.

Norsalha sentenced him to three years in prison and fined him RM10,000 (S$3,300), in default of one year in jail if the fine is not paid.

Earlier Vasadha Kumar, a gardener, pleaded with the court to go easy on him as he was the main caretaker of the victim and his wife was expecting a child soon.

Deputy public prosecutor Nurul Fatin Hussin said appropriate sentencing should be given to the accused as he had abused a 10-year-old child.

“She is his step-child, as a father even a step-father he should protect the child like his own and not abuse her.

“The child is still in the hospital being treated for her wounds. She has not only suffered physical trauma but mental trauma as well.

“It also needs to be an example to the public,” she said.

Vasadha is charged with abusing the child by burning her with a heated knife on Feb 1 around 12.30am at an apartment in Lebuh Maccallum, causing her physical and mental harm.

The case is punishable under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001 which provides for a maximum fine of RM20,000 or a jail term of up to 10 years, or both, upon conviction.


Malaysia’s King treats media to KFC

February 27, 2020 | News | No Comments

KUALA LUMPUR – Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah has treated the media fraternity camping outside Istana Negara to KFC.

Boxes of the popular fast food were handed to the press by representatives from the Palace to lift the spirits of media personnel on duty.

“The Yang di-Pertuan Agong himself has ordered for the food to be delivered to the members of the media outside the Palace gates,” said the King’s senior private secretary at the main gate of Istana Negara here on Monday (Feb 24).

Members of the media started to camp outside Istana Negara since Monday morning in anticipation of the arrivals of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

This comes following a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office earlier this afternoon confirming that Dr Mahathir had resigned and that his resignation letter was sent to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong at 1pm.


Man sets car ablaze after boss fires him from job

February 25, 2020 | News | No Comments

SIBU – A mentally disturbed man set fire to a car after he was terminated by his employer.

The incident took place along the Sarikei-Sibu road near the second Nyelong Bridge at about 9.20am yesterday.

Sarikei OCPD Supt Awang Arfian Awang Bujang said the suspect, an Indonesian, was being driven home in a multipurpose vehicle (MPV) by a fellow countryman.

Supt Awang said investigations showed that his employer had laid him off due to his condition.

He said the suspect from Sambas was employed at an oil palm plantation here.

“The driver of the Indonesian-registered MPV was sending the suspect home when he took out a match and set the vehicle on fire.

“He has been detained to assist in investigations and will be referred to the hospital for a check-up,” he said.

No one was hurt in the incident.

Sarikei fire station chief Mahmudin Narudin said 11 firemen were deployed to the scene upon receiving a distress call from the public.

“We took about 25 minutes to put out the fire. The car was totally destroyed,” Mahmudin said.


SERDANG – A 47-year-old man has been arrested over the murder of a woman in a parking lot in Puchong.

Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Ismadi Borhan said the suspect, who is the woman’s ex-husband, was arrested in Genting Highlands at about 2am yesterday (Feb 20).

“The woman was a Chinese national with a Permanent Resident status. Her family members – her daughter and younger sister – have identified the body at Serdang Hospital,” he said when contacted.

Post-mortem on the body, added ACP Ismadi, showed the cause of death to be multiple wounds from a sharp object.

“There were wounds on her neck and head, and on the front as well the back of her body. We believe the murder weapon to be a knife,” he said, adding that the suspect had been put on remand until Feb 26.

“We are ruling out theft as a motive as the victim’s belongings were not missing,” he said. ACP Ismadi also urged anyone with information to contact the Serdang district police headquarters at 03-8074 2222 or the nearest police station.

The body of the woman, in her 50s, was found in a pool of blood in a parking lot in Pusat Bandar Puchong Jaya at about 10.20pm on Wednesday.


PETALING JAYA – Love it seems, will conquer all, even fears over the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.

Many of the top restaurants in town and five-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur are fully booked, or nearly so, for Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow night.

With 18 cases recorded in Malaysia, couples still prefer to dine out even if they have to take precautionary measures.

Married couple Kang Chong Hian, 46, and Ngai Mei Ling, 44, will be avoiding public places such as shopping malls due to concerns over Covid-19.

Having booked a restaurant two weeks ago, Kang and Ngai said that as they were bringing their three children along for the dinner, they had to consider their safety, too.

“The restaurant that we picked is located outdoors. We will just need to go to the car park, go to the restaurant, then go home.

“I think Valentine’s Day is quieter this year. There’s not much excitement, people are scared,” said Ngai when met at a shopping mall here yesterday.

Kang concurred, saying that they were not as excited for Valentine’s Day this year compared to previous years as there were many activities they had to rule out.

Kang said his family was taking precautions such as practising good hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently and using sanitisers, as well as face masks in public.

Self-employed 26-year-old CK and his girlfriend, only known as Lydia, 22, would also be having dinner at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, despite feeling a little worried.

“We are most likely going to celebrate Valentine’s with Lydia’s parents, who will be visiting from Terengganu, because their wedding anniversary is on the same day,” CK said.

“We will probably go somewhere near my place, maybe a Japanese restaurant.

“I think people are still generally going out on Valentine’s Day. The outbreak might affect (the celebrations) a bit but we’re not too concerned about it.”

Meanwhile, married couple Wahidah Basri, 27, and Hazman Razlan, 37, would most likely stay home for a more low-key celebration.

“Usually on Fridays, we prefer to stay at home and have quality time.

“I don’t think we’ll go out for Valentine’s Day this year. There are so many diseases spreading out there,” Wahidah said.