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As the year 2021 draws near, Malaysians are taking time to reflect on the lessons learned throughout the year, while charting plans for a fresh start.

They prefer to stay at home on New Year’s eve but would consider travelling next year, if the Covid-19 pandemic situation improves.

When contacted, self-employed Muhamad Rahman Daros, 38, from Shah Alam, said 2020 had given invaluable lessons that came from challenges of Covid-19.

“It has been tough for all of us since the pandemic emerged and we faced some difficulties like never before. However, we remained resilient and I pray that things will get better for us next year.

“I’m just grateful that everyone in my family is safe and healthy. There’s nothing more that I would want than to be close to my loved ones,” Rahman said, adding he had plans to travel with friends sometime next year to wind down.

Telemarketer Shafiq Ameer, 29, on the other hand, will be working on the final day of the year and also on new year’s day.

He did not make plans to celebrate the coming of the new year and instead wants to stay home due to the worsening pandemic.

In previous years, he would be hanging out with his friends on new year’s eve until the early hours of the morning.

“Maybe next year we will take a trip somewhere, maybe to Langkawi. It is better to stay safe for now,” he added.

A 40-year-old from Melaka, who only wants to be known as Sha, said she would be spending quality time at home with her loved ones on new year’s eve.

As Melaka is one of the preferred tourist destinations, she said the city would be congested during the long holidays, with Christmas being just around the corner.

“That’s why I have decided to travel with friends before Christmas and the new year’s eve. We are currently on vacation in Langkawi.”