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If you’ve been waiting for the latest Apple Watch models, your wait is almost over. Malaysians can pre-order the recently announced Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE starting this Thursday, October 15, 2020.

The Series 6 and SE are already listed on LazMall’s Apple store with pre-order staring from 9am on the 15th of October. Both GPS and GPS + Cellular models are listed and you can get it in either 40mm and 44mm sizes.

Apart from Lazada, retailer Machines and Switch have also confirmed that pre-order for both Apple Watches will begin on 15th October at 9am on their respective websites.

To recap, below are the official retail prices for the Series 6 and SE in Malaysia:

Apple Watch SE — Aluminium + Sport Loop / Solo Loop
40mm GPS — RM1,199
40mm GPS + Cellular — RM1,449
44mm GPS — RM1,349
44mm GPS + Cellular — RM1,599

Apple Watch Series 6 — Aluminium + Sport Loop
40mm GPS — RM1,749
40mm GPS + Cellular — RM2,199
44mm GPS — RM1,899
44mm GPS + Cellular — RM2,349

Apple Watch Series 6 — Stainless Steel + Sport Loop
40mm GPS + Cellular — RM2,999
44mm GPS + Cellular — RM3,249

So far there’s no availability dates yet and we still don’t know how long you’ll need to wait for the stock arrives. The new models are also listed on Apple’s official website but without any availability info.

The Watch Series 6 is their latest top of the line smartwatch that comes with an always-on Retina display and a more powerful Apple dual-core S6 chip. It features a new heart rate sensor which now measures blood oxygen levels. For the first time, the Series 6 will be available in (Product)Red.

Meanwhile, the Watch SE is currently a mid-range offering which is essentially a watered-down Series 5. While it has a better display than the current entry-level Series 3, it lacks an always-on display function and it doesn’t offer ECG and blood oxygen level tracking. However, it does come with an always-on altimetre which is also offered on the Series 6. You can learn more in our Apple Watch SE announcement post.


China has given Malaysia priority recipient status for its COVID-19 vaccine once it completes development

According to New Straits Times, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said this was one of the things his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, had agreed to in a meeting during the latter’s official visit to the country today, 13 October.

CNN reported that, as of October, China has four out of 10 COVID-19 vaccine candidates worldwide that have successfully entered Phase Three clinical trials – the last step of testing before regulatory approval.

Hishammuddin said the country appreciated China’s commitment to prioritise Malaysia for their COVID-19 vaccine

“We also welcomed China’s agreement to encourage Chinese enterprises to establish all-round cooperation with Malaysian partners in vaccine research and development, and distribution,” said Hishammuddin during the press conference today.

Both Foreign Ministers also discussed the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation between both countries in the post COVID-19 era

“This MOU provides the broad framework of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in the post COVID-19 era,” said Hishammuddin.

“I hope to sign this MOU personally in my return visit to Beijing when the situation permits.”

The bilateral meeting also discussed, among other topics, the Belt and Road Initiative, South China Sea, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) deal, and the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) initiative.


MyNews Holdings Bhd is bringing South Korean convenience store, CU, to Malaysia

MyNews revealed on Monday that its unit MYCU Retail Sdn Bhd had signed a licensing agreement with BGF Retail, South Korea’s largest convenience store operator and owner of CU.

CU was founded in 2012. Since then it has grown to roughly 15,000 CU stores in South Korea, and is known as a “Korean style convenience store”.

The MyNews group aims to open its first set of CU stores in Malaysia by early 2021, with the goal to launch 500 stores in five years’ time

Starting with bigger cities in Klang Valley, the group plans to open 30 to 50 CU stores to monitor their performance.

The licensing agreement between MyNews Holdings Bhd and BFG Retail Co. Ltd. is 10 years long, with an additional 10-year renewal term. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the popular goodies Koreans love from CU:

1. This cream bun is all over social media! Look how stuffed it is :O

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#협찬 #빵빵크림빵#빵빵우유크림빵#빵빵딸기크림빵#CU덕후#CU 시원하고 부드러운 생크림과 달콤한 단팥이 빵빵~하게 들어있는 빵빵크림빵! 크기도 생각보다 커서 놀랐어요. 손바닥 만하답니다. 우유맛, 딸기맛 두가지 종류로 출시되었는데 맛있어서 둘다 데려와봤어요~🥛🍓 크림이 휘핑크림처럼 부드럽고 빵도 전혀 안퍽퍽해요. 상온에서 먹는 단팥빵과 달리 시원해서 덜 느끼하고 맛있게 먹을 수 있어요. 생크림이 많이 들어서 손이 난리나는데 밑에 물티슈도 들어있더라구요! 센스 짱!👍 빵빵크림빵(우유/딸기) ₩2,500 #cu신상#씨유덕후#편의점#편의점신상#리뷰#먹팔#빵스타그램#빵#빵순이#크림빵 #빵지순례 #빵맛집 #먹스타 #편의점간식 #먹스타맞팔 #디저트그램 #달다구리 #먹리어답터 #크림 #편의점음식 #디저트맛집 #bread #간식추천 #간식스타그램

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2. Adorable cheese macarons designed as burgers!

3. Gooey chocolate mochi mmmm…

4. Mashed potato wrapped in crispy pastry dipped in pizza sauce? Yes, please.

5. Flavoured cheese puddinggggg

And of course all the Korean snacks and everyday staples you can expect from a convenience store

WARGANET bab-bab troll memang cekap! Gara-gara satu adegan dalam drama bersiri tamil, watak seorang wanita yang dikenali sebagai ‘Kannamma’ kini menjadi tular di Malaysia.

Dalam adegan itu, Kannamma yang sarat mengandung dihalau keluar dari rumah oleh suaminya Bharathi, seorang doktor, selepas mencurigai wanita itu mempunyai hubungan dengan lelaki lain kerana suaminya percaya dirinya tidak subur.

Akibat kreatifnya netizen, kini gambar Kannamma berjalan seorang diri dengan membimbit beg dengan kesan efek yang telah diedit seolah-olah dia berada di merata-rata tempat termasuk di angkasa lepas tular di media sosial.

Dalam hantaran di media sosial, mereka menggunakan hashtag seperti Kannamma memes, Kannamma walking dan Kannamma is here.

Malah ‘demam’ itu turut melanda Malaysia apabila perkongsian itu kini membanjiri wall di media sosial, terutamanya dalam kalangan masyarakat India.

“Gaiss, Kannama Sampai TBS!’, Look who is here!! Proud of you Kannamma Barathi Flexed biceps.

“Welcome to Malaysia dan Kannamma, if you’re reading this i just want you to know that you can come and stay at my place.

“Be safe and take care.”

Ia adalah antara meme yang dimuat naik netizen Malaysia dengan menggabungkan gambar wanita itu di beberapa lokasi di Malaysia seperti Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh dan sebagainya.

Bharathi Kannamma, adalah sebuah drama remake Malayalam, Karuthamuthu yang ditayangkan di Asianet.

Drama itu mengisahkan tentang Kannamma, seorang wanita yang menjalani liku-liku kehidupan dalam penuh kepayahan.

Drama yang ditayangkan menerusi Vijay TV di saluran 224 Astro itu dibintangi Roshni Haripriyan, Arun Prasad, Farina Azad, Sweety, Akilan and Roopa Sree.

Drama berepisod 1,450 itu disiarkan hampir lima tahun di India. Bagi yang belum mengenali siapa Kannamma, tak lama lagi korang mesti kenal.


It’s almost the beginning of the last quarter of 2020, and we’re no where close to getting a vaccine yet. Not until mid-2021 according to some sources.

While most countries have begun to open up their economies since COVID-19 was first declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

But the deadly virus is showing worrying signs of a comeback and potential uptick in new cases.

According to Malaysian Health Director-General Noor Hisham, the possibility of people becoming infected with H1N1, aka the common flu, and COVID-19 is much higher during the winter months.

This isn’t just Malaysia’s concern. Even the European Union and World Health Organization have shared the same worries as we approach Q4.

“They are expecting the number of cases to increase sharply, especially during the winter season, where there could an increase in cases of the common flu or common cold,” says Noor Hisham.

“If this year we see flu and COVID-19 infections together, then there could be a higher impact (health-wise) on patients.”

Noor Hisham used India and the United States as examples of how COVID-19 spikes could even occur before winter came.

Things were made even worse on September 28, 2020, when Malaysia finally breached the 1,000 mark in terms of active COVID-19 cases in the country.

This came after the Southeast Asian country dealt with a streak of triple-digit case numbers (the most recent being 115 cases), made up mainly of local transmissions.

And of those local transmissions, the state of Sabah on the island of Bornea accounted for most of the cases.

“Sabah recorded the highest local cases at 98, involving 46 locals from the Bangau-Bangau cluster. For the Benteng Lahad Datu cluster, 39 cases were recorded involving 25 locals and 14 foreigners,” said Noor Hisham.

And with many Sabah natives returning to West Malaysia after elections in their hometowns, health authorities are on standby at both the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, as well as the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 for health screenings.

According to Noor Hisham, swab tests for each returning passenger take roughly 15 minutes, but could take as long as 2 hours depending on the frequency of Sabah arrivals.

The next two weeks will show whether health screenings at main airports need to be intensified.

“If the result is positive, they will be taken straight to hospital,” Noor Hisham said, adding that “if it is negative, but they have been exposed to positive cases, then they will be isolated and quarantined.”

Only those who have neither tested positive for the virus and have not been exposed to other positive cases will be exempted from mandatory quarantine.


Malaysia tanggungjawab kita bersama

September 17, 2020 | National | No Comments

Perubahan tidaklah semudah yang disangka. Manakala kompromi pula memerlukan sedikit pengorbanan, dan itu juga bukanlah satu perkara yang mudah. Namun begitu, setiap hari tatkala matahari terbit, kita diberi peluang untuk menjadikan sesuatu perkara lebih baik, dengan membuat pengorbanan dan perubahan yang kecil.

Saya faham ramai rakyat Malaysia datang daripada pelbagai spektrum yang berbeza merasa sedih dan kecewa disebabkan sesuatu perkara atau perkara yang lain. Tidak cukup agama, terlebih agama, tidak cukup kaum, terlalu banyak kaum, tidak cukup kebebasan, terlalu banyak kebebasan.

Hampir 40 tahun kita telah dimomokkan untuk percaya kita amat berbeza. Di mana setiap kaum dipisahkan oleh harapan dan aspirasi, namun walaupun berbeza-beza, secara realitinya kita adalah sama.

Kita semua ingin berjaya dalam hidup, memastikan anak-anak kita mendapat pendidikan yang baik, peluang pekerjaan, penjagaan kesihatan untuk keluarga kita dan peluang untuk bersinar. Kita semua mahukan hak untuk beribadat kepada sesiapa sahaja yang kita pilih.

Aspirasi dan harapan kita adalah sama. Tetapi ianya memerlukan masa dan kesabaran untuk keluar daripada kepompong momokan. Untuk keluar daripada ketakutan dan kejahilan. Untuk menjadikan dunia, tempat yang lebih baik, menjadikan Malaysia sebagai rumah yang kita semua inginkan, ianya memerlukan kesabaran. Ianya lebih baik untuk mencuba dan gagal daripada tidak mencuba langsung sama sekali. Setiap kegagalan itu merupakan ilmu untuk menuju kejayaan, dan saya mempunyai banyak pengalaman dari segi ilmu yang berhasil dari kesilapan.

Hakikatnya, tiada negara seperti Malaysia. Dengan semua kesilapan kita, tiada negara yang cocok untuk kita anggap sebagai rumah. Kita tidak boleh membenarkan mana-mana individu yang cuba menakut-nakutkan kita, sama ada mereka adalah warga asing ataupun rakyat tempatan – tanpa mengira warna kulit, untuk cuba memecah-belahkan kita. Jadi, janganlah kita cepat melatah. Kita seharusnya bersatu kerana bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.

Kita mempunyai cabaran-cabaran getir di hadapan kita. Namun, tiada apa yang tidak dapat kita tempuhi dan atasi. Saya mempunyai kepercayaan yang tinggi terhadap tanah air dan rakyatnya. Saya percaya akan anda semua. Saya seorang Melayu, Cina, India, Iban dan Kadazan.

Kita semua Malaysia, Jangan pernah kita lupa. KITA ADALAH MALAYSIA.


PERPUSTAKAAN bergerak sangat popular di Taiwan. Kini, budaya positif tersebut diperkenalkan di Malaysia kepada orang ramai.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) dan Persatuan Kebudayaan Han menganjurkan Projek Perpustakaan Bergerak Ba-Ku (Baca Buku) Bersama sempena sambutan Kuala Lumpur Ibu Kota Dunia 2020 dan Dekad Membaca Kebangsaan.

Memetik laporan media tempatan, wakil TECO di Malaysia Anne Hung berkata, objektif penganjuran projek ini adalah untuk memperkenalkan buku-buku Malaysia dan Taiwan kepada pembaca muda di negara ini.

“Kami memilih 135 jenis buku dari Malaysia dan Taiwan untuk memperkenalkan kesusasteraan dan kebudayaan Taiwan kepada murid dan pelajar bersama buku-buku pelbagai bahasa yang diterbitkan di negara ini,” katanya.

Projek Perpustakaan Bergerak Ba-Ku (Baca Buku) Bersama itu dirasmikan Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan.

Mengulas lanjut, Anne berkata, sebagai permulaan, projek perpustakaan bergerak itu akan menjelajah 20 sekolah rendah dan menengah terpilih di Semenanjung Malaysia bermula 17 Ogos hingga 4 Sept ini.

“…ia adalah sebagai usaha menyemarakkan budaya membaca di sekolah dan harus dilihat sebagai pembinaan jambatan interaksi dan komunikasi.

“Ekoran pandemik Covid-19, kami turut menganjurkan sesi perkongsian secara dalam talian dengan menjemput panel-panel terpilih untuk berkongsi pengalaman mereka dalam industri buku,” katanya.

Jom Ba-Ku! Membaca itu jambatan ilmu guys!


Malaysia’s success in curbing the coronavirus spread is a battle that’s far from over.

The country’s prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that he would be launching a campaign called ‘Embracing New Norms’ and is expected to let the public know about it on August 8, 2020.

Communications and Multimedia minister Saifuddin Abdullah said that the campaign was created to raise awareness and empower people to protect themselves, their families, the community, and help frontliners fight the pandemic.

Abdullah also said that the prime minister would be releasing a book called Pembudayaan Norma Baharu Komuniti (New Normal Culture for the Community), which will be published by the Health Ministry.

He added that even if Malaysia is more successful than other countries when it comes to stopping the virus, he cautioned that the virus still exists. The number of infections could go up if people don’t embrace the new norm.

He said, “This is not just about complying with laws and regulations. It is a matter of understanding and embracing it for the common good of all. The frontliners have fought hard. Now it is our turn to help them… we take care of each other.”

One example that he brought up was a mosque prayer where people were wearing face masks, brought their own prayer mats, and observed physical distancing rules. But once outside, everything was forsaken.

The campaign will be carried out from August 8 until the end of 2020. Traditional and social media, billboards, roadshows, religious programmers, posters, and banners will be used to educate the public on the new norm in society.

The minister is welcoming of ideas which make the campaign a success and hopes leaders will be creative in spreading the information and message within their community.

Muhyiddin will be launching the campaign on August 8 at the Pagoh Sports Complex in Johor, Malaysia.


PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK, REUTERS) – All those returning to Malaysia from overseas will have to undergo their mandatory quarantine at hotels or quarantine centres starting from Friday (July 24), said Senior Minister for Security Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri, who is also Defence Minister, said this requirement applies to both Malaysians and non-citizens who have been allowed to enter the country.

Under current rules, returnees who test negative for the coronavirus upon arrival in the country are allowed to serve their mandatory 14-day quarantine at home. But this option will no longer be available from Friday.

Mr Ismail Sabri, who was speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, said those arriving from Friday will have to bear the full cost of their quarantine at hotels and government centres.

The new requirement comes amid rising Covid-19 infection numbers after Malaysia eased its shutdown measures on June 10, allowing businesses and most social activities to resume but with social distancing protocols in place.

Recently, five cases were detected in the “Novgorod cluster”, which originated from a Malaysian who had returned from Russia on July 5. He had tested negative for the virus on arrival, but two days later began displaying symptoms of the disease such as fever and breathing difficulties.

A second test for the disease turned up positive, and one of his family members also later tested positive for Covid-19.

Mr Ismail Sabri said the police will no longer just give advice and issue warnings to those who flout social distancing rules under the recovery phase of the country’s movement control order (MCO).

“Many people seem to assume that there are no laws in place, as if the MCO has ended,” he said.

“The police have made a decision that there will be no more warnings and advice. They will take stern action on anyone who violates the MCO,” he added.

On Monday, the police detained 80 individuals for violating the MCO – 20 of whom were remanded, four released on police bail and 56 issued compounds.

He said that 37 people were detained for activities at pubs or nightclubs, while 43 were detained for activities that made it difficult for social distancing measures to be observed.

The minister said that nightclubs were still not allowed to reopen under the recovery MCO and added that the local authorities would increase enforcement activities on nightclubs, including suspending their licences.

“The government hopes the public will keep on being the eyes and ears for the authorities in reporting any instances where standard operating procedures have been violated,” he said.

The number of new Covid-19 cases has risen by double digits in the past few days, sparking fears of a fresh wave of infections.

The Malaysian health authorities recorded 21 new coronavirus cases on Monday, lifting the total since the outbreak began to 8,800 cases and 123 deaths.

Monday was the third straight day of double-digit rise in infections, after the country managed to broadly hold daily growth to single digits since movement controls were eased on June 10. The number of positive cases had climbed by 15 on Sunday, and by 18 two days prior.


BUAT orang di Perak, jangan tak tahu ya komer… Perak dah cipta sejarah dengan menawarkan pengalaman baharu kepada pencinta filem yang nak menonton wayang secara pandu masuk pertama Malaysia.

Terletak di Downtown Meru Raya, Ipoh ia dah pun dibuka kepada orang ramai bermula kelmarin (18 Julai 2020).

Bagi yang tertanya-tanya macam mana ‘rupa’ wayang pandu masuk ni, untuk pengetahuan ia ala zaman kanak-kanak dulu yang pernah membesar dengan wayang- wayang pacak oleh jabatan penerangan ya.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu berkata, ilham mewujudkan kemudahan itu datang daripada pengalaman waktu Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) yang perlu menjaga jarak sosial.

“Saya fikir jangan biar Covid-19 mengawal kita, tetapi kita yang harus mengawal Covid-19, jadi datang la idea untuk berhibur dengan menonton filem melalui wayang pandu masuk ini.

“Saya berasa sangat gembira dan bersyukur kerana pihak Perak Corp Berhad (PCB) telah pun menunaikan janji mereka kepada saya untuk terlibat sama dalam usaha untuk memajukan industri pelancongan di negeri Perak dengan mengadakan fasiliti drive cinema ataupun panggung lalu pandu masuk.

“Kalau dulu saya menonton filem Grease dan di situ saya melihat bagaimana orang di Amerika menonton wayang dalam kereta dan waktu kita kanak-kanak dulu saya biasa membesar dengan wayang- wayang pacak oleh jabatan penerangan suasana sebegitu dapat dikembalikan dengan usaha ini,” katanya kepada media selepas merasmikan Majlis Pelancaran Casuarina Sini-Drive di Ipoh.

Bagaimanapun kata Ahmad Faizal, beliau berpandangan bahawa pihak penganjur perlu menjaga tatasusila pengunjung supaya tidak berlaku sebarang perkara tak baik di kawasan berkenaan, lapor  Perak Today.

Bersama keluarga

Menurut Ketua Pengarah Eksekutif PCB, Zainal Iskandar Ismail, kelainan Casuarina Sini-Drive adalah penonton boleh membuat tempahan secara atas talian.

“Kita tawarkan makanan secara atas talian, penonton boleh membeli tiket dan kupon secara atas talian, malahan makanan juga akan dihantar ke kereta.

“Penonton juga boleh merasai pengalaman mendengar semua sistem audio dan suara di dalam kereta masing-masing,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Zainal Iskandar berkata, orang ramai boleh membuat tempahan tiket tayangan filem yang dikenakan bayaran antara RM36 hingga RM42 bagi setiap kenderaan dengan set snek serta minuman secara dalam talian di laman web www.sini-drive.com.my.

Menurutnya, orang ramai boleh menikmati tayangan filem pelbagai genre termasuk filem aksi dan Bollywood bermula pukul 8 malam hingga 11 malam pada skrin berkeluasan 6×18 meter itu setiap hari kecuali Isnin bermula esok (18 Julai).

“Satu frekuensi khas akan diberi kepada penonton yang audio tayangan filem berkenaan dapat didengar terus dari radio kenderaan masing-masing.

“Kami bercadang untuk membuka panggung wayang pandu masuk ini di tempat lain seperti Kuala Kangsar dan Kampar sekiranya ia mendapat sambutan,” katanya.

Sementara itu tambah Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Perumahan, Kerajaan Tempatan, Pengangkutan Awam dan Pelancongan, Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi, beliau berpendapat bahawa pawagam pandu lalu merupakan satu idea yang sangat baik demi memberi peluang kepada rakyat untuk keluar meluangkan masa bersama sama dengan keluarga.

“Saya yakin bahawa terdapat ramai orang yang tidak mahu mengambil risiko terjangkit dengan wabak yang merbahaya ini. Mungkin ada juga yang merasakan SOP yang telah ditetapkan itu agak renyah untuk dipatuhi, maka di sini lah usaha dan initiatif seperti Sini-Drive ini dapat dimanfaatkan oleh semua lapisan masyarakat.

“Selain itu, Sini-Drive ini juga berpotensi untuk menarik lebih ramai pengunjung ke negeri Perak khususnya ke Bandar Meru Raya. Perkara ini dapat menjana dan merancakkan ekonomi setempat sejajar dengan seruan kerajaan negeri dalam kempen #TravelPerakLah yang telah dilancarkan baru baru ini,” katanya.