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/ M’sian Trio Shows Off

Millions of Malaysians are currently being confined to their homes under the Movement Control Order (MCO) – and having so much time on their hands, Malaysians have come up with ways to fight the boredom and keep their heads up, thus far.

While others are turning to the internet to play games, shoot Tik Tok videos, share recipes and many other social media related projects, this trio of avid futsal-ers did something a little different with their time.

Probably bored being stuck in their apartment, the trio created an incredibly impressive video of them playing futsal and not breaching MCO while doing it.

The video which was shared on Twitter via @ABGKYO witnessed the video beginning with three university students filling up their time with attempts at poetry, learning to sing a song and one creating a make-shift football out of paper and duct-tape.

It was from this moment, that the video began to look like several football ads that were aired in the late-90s and early 2000s.

The video which has seen 29.5k views and 2k retweets, saw netizens commending the three individuals in the video for reigniting the Malaysian hankering for futsal.

It is good to see that Malaysians in general can comply with MCO regulations, what more with the time afforded to us surely more videos like this will make its way on social media soon.

Let’s hope that videos like this will inspire others to generate more content that will help take our minds off of our current predicament.