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PETALING JAYA – It seemed an uphill task, but overweight musician Muhammad Helmi Shahuddin kept at overhauling his lifestyle and following a strict diet plan.

The result of his perseverance – losing over 50kg and bidding adieu to diabetes and high blood pressure.

Having struggled with his weight for most of his life, the 33-year-old revealed that it was not until two years ago that he decided to turn his life around and reduce his over 120kg frame.

He adopted the keto diet and the one meal a day (OMAD) plan, a form of intermittent fasting stretching 22 hours daily with just a small window to eat.

Also known as the ketogenic diet, it involves a low-carb, high fat eating plan that drives the body into a state of ketosis, whereby the body uses fat as a primary fuel source instead of carbohydrates.

“It started when I met a friend who lost a lot of weight and I asked what was his secret.”

“He told me about a weight loss expert called Dr Eric Berg who has these Youtube videos, which I started to look up, ” said Helmi.

After watching the videos, the guitarist was inspired to embark on his weight loss transformation.

“I started to diet during Ramadan in 2018. I would only drink plain water for sahur (pre-dawn meal) then break fast by eating two pieces of beef patties, three eggs and some salad.”

“Ever since then, I’ve been following the keto diet by eating high fats but no sugar and no carbs, ” said Helmi, who lives in Subang Jaya with his wife Yazrin Azrina Yunus, 33.

Following this, Helmi dropped to a much healthier weight, recording 71kg at his lowest.

When Helmi went to see his doctor, Dr Ng Siew Nee six months after his weight loss, she was impressed.

“Last month, I was cleared of diabetes, high blood pressure and dirty urine, ” said Helmi, who now weighs 77kg, with muscles to show.

“I go to the gym about three times a week and have started to take some carbs to build up muscles.”

These days, Helmi’s menu includes five eggs daily plus beef or chicken breast and some vegetables. He also regularly fasts for 22 hours a day.

“When I was trying to lose weight, I would fast for 16 to 17 hours only. But now I’m used to a 22-hour fast.”

“I eat only once a day at 2pm. My body is used to it,” he said.

Since losing weight, Helmi said he was now more confident and energetic when performing onstage.

“I’ve always been heavy. When I was 15, I weighed about 80kg.”

“People would make fun of me. People treat me differently now, ” said Helmi, who mostly performs in concerts and TV programmes.

He just finished a gig as a guitarist for Ramli Sarip and Ella at Istana Budaya and played in the house band for TV show Gegar Vaganza and Mentor Milenia.

Helmi, who has a music degree from UiTM Shah Alam, credited Dr Ng for motivating him to lose weight, saying: “She is a one-in-a million doctor who is an excellent motivator.

“My wife is also very proud of me that I managed to lose weight and become a healthier person.”

Dr Ng said after seeing Helmi’s successful weight loss, she too began fasting and taking on a low-carb diet and shared it with her patients.

“As it’s not yet very popular among mainstream medicine practitioners, I’m trying my best to share it. Hopefully, more people will benefit, ” she said.


An angry man trying to drag another motorist online for overtaking him got his shaming attempt backfired. 

The man had been hogging the fast lane, after all. 

A man who goes by the name Vincent Kim did not appreciate getting overtaken by a Skoda sedan driver while driving along the two-lane viaduct last Wednesday (Feb 5). So upset was he that two days later, he uploaded dashcam footage on Facebook, berating (in all caps) the other motorist for “rushing”. 

Vincent was particularly mad because the Skoda driver had allegedly endangered the lives of his family inside the car. 

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

Instead of getting people on his side, the man was the one at the receiving end of internet condemnation. You see, netizens watched both clips and determined that Vincent had been… road-hogging. 

Vincent Kim 发布于 2020年2月6日周四

Cruising at a leisurely 70 km/h (according to the dash cam’s heads-up display), Vincent had been travelling along the right-most lane, rightfully abiding by the speed limit. But commenters slammed him nonetheless for not giving way to overtaking vehicles behind him. 

Vincent Kim 发布于 2020年2月6日周四

No mercy was given in the comments section. 

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab


Apparently unhappy that the hospital had run out of the medication he needed, a man in Xiaogan, a city in Hubei, China, pulled down his mask and coughed at the hospital staff.

The two staff members immediately got up from their seats and ran away from him.

According to Shangyou News, the man had just returned home to Xiaogan from Wuhan when he started feeling feverish. He had initially gone to Xiaogan Central Hospital for treatment but hadn’t recovered, hence he went to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital for a second checkup on Monday afternoon (Jan 27).

Even though the doctor wrote a prescription for him, the patient was informed that the medication was unavailable.

In the hospital’s CCTV footage, the man could be seen handing over a card to the staff behind the counter before pulling down his mask to cough at them.

A woman could be heard explaining that the man had a high fever of 39 degrees for four days. After finding out they had run out of the medicine in his prescription, the patient allegedly threw a temper and demanded a refund.

The man was merely suffering from a case of the regular cold and fever, a hospital representative told PearVideo.

After the patient left, the area was quickly disinfected and the hospital reported the incident to the police department. The man has since been located and he has consented to co-operate with the authorities.

“This incident left a lot of our staff angry,” the director of the hospital told The Paper. “But we can understand how the patient felt at that moment. We don’t want to cause problems for him either.”


A 50-year-old mentally disabled man from Vietnam has to look after his ailing mother who had always taken care of him all his life.

According to China Press, the woman, now in her 90s, had five children. Two of them passed away while another two got married and started families of their own.

Her youngest son has been mentally disabled ever since he was a child and has always been dependent on her. He grew up under the care of his mother.

However, now that that she is getting older and has many health problems, it has become very difficult for her to not only take care of her son, but to take care of herself.

Without sufficient money for medical bills, she just lies in bed thinking that “sleeping is just fine”.

Seeing his mother’s condition, the woman’s mentally disabled son decided to take up the responsibility of caring for his mother by himself. He knows that she has been the one taking care of him all these years and says that it is now his duty to honour her.

However, due to his mental disability, there’s no way for him to find work. So, he goes to the market every day to find work to make a living.

And because he’s worried about leaving his mother alone at home and afraid that something bad would happen to her, he would wake up before the sun rises while his mother is sleeping and return home by dawn.

He earns money by picking up rubbish and buys food for his mother. But because he knows that she is too sick to have solid foods, he would buy milk for her instead.

Additionally, he would change her diapers for her and clean her body.

News about this man and his dedication to his mother spread online where it touched the netizens in Vietnam.

We certainly are touched by this story too! Hopefully after news about this has spread, someone would be willing to help this poor family out. 


A resident of Marang, Terengganu, Aziro wants to find a wife

So he put up a couple of public banners advertising himself in Terengganu.

According to the 35-year-old, he had put up two banners in Dungun, with one in town, and the other by the beach at Pantai Teluk Bidara, reported Malay Mail yesterday evening, 10 January.

One of Aziro’s banners came to light after it was posted on Twitter

But why banners?

He confessed that he has given up searching for a wife through the usual method of social media or dating apps because there’s just too much competition and choices that he had to face.

“So I decided to put up a banner of myself, hoping that anyone from the nearby villages would be interested,” Aziro said, adding that he is praying for the best.

He claims to have received numerous calls from curious strangers

“I’ve received calls from Kedah, KL, Selangor and even Kuantan,” Malay Mail quoted him as saying.

“There’s even a caller from Penang complimenting me about my method of finding a wife and the originality of the idea,” the 35-year-old, who has not informed his family of his search, boasted.

Aziro’s banner has since found its way to the widely popular Twitter account of ‘No Context Malaysia’, where it has gone viral


According to The Star, a 21-year-old Indonesian man is suspected of killing his pregnant girlfriend, 21, after finding out that she was four months pregnant. The situation got a lot trickier as the two were students at Makassar State Islamic University (UIN), Alauddin.

Satriani, the victim’s cousin, was the first to find her dead body on December 14th. The victim reportedly had fatal stabbing wounds on her body.

“The victim was found covered in blood in her bedroom,” Makassar Police Chief Sr. Comr. Yudhiawan Wibisono said. The killer was also suspected of suffocating her with a pillow.

Reported by Yudhiawan, the suspect, Ridhayatul Khair, was apprehended at the victim’s funeral.

“He admitted to investigators that he had killed the victim. He said the victim had said she was four months pregnant and wanted him to take responsibility. The victim threatened to tell Ridhayatul’s family about the matter. He became enraged and murdered her,” reported Yudhiawan.

The police also announced that the weapon of murder, a kitchen knife, was found at a riverbank not far from the victim’s house.

If found guilty, Ridhayatul could be charged under Article 340 of the Criminal Code on premeditated murder and may be eligible for a life-long jail sentence or a death sentence.


While it’s perfectly normal for gamers to get caught up in the moment when they’re gaming, we seriously doubt that ‘chicken dinner’ is worth losing your life.

A 20-year-old man recently passed away after he accidentally drank detergent instead of water because he was too focused on playing PUBG on his phone.

According to Oriental Daily, the young man, who went by the name of Saurabh Yadav, was reportedly travelling with his friend, Santosh Sharma, on an express train from Madhya Pradesh to Agra, India. To pass time on the journey, the man whipped out his phone and started playing PUBG but soon grew thirsty.

With his eyes still glued intensely to the screen, Yadav reached into Sharma’s bag and pulled out a can of liquid. He opened the can without looking at the label and drank the unidentified substance, thinking that it was water or a flavoured drink.

Soon after, Yadav began to feel as though his organs were burning and quickly looked at the “water” he just ingested. He was shocked to discover that the can was actually filled with cleaning detergent!

In a flurry of panic, Sharma and his other friends called out for help but the train was moving at full speed and they were told that the moving vehicle would only stop at its planned destination.

Unfortunately, by the time they reached Agra, Yadav had passed away from poisoning. When questioned by authorities about why he carried cleaning detergent with him, Sharma revealed that he was a jeweller and needed the solution to clean silverware regularly. However, Yadav’s family still believes that his friend deliberately let their son ingest the liquid, fully knowing that it would poison him.


A post detailing how a man found his lost keys thanks to a kind passerby in Penang has gone viral on Facebook

The post has garnered almost 6,000 reactions after it was posted by Facebook user Ken Lim yesterday, 8 December.

In the post, Lim shared that he only realised the keys for his motorcycle were not with him after finishing work at an event in Penang Hill.

According to him, he took the last train down from the hill and he was afraid that he left his keys at the event venue.

“When I was going to get my motorcycle, I couldn’t find my motorcycle key. I was worried that I might have left my keys on the hilltop,” Lim related.

Lim said that he went into a panic mode, which led him to call his mother to bring the spare keys to him.

But things took a turn for the better when Lim picked up his helmet and found his keys rested safely inside it.

“When I took the helmet out of the motorcycle, I saw the warmest thing ever,” Lim continued.

“A kind person stuck my keys under my helmet and left this note. Although I don’t know who you are, but thank you. Sincerely.”

The note read, “Don’t leave your keys on the motorcycle next time, or else someone will steal it. Remember ya.”

The note was neatly punctured into the keychain and the message was written in big letters.

Lim admitted his clumsiness of leaving the keys on the ignition switch and he wished to find the Good Samaritan who had helped him hide the keys.

“Please help me share and find out this kind person, I want to thank him or her in person,” Lim concluded the post.

Netizens were touched by the story and many have flocked to the comments section to leave heartwarming messages

“An honest person like this is great to be friends with till death,” a Facebook user commented.

Another netizen said he encountered the same incident many times and kind strangers at Gurney Plaza always had his back.

“Yes, there is kindness in society,” said a netizen.

“I often left my keys with the motor. And many times, strangers had helped me put them in my jacket or helmet. People at the Gurney (Plaza’s) parking often helped me.”


Advancement in technology has made transferring money easier.

It has, unfortunately, also made transferring money to the wrong person just as effortless. 

Just ask Facebook user Geraldinep Phoa, who made the mistake of transferring $500 to an unintended party, with the incident descending into a case of “he said, she said”, and reports being filed by both camps.

In a note and series of screengrabs posted on Saturday (Nov 23), the woman recounted how she had accidentally transferred $500 meant for a friend to a stranger by the name of Koh Yeow Nguang.

Although she tried to contact him in hopes that he would respond, Phoa alleged that Koh ignored multiple calls from both her and her husband and failed to reply to any of her messages.

based on the screenshots provided,Koh did reply to her husband with a simple “Who?” at 2.03am, and after understanding the situation,replied that he would check the next day.

However, Phoa claimed that Koh subsequently blocked their numbers.

She accused Koh of being “greedy” and “hungry over (her) hard earned $500”, not before stating that she had already made a police report against him.

Phoa also included multiple pictures of Koh in her post, along with the name of his business and several of his personal information.

Koh has since spoken up with his side of the story in his own post on Facebook yesterday (Nov 24).

He detailed his story in a series of screenshots of the police report that he, too, had filed, over alleged defamatory remarks.

A clumsy person made payment into my account by mistake, midnight.Called 10 times between 2:01 am to 2:11am insisted…

Posted by Roger Koh on Sabtu, 23 November 2019

In his report, he explained that he blocked their numbers purely because they had been disturbing his sleep.

Koh also initially believed the two could be scammers, as he claimed he had neither signed up for Paylah nor PayNow, and hence questioned the authenticity of their claims.

He also alleged that his outlet manager from one of his eateries had been harassed by the couple, causing them to close the outlet almost two hours earlier than normal.

As for Phoa’s posting of his photos and online information, he accused her of defamation too.

On top of that, Koh also claimed that he received a call from an Investigative Officer(I/O). Upon calling her back, she had demanded that he “react and return the money immediately” or make a police report of his own.

In a screenshot of the statement that he gave to the police, Koh described the call as “totally impartial” and called it an “abuse of power”.

Netizens were not impressed by their game of “he said, she said”, and instead scolded the both of them for being immature.

Many thought that Phoa had been unreasonable and entitled for expecting Koh to attend to her demands despite the unearthly hour at which she had contacted him, while others berated her for her negligence.

https://www.facebook.com/Rogerkoh0203/videos/10157835349222070/On the other hand, some found Koh ridiculous for not returning the money and attempting to play the martyr.

PHOTOS: Screengrab/AsiaOne

In two separate updates on Monday morning (Nov 25), Koh shared that he has not been able to uncover the account that had received the $500.

Posted by Roger Koh on Ahad, 24 November 2019

 In a video he shared of himself this morning, he said that he will be contacting the IO in charge of the case, “if the amount is being traced and identified that it’s been deposited into my account, any one of my 30 accounts.”

However, he added that it would take some time as he is currently away in Indonesia and would only be back in town the following week. 

Later that afternoon, he stated in a post that the transfer has not been logged among his many accounts, and questioned how it could have happened. 

Can PAYNOW confirm that the mobile number one pays to need not be the person who owns the account being transferred…

Posted by Roger Koh on Isnin, 25 November 2019

AsiaOne has reached out to the Singapore Police Force for more information and will update this article accordingly.

Should you wind up in a similar situation perchance, we found out that you can actually attempt to contact the bank for assistance in reclaiming or returning the money.


SIBU, Malaysia – A 31-year -old man has been arrested, after he allegedly shot his friend to death during a hunting trip in Sungai Jelai Tatau on Saturday (Nov 23) night.

Tatau OCPD Deputy Supt Dennis Bunyam said on Monday (Nov 25) that in the 10.30pm incident on Saturday, the suspect had mistaken his 30-year-old friend for a civet cat and fired a shot that killed him.

The victim, Ricky Limbing, was from Rumah Das, Sungai Kelawit, Tatau.

According to DSP Bunyam, the duo had gone hunting for wild animals in the forest.

“They had stopped at a river bank and split up to look for prey,” he said.

The suspect, he said, went inland while the victim was still on the boat, which he rowed down river.

“Our investigations revealed the suspect thought that the victim was a civet cat and immediately fired his shotgun,” he said.

He was shocked to find that the animal was instead his friend and rushed him to Tatau Clinic. However, the victim had succumbed to serious injuries.

The police arrested the suspect and also seized a shotgun and a shotgun shell under Section 302 of the Penal Code and Section 8 of the Firearms (increased penalties) Act 1971 for investigation.