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According to Sinar Harian and Terengganu Voice, anybody who is caught loitering outdoors past 8.00pm will immediately be arrested in Terengganu.

According to Terengganu Chief of Police Datuk Roslee Chik, the police will no longer make any compromises for any individuals who continue to remain stubborn during the MCO, with the exception of legitimate emergencies.

“It has almost been a month since the implementation of the MCO and we are still seeing people giving illogical reasons like needing to buy water, food, and other essentials, despite the fact that businesses have been told to close at 6pm (in Terengganu).

As such, from today onward, any individuals caught loitering outside past 8pm will immediately be arrested.” he said.

This was told to the press outside of Terengganu Police Headquarters before an audience of media, where Datuk Roslee also mentioned that there has been an increase of traffic by up to over 9,000 vehicles in his state since Monday (13th April 2020).