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In a Twitter video that has gone viral, we see a seven-year-old boy pushing his OKU father on an almost empty road in KL.

The video starts off by showing a man driving down a road with two friends (they are feeding the less fortunate around KL). When the driver spots a young boy pushing an older man on the wheelchair, he slowed down and asked if the man wanted to eat, to which he said yes.

The team then proceeded to come down from the car and gave them two bottles of water with two packets of rice. The thin young boy asked his father whether it was enough or not and his father said,

“Yeah, it’s enough. We have to leave some for others as there are still many other people who haven’t gotten it yet.”

The boy scratches his head in embarrassment and assumed his position behind his father’s wheelchair so that he can continue to push him to their destination.

According to the tweet by AZ, it is said that the man’s legs have been broken for about 10 years now and the metal rod that once replaced his bones are also broken. The only thing supporting the man is his wheelchair and his son now.

AZ told WORLD OF BUZZ that they have found the place where the father and son duo are staying at and it turns out, it’s just a mattress behind some shop lots. They have now found the duo and are talking to them to try to help them more.

He also said that this charity effort was built up with his group of friends. When they started out, they can only give out 20 packs of food per day but with enough contributions from the public, there was even one day when they gave out 250 packs to the unfortunate!

He says that the public can help in every way they want, not just financially but also by donating food products, volunteering with them or by just sharing their cause. If you would like to contribute to them, you can find the details below. If you would like to help in some other way, you can contact AZ on Instagram and on Twitter.

Name of Bank: CIMB Bank

Bank Account Number: 7068175272

Account Holder: Muhammad Adzim Bin Abdul Azaiz