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SERDANG – A 47-year-old man has been arrested over the murder of a woman in a parking lot in Puchong.

Serdang OCPD Asst Comm Ismadi Borhan said the suspect, who is the woman’s ex-husband, was arrested in Genting Highlands at about 2am yesterday (Feb 20).

“The woman was a Chinese national with a Permanent Resident status. Her family members – her daughter and younger sister – have identified the body at Serdang Hospital,” he said when contacted.

Post-mortem on the body, added ACP Ismadi, showed the cause of death to be multiple wounds from a sharp object.

“There were wounds on her neck and head, and on the front as well the back of her body. We believe the murder weapon to be a knife,” he said, adding that the suspect had been put on remand until Feb 26.

“We are ruling out theft as a motive as the victim’s belongings were not missing,” he said. ACP Ismadi also urged anyone with information to contact the Serdang district police headquarters at 03-8074 2222 or the nearest police station.

The body of the woman, in her 50s, was found in a pool of blood in a parking lot in Pusat Bandar Puchong Jaya at about 10.20pm on Wednesday.


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PETALING JAYA – Love it seems, will conquer all, even fears over the Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak.

Many of the top restaurants in town and five-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur are fully booked, or nearly so, for Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow night.

With 18 cases recorded in Malaysia, couples still prefer to dine out even if they have to take precautionary measures.

Married couple Kang Chong Hian, 46, and Ngai Mei Ling, 44, will be avoiding public places such as shopping malls due to concerns over Covid-19.

Having booked a restaurant two weeks ago, Kang and Ngai said that as they were bringing their three children along for the dinner, they had to consider their safety, too.

“The restaurant that we picked is located outdoors. We will just need to go to the car park, go to the restaurant, then go home.

“I think Valentine’s Day is quieter this year. There’s not much excitement, people are scared,” said Ngai when met at a shopping mall here yesterday.

Kang concurred, saying that they were not as excited for Valentine’s Day this year compared to previous years as there were many activities they had to rule out.

Kang said his family was taking precautions such as practising good hand hygiene by washing their hands frequently and using sanitisers, as well as face masks in public.

Self-employed 26-year-old CK and his girlfriend, only known as Lydia, 22, would also be having dinner at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, despite feeling a little worried.

“We are most likely going to celebrate Valentine’s with Lydia’s parents, who will be visiting from Terengganu, because their wedding anniversary is on the same day,” CK said.

“We will probably go somewhere near my place, maybe a Japanese restaurant.

“I think people are still generally going out on Valentine’s Day. The outbreak might affect (the celebrations) a bit but we’re not too concerned about it.”

Meanwhile, married couple Wahidah Basri, 27, and Hazman Razlan, 37, would most likely stay home for a more low-key celebration.

“Usually on Fridays, we prefer to stay at home and have quality time.

“I don’t think we’ll go out for Valentine’s Day this year. There are so many diseases spreading out there,” Wahidah said.


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PETALING JAYA: Syadila Amri, 29, spent four days in an isolation ward at the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban after she was suspected of having contracted the novel coronavirus.

The photographer had returned from a holiday in Guangzhou from Jan 7 to 11.

She started coughing after her return and developed a fever.

“On Jan 26, I started to cough. I had a sore throat, flu and I came down with a fever,” Syadila told theSun.

“I went to see a specialist the next day. I was found to have dengue fever, so the doctor referred me to a hospital in Seremban for a more thorough check-up.”

“At this point, I didn’t think that I would be a novel coronavirus ‘patient under investigation’. I had only been in China for five days,” she said.

“I was immediately transferred from the Jempol Hospital to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital and placed under quarantine.”

The transfer was a frightening experience for Syadila as the ambulance had several medical officers and workers wearing Hazmat suits accompanying her.

“The doctor kept checking my temperature throughout the journey. I got more anxious and nervous during the speedy ride to the hospital in Seremban,” she said.

“I was in isolation from Jan 28 to 31. The only source of entertainment in the room was a television that couldn’t be switched on. The internet reception was very poor. There was nothing that I could do except be lost in my own thoughts and emotions.

“It was terrifying and all that I could think of was my family. They could only talk to me through an intercom. It was sleepless nights the whole time I was there,“ she added.

Syadila said the ordeal of being locked away in the isolation ward, which she felt was like a mental asylum, was now etched in her mind.

“It felt like a terrible mind game that I had to play. The room had a window, but it couldn’t be opened.

Although there was air-conditioning, there was no remote for me to adjust the temperature. I felt hot and there wasn’t a fan.

“Nobody could see me except the medical workers in Hazmat suits, who came to take my temperature and deliver my meals.”

Her only communication with the outside world was the intercom and her mobile phone.

“All the questions that the staff there asked on my condition were done through the intercom. I even received phone calls from Health Ministry personnel asking about my China trip,” she said.

On top of being confined, all the items she had with her were confiscated, except her mobile phone. The items were returned to her after she was released.

Syadila said there was nothing she could do but eat and sleep, other than playing with her phone.

“After some time, I just laid down on the hospital bed and stared at the ceiling while waiting for the test results.”

While Syadila was in the isolation ward, her family was house-quarantined for two days.

Her mother had gone to China with her. After her family was freed from house-quarantine, they visited her.

When she found out that she tested negative for the virus, it felt like a huge weight lifted off her chest.

“It was a tearful moment for my family as they announced the test results.

“I was allowed to go home the next day. The doctor said I was still under their watch and had to be quarantined at home for a few days.”

Her condition will still be monitored by the Health Ministry until Thursday.


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Boling sumbang emas buat Malaysia

December 4, 2019 | Sports | No Comments

ATLET tenpin boling negara, Timmy Tan berjaya melakar kejayaan pada temasya Sukan SEA 2019 hari ini apabila memenangi pingat emas dalam acara perseorangan lelaki.

Beliau mencatat 1,334 jatuhan pin mengalahkan pencabar terdekatnya, Annop Arromsaranon dari Thailand yang menjatuhkan 1,331 pin.

Timmy berkata, sejak daripada awal lagi naluri hatinya kuat mengatakan bahawa akan mencapai kejayaan dalam acara tersebut.

“Saya memang teruja untuk beraksi hari ini. Malah selepas sesi latihan rasmi saya dapat rasakan yang saya mampu mencipta kejayaan cuma tidak tahu warna pingat yang akan dimenangi.

“Tidak sangka pula hari ini saya boleh meraih pingat emas,” katanya.

Kejayaan itu sekali gus menebus kekecewaan Timmy yang sebelum ini gagal meraih sebarang pingat pada temasya Sukan SEA 2017 di Kuala Lumpur.

Gangsa pula dimenangi peserta dari Singapura, Cheah Ray Han dengan 1,316 jatuhan pin.


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As SEA Games 2019 commenced yesterday (30 November) in the Philippines, Malaysia already won a gold medal in the Wushu category. And now we have our second gold medalist — Sam Jee Lek (Lego Sam) who represented Malaysia in the men’s break dancing category today (1 December)!

The member from Malaysia’s pioneering dance crew — Katoon Network, Lego Sam definitely made Malaysians proud by making our country heard in the dance scene.

According to The Star, Sam slammed the category by winning the maximum of 12 points. Many of his friends were rooting for him at the competition, and all of them congratulated and cheered when he stood on the podium with the gold medal around his neck. Not just that, the 24-year-old is also the first Malaysian b-boy to bring home a gold medal in the SEA Games!

Here’s the video of his performance at the competition (uploaded by Astro Arena HD on Instagram):

After his victory, Sam expressed gratitude in his Facebook post by thanking his family and friends. He also mentioned that now that he finally made it, he hoped that the Malaysian government can notice the positive efforts and achievements in break dancing, and to support Malaysian b-boys to have a better future as dancers.

Congratulations for “breaking” the Malaysian record, Lego Sam!


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Malaysians on social media are seemingly outraged by a beauty pageant that referred to the country as the “Republic of Malaysia”.

Miss Crystal Angel International 2019 pageant, which took place on Monday (Nov 4) in Yangon, Myanmar, apparently had two contestants from Malaysia – one dubbed Miss Malaysia, and the other as Miss Republic of Malaysia.

However, the event organizers later apologized and changed all usage of the “Republic of Malaysia” to “Borneo” on its official Facebook page on Tuesday (Nov 5).

Official announcement We from the organizers of the Miss Crystal Angel International organization of Myanmar 2019 wish…

Posted by Miss Crystal Angel International on Isnin, 4 November 2019

“This mistake did not come from Malaysian participants but it is from our side. Again, we apologize for the misunderstanding,” the statement read.

Despite the apology, the post continued to receive backlash from Malaysians in the comments section.

Based on the Facebook page, the pageant is supposedly “focused on young women’s strength in empowering their rights and passion in culture, heritage, art, tourism and social media.”

It also explained that the purpose of the pageant is “to make beauty pageants more relevant by providing platforms in these millennial times”.


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BERJALAN seperti model sambil memperagakan perut buncit. Bunyi agak aneh tetapi itulah realiti menerusi Pertandingan Perut Buncit Bergaya yang akan diadakan awal Disember ini.

Menerusi pertandingan itu, peserta lelaki hanya perlu ‘catwalk’ bergaya, menampilkan perut buncit dan berpakaian menarik sebagai syarat utama memenangi pertandingan.

Penganjur yang juga ahli perniagaan, Alex Soh, 44, berkata, pertandingan unik itu bakal diadakan di Kompleks Sukan Beaufort, Sabah dengan sasaran penyertaan 50 orang pada 1 Disember ini.

“Lelaki perut buncit juga mahu pengiktirafan seperti pertandingan ratu cantik atau bina badan yang selalu menjadi rebutan penyertaan.

“Idea di sebalik pertandingan ini adalah bagi meraikan mereka yang mempunyai perut buncit dan wanita seharusnya bangga mempunyai pasangan seperti ini.

“Disebabkan itu saya mengadakan pertandingan unik ini bagi memberi pengiktirafan kepada mereka,” katanya ketika dihubungi.

Menurutnya, setakat ini dia menerima 10 penyertaan daripada ‘lelaki perut buncit’ dan mengharapkan lebih ramai dengan ciri-ciri sama tampil bagi memeriahkan pertandingan.

“Menggunakan tema ‘Jangan Malu, Jangan Segan’, saya mengharapkan penyertaan daripada ramai pihak terutama dari Semenanjung, setakat ini yang berdaftar dengan saya peserta sekitar Sabah saja.

“Syarat penyertaan peserta mesti berusia 30 tahun ke atas dan mempunyai perut buncit, tidak kisah saiz pinggang berapa asalkan kita boleh nampak perutnya,” katanya.

Ditanya bagaimana pemenang akan dinilai, Alex berkata, peserta diadili dua pengadil yang menilai peserta ‘catwalk’ paling bergaya, wajib mempunyai perut buncit dengan pakaian menarik.

“Peserta perlu ‘catwalk’ dengan bergaya di depan 3,000 hingga 4,000 penonton.

“Mereka yang menerima sorakan paling kuat daripada penonton juga akan menerima markah lebih dengan pakaian menarik.

“Ibaratnya seperti pertandingan ratu cantik tetapi peserta kali ini terdiri daripada lelaki perut buncit.

“Yuran penyertaan hanya RM35 dan peserta berpeluang membawa pulang wang tunai RM400 untuk tempat pertama seterusnya RM300 di tempat kedua manakala RM200 tempat ketiga diiringi sijil penyertaan,” katanya.

Katanya, pertandingan itu bakal mendapat liputan meluas dari media antarabangsa yang tertarik dengan keunikan acara itu sekali gus mengharumkan nama Malaysia.

Harian Metro

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LELAKI warga Indonesia ditahan dipercayai terbabit dalam kejadian bertumbuk di Pintu Utama Grandstand Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC) di Sepang, semalam.

Ketua Polis Daerah Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA), Asisten Komisioner Zulkifli Adamshah berkata, dalam kejadian 3.45 petang itu, suspek berusia 32 tahun dipercayai menumbuk petugas lelaki berusia 24 tahun.

“Puncanya apabila lelaki warga Indonesia itu ditegur kerana menendang pagar. Mangsa bertugas di Pintu Utama Grandstand SIC sebelum suspek terbabit menendang pagar.

“Mangsa yang menegur lelaki itu kemudiannya diserang dan ditendang. Dalam kejadian itu mangsa cedera di bibir,” katanya ketika dihubungi Harian Metro, hari ini.

Beliau berkata, susulan kejadian itu, mangsa menerima lima jahitan dan suspek terbabit ditahan.

Katanya, kes berkenaan disiasat mengikut Seksyen 325 Kanun Keseksaan.

Dalam pada itu, video kejadian bertumbuk di Pintu Utama Granstand SIC tular di Facebook serta dikongsi netizen.

Semalam, SIC menjadi lokasi bagi perlumbaan Grand Prix Motosikal Malaysia.

Harian Metro

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Heart attack leading cause of death in Malaysia

October 31, 2019 | Health | No Comments

KUALA LUMPUR – Heart attack remains the leading cause of death in Malaysia for the 14th year.

Ischaemic heart diseases, which occur when arteries of the heart cannot deliver enough oxygen-rich blood to the heart, continued to be the main cause of death in Malaysia last year with a total of 18,267 deaths or 15.6 per cent of total deaths from various causes, the latest Statistics on Causes of Death in Malaysia released by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) revealed.

It was the principal cause of death for males in Malaysia with 12,510 deaths (17.8 per cent) while for females, the principal cause of death was pneumonia with 6,033 deaths (12.8 per cent), it said.

Last year, 172,031 total deaths from various causes were recorded, an increase of 2.3 per cent compared to 168,168 in 2017, it said.

“On average, 50 persons in Malaysia die of ischaemic heart diseases every day,” DOSM said in the statistics released yesterday.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in the United States, the most common type of ischaemic heart diseases is coronary heart disease (also known as coronary artery disease).

It is caused by the build-up of plaque inside the coronary arteries. The build-up can partially or totally block blood flow in the large arteries of the heart.

The condition may be caused by disease or injury which affects how the arteries work in the heart.

Coronary microvascular disease is another type of ischaemic heart diseases which occurs when the heart’s tiny arteries do not function normally.

Risk factors include smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, being physically inactive, overweight or obese, and family history.

DOSM said ischaemic heart diseases were the principal cause of death in 90 administrative districts in Malaysia and the highest percentage was recorded in Petaling, Selangor (16.3 per cent).

Urban areas recorded 12,101 cases, double that in rural areas (6,166 cases), it said.

Pneumonia was the principal cause of death in 48 administrative districts with the highest percentage recorded in Kota Setar, Kedah (17.8 per cent).

The number of deaths due to ischaemic heart diseases in Malaysia in 2010 was 9,371 and the figures increased gradually through the years.

The jump increased more prominently from 2016 to 2017 (13.9 per cent) and from 2017 to 2018 (15.6 per cent).

After ischaemic heart diseases, the second main cause of death last year was pneumonia (11.8 per cent), followed by cerebrovascular diseases (7.8 per cent), transport accidents (3.7 per cent) and chronic lower respiratory diseases (2.6 per cent).

On the main causes of death by age group, 4.8 per cent of those aged 0 to 14 died of pneumonia and 20.4 per cent of those aged 15 to 40 died in transport accidents.

The main cause of death among those above age 40 was ischaemic heart diseases: ages 41 to 59 (19.2 per cent) and ages 60 and above (16.6 per cent).


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KANAK-KANAK perempuan berusia tiga tahun hanya mampu meratap pilu di sisi ayah dan mayat ibunya selepas motosikal dinaiki mereka dirempuh kenderaan utiliti sukan (SUV) Range Rover di Persiaran Kewajipan menghala ke arah Subang Kelana, Subang Jaya, malam tadi.

Kejadian 10.01 malam itu, mengakibatkan ibu kanak-kanak yang berusia 36 tahun warga Myanmar itu maut di lokasi kejadian, manakala suaminya warga tempatan berusia 45 tahun, parah di kepala dan badan.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik (JSPT) Selangor, Superintendan Azman Shari’at berkata, kejadian berlaku di lampu isyarat Persiaran Murni ketika mangsa sekeluarga yang menaiki motosikal Honda Wave sedang menunggu lampu isyarat yang ketika itu berwarna merah.

Katanya, dalam masa sama SUV Range Rover yang dipandu penuntut berusia 20 tahun yang melalui jalan itu cuba mengelak pejalan kaki yang sedang melintas menyebabkan dia hilang kawalan lalu merempuh motosikal yang dinaiki mereka.

“Ia mengakibatkan wanita warga Myanmar itu maut di lokasi kejadian manakala suaminya parah dan anak perempuan mereka itu cedera di kepala.

“Mereka yang cedera dihantar ke Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) untuk menerima rawatan lanjut,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan, hari ini.

Azman berkata, semasa kejadian itu SUV itu turut merempuh sebuah lagi motosikal jenis Honda Future yang dinaiki suami isteri.

“Mereka yang berusia 46 dan 45 tahun itu cedera di bahagian muka dan badan yang mana menerima rawatan di hospital yang sama.

“Mayat mangsa dihantar ke Jabatan Forensik PPUM untuk dibedah siasat dan kes disiasat mengikut Seksyen 41(1) Akta Pengangkutan Jalan 1987,” katanya.

Harian Metro

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