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Many people are doing everything they can to show their appreciation for medical workers who are fighting the Covid-19 virus on the frontlines.

One pilot, who was flying a plane carrying medical supplies, decided to show his support and gratefulness by taking to the skies with a message of appreciation.

As according to Fox News, the pilot, who was flying a plane carrying medical supplies from China to Iceland, decided to draw a heart using the plane’s flight path.

Well, the heart shape is definitely a universally used symbol, and the message was clear. The change in course reportedly added another nine minutes to the flight, the was a heartfelt salute to the nation’s health care personnel.

The symbol was apparently drawn over the hospitals in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik.

What an amazing show of support!

We wish nothing but the best to the health care teams in Iceland as they too, alongside the rest of us, battle the Covid-19 to the ground.

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