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The Wildlife Conservation Centre in Sungkai, Perak has been busy welcoming the births of endangered species under this care.

In two separate updates via their Facebook page, the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) said the first birth was recorded on November 8 where a male gaur and pangolin were born.

According to the department, the male gaur, named Covid, was born to November and Daisy.

The gaur, also known as Indian bison, is native to South and Southeast Asia and has been listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN) Red List since 1986.

“Covid is active and healthy. Continuous observations will be undertaken by the department to ensure its well being,” shared the department, adding that the birth is an initiative by the department to protect and maintain the country’s biodiversity for the future generations.

As for the pangolin, yet to be named by the department, its parents are Gerik and Balan.

This is the second time baby pangolins have been born at the centre.

In May, the centre welcomed two pangolins – Corona and Corina.