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Here on a social visit pass, Steeven Raj Bernard Clement hatched a plan to steal from a prostitute to repay his debts.

The Malaysian, 29, responded to an online advertisement offering sexual services, had paid sex with a 30-year-old prostitute and robbed her at knifepoint.

He took more than $2,000 in various currencies and an iPhone worth about $1,400.

For committing robbery after 7pm and before 7am, Clement was, on Thursday, jailed for three years and three months and given 12 strokes of the cane. A charge for possessing dangerous weapons and an unrelated criminal intimidation charge were taken into consideration.

On June 9, Clement responded to an ad and was told to go to Min Wah Hotel in Geylang. At about 10pm, he went to a room there, gave $100 to the victim, a Chinese national and Special Pass holder, and had sex with her.

He armed himself with a 17cm-long blade which he had concealed.He grabbed her arm as she was leaving the bathroom and made her sit on the bed. He cut the room’s phone cord, turned to her and said “money, money”, Deputy Public Prosecutor Sunil Nair told District Judge Teo Guan Kee.

The victim took out all the cash she had in her wallet and placed it on the bed. Clement took the cash and her iPhone.

Before leaving at about 10.45pm, he placed his finger on his lips and went “shh, shh”. The victim called the police using a spare phone once he left.

Clement was arrested at 5.20am the next day at Park Hotel Farrer Park, where police found the stolen cash and phone, the knife and an improvised knuckle-duster.

Judge Teo highlighted that the robbery was planned, the weapon, and that the victim was in a vulnerable position, but noted she was not physically hurt.

Clement had asked for leniency and said an in-law had just died, his mother had cancer and his sister was pregnant.


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Honest man looking for owner of winning 4D ticket

October 11, 2019 | News | No Comments

Many Singaporeans dream of striking the lottery and receiving a sudden windfall, but this honest man does not want a single cent from a winning 4D ticket he mistakenly took.

The 63-year-old businessman, known only as Yang, told Shin Min Daily News that he had been placing his bets at a Singapore Pools outlet in Redhill on Saturday (Oct 5).

As he was leaving, Yang kept his tickets in his wallet without a second glance, only realising after the fact that one ticket wasn’t his.

The ticket was for a 4D number that Yang had no recollection of betting on and its timestamp showed that it had been bought before he was at the outlet.

To his surprise, the number on the ticket, 4069, was one of the starter prizes in Saturday’s draw.

This meant that the winning ticket was worth about $5,000.

In an effort to return the ticket, Yang visited Singapore Pools’ main branch on Oct 7 but was told by the staff to hand it over to the police.

“I was trying to be a good person, but it’s so troublesome. That’s why I’m trying to spread the word on the news. Hopefully, the ticket will be returned to its rightful owner,” Yang said in Mandarin.

According to the Singapore Pools website, the organisation is not responsible for ascertaining the ownership of lottery tickets. Prizes will be paid out to whoever presents a valid winning ticket within the claim period.

But this does not mean ‘finders keepers’.

Anyone who tries to claim a prize with a ticket that is not theirs can get in trouble with the law for dishonest misappropriation of property if the original owner pursues the matter.

Offenders can be jailed for up to two years or fined, or both.


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DHAKA, Bangladesh – A Bangladeshi man who forcibly shaved his wife’s head after finding a hair in his breakfast has been arrested, police said on Tuesday (Oct 8), as rights groups warned that violence against women was rising in the conservative Muslim nation.

Police raided a village in the north-western district of Joypurhat and arrested Bablu Mondal, 35, after villagers told officers about the incident.

“He found a human hair on the rice and milk breakfast his wife prepared for him,” local police chief Shahriar Khan told AFP.

“He became angry seeing the hair and blamed the wife. He then took a blade and forcibly shaved the head of the wife,” he said.

Police chief Khan said Bablu was charged with “voluntarily causing grievous hurt”, an offence that carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail, and also for “outraging the modesty” of his 23-year-old wife.

Activists say the incident highlights growing repression of women in Bangladesh despite laws to protect them from abuse and sexual assault.

According to local rights group Ain o Salish Kendra, there were an average three rapes a day in the first six months of the year.

The organisation that said of the 630 women raped between January and June, 37 were killed after the assault while seven others took their own life.

There were also 105 instances of attempted rape.

In April, massive protests broke out after a 19-year-old schoolgirl was burned to death on the orders of her headteacher after she reported him for sexually harassing her.


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Penang man dies after setting himself on fire

October 7, 2019 | News | No Comments

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Penang – A 44-year-old man died outside his house in Taman Impian Ria after dousing himself with petrol and setting himself on fire.

Central Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Nik Ros Azhan Nik Abdul Hamid said Khor Kau Gheor died of severe burns in the incident at 12.55am yesterday.

“Neighbours who saw Khor on fire alerted his 66-year-old father who was in the house.

“Khor’s father rushed out only to find his son dead with burns all over his body.

He did not reveal what illness the victim had. The case has been classified as sudden death after a post-mortem was conducted at Seberang Jaya Hospital.


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Suspecting his wife was having an affair, the husband camped outside a hotel in the hope of catching her with her lover.

When he saw them entering a car, the man demanded they alight.

But Desmond Koh Wee Boon drove off instead, and ended up driving for about half an hour, up to speeds of 70kmh, with the victim hanging onto his front windscreen for at least 7km.

Yesterday, Koh, 34, was sentenced to 11 weeks’ jail and disqualified from driving for two years for one count of doing a rash act that endangered human life or the safety of others.

The court heard that on April 28, 2018, the victim, 27, and his friend managed to track down the victim’s wife and camped outside Fragrance Hotel in Kovan.

After waiting for several hours, the man saw his wife entering the car with Koh at about 3am.

He banged on the windscreen and the driver’s side door, demanding they alight.

But Koh drove off, and the victim clung to the driver’s door and shouted for him to stop, but he continued to drive for about 40m down Sireh Place, before making a left turn into Kampong Sireh.

Deputy Public Prosecutor David Lee said: “The left turn caused the victim to be flung from the car and onto the road.”

As the car stopped behind a vehicle, the victim climbed onto the bonnet of the vehicle.

“(He) then clung on to the top of the car’s windscreen with his body stretched over the windscreen,” added DPP Lee.

But Koh started driving again, for about 250m down to the Singtel building along Upper Serangoon Road.

GRAPHIC: The New Paper


At the building, the victim’s wife alighted from the car and tried to persuade her husband to get down, but he refused.

Koh then continued driving along Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Lorong Ah Soo, Hougang Avenue 3, and Defu Lane 10.

At a red traffic light, a Grab driver and his passenger spotted the victim banging on the roof of the car.

The victim shouted for them to call the police, which they did.

Koh then drove back to Upper Serangoon Road, past Serangoon MRT and Nex shopping mall.

The police managed to track Koh down in front of Block 323 Serangoon Avenue 3.

Koh and the victim were later arrested.

The victim fainted due to hyperventilation while being detained, and had to be taken to hospital.

The Grab driver and his passenger said Koh had turned the car at high speeds, braked the car intermittently to throw the victim off, and had also beaten red traffic lights.

In mitigation, Koh’s lawyer said the victim was the aggressor, and his client had feared for his own safety.

In response, DPP Lee said Koh had acted disproportionately to what he perceived as a threat from the victim, and had opportunities to stop the vehicle but did not do so.

He also added that Koh was convicted of a traffic offence in 2009 and for voluntarily causing hurt in 2014.

In sentencing, District Judge Christopher Goh noted that Koh had driven through some major roads, and the mitigating factors were not exceptional in this case.


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A 39-year-old man in China’s Guizhou province threw a fake wedding to raise funds to start a business.

When the wedding reception ended, he refused to pay the rented bride the fee that was agreed upon. He even blocked her on all social media sites, Kwong Wah Daily reported.

Angry and frustrated, Xiao Li, who works as a professional rental girlfriend, highlighted the matter to the press.

“We had agreed on a seven-day rental period from Aug 22 to 28. My fee for each day was 521 yuan (S$100.90).

“The wedding reception was held on Aug 25 and all my transportation, food and accommodation costs had to be paid by him, ” she said.

Xiao Li received angpows of nearly 60,000 yuan at the wedding but as agreed upon, all the money went to the man.

The pair spent several days travelling across Guizhou after the reception and apparently slept together on two occasions.

But eventually, Xiao Li was unable to contact him after the “lease” ended.

Lawyers were of the view that she was at a disadvantage as there was no written contract.


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Man killed in hit-and-run on Penang Bridge

September 20, 2019 | News, Viral | No Comments

GEORGE TOWN – A 42-year-old motorcyclist from Kedah, travelling towards Penang Island, was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Thursday (Sept 19).

The victim, Winson Visuvasam, was riding on the Penang Bridge on Thursday (Sept 19), when a motorcycle “brushed” against the victim, causing him to lose control of his motorcycle before hitting the wheel of a slow-moving truck on the left lane.

The victim died at the scene.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Che Zaimani Che Awang said a post-mortem is underway and the case is being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act for reckless driving resulting in death.

“The CCTV showed that the victim was allegedly hit by another motorcycle, which fled the scene.

“We urge witnesses to come forward to aid investigations, ” he said in a statement on Thursday.


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Recently, a heartbroken businessman in China paid a whopping USD35,000 (RM1,46,320) to have his dead cat cloned with the help of a Beijing-based animal cloning company called Sinogene

The businessman, 22-year-old Huang Yu, had buried his dead cat’s body in a park close to his home after the British shorthair passed away in January this year.

However, hours later, he went back and dug up the dead cat’s body and put it in his refrigerator because he had recalled reading an article on dog cloning in China.

It made him consider the possibility that his cat, Garlic, could be brought back to life.

“In my heart, Garlic is irreplaceable,” the New York Times quoted Huang as saying.

Garlic didn’t leave anything for future generations, so I could only choose to clone.Huang Yu.

Seven months later, on 21 July, Sinogene cloned Garlic

Garlic is the first cat cloned by China.

The New York Times said that scientists at the Beijing-based company implanted skin cells from Huang’s original cat into eggs harvested from other cats.

They then used an electric shock and 40 cloned embryos were implanted into four surrogate mother cats. The procedure resulted in three pregnancies, two of which were miscarriages, Chen Benchi, head of Sinogene’s medical experiments team, said.

According to Zhao Jianping, vice-president of Sinogene, the pet-cloning company began cat cloning research and experiments in August last year.

“Although the surrogate mother, a two-year-old domestic cat, is not the same breed as Garlic, she is showing great maternal instincts and taking good care of the cloned offspring,” Zhao was quoted as saying in a report by China Daily.

Zhao added that the dead cat that supplied the cells for cloning and the cloned kitten look identical and have a great chance of having similar behaviour.

“The cloned kitten is 90% like my original cat,” Huang said, who blamed himself for the passing of his cat earlier this year

Garlic, who was two-year-old, died in January from a urinary tract infection.

While the young businessman was initially put off by the expense, he said that getting Garlic back was worth more than that, even though his parents disapproved.

“My family doesn’t understand why I insisted on spending so much money on cloning a cat. But it provided me with a chance to ease my pain,” Huang said.

Garlic is currently under observation at the lab where he will stay for another month before being sent home to Huang in October.


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Man slits own throat after fatal accident in Malaysia

September 10, 2019 | News | No Comments

KUALA SELANGOR – A senior citizen slit his throat after a collision with another car which killed the driver.

It is learnt that the 66-year-old man was driving a Mercedes-Benz C200 along Batu 5, Jalan Kampung Sungai Tiram Jaya in Tanjung Karang when his car rammed into a Perodua Myvi at 2.53am yesterday.

The impact of the collision caused the Myvi to plunge into a nearby drain.

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat said the 40-year-old Myvi driver was pinned inside the car and died at the scene.

“Witnesses saw the senior citizen in a daze after the collision but he was not hurt.

“All of a sudden he took out a knife and slit his own throat. Members of the public could not save him,” he said.

SAC Fadzil said a post-mortem on the senior citizen at the Tanjung Karang Hospital showed that the cause of death was massive bleeding secondary to deep incised wound over the neck.

“We are investigating the incident under Section 41 of the Road Transport Act and sudden death,” he said.


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According to Tribun Jakarta, the 26-year-old woman and her husband, M Faisal also aged 26, got married earlier this year in April. Their household consisted of 3 people which were her husband, her 14-year-old sister and herself. The 3 of them lived together happily in a low-cost home in Surabaya.

However, later, Faisal started to peep on his sister-in-law when she was showering or changing out of her clothes for quite awhile. One day, he couldn’t stand the temptation anymore and so he raped her.

He took the opportunity to rape the 14-year-old when her elder sister was not home, and did so for a whopping 7 times. Luckily, one day, her sister came back early and found both of them in the shower together completely nude. She went to make a police report.

When questioned, the poor younger sister said that she didn’t want to destroy their marriage so she decided to stayed quiet. She even said that every time he raped her, he would hold her hands and ask her not to shout.

Faisal on the other hand said that every time he raped the 14-year-old, it was because he was possessed by a demon.

He will be facing a maximum of 15 years in prison.


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