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A Malaysian model has recently taken to social media to share her harrowing sexual harassment experience after being pulled over by a police officer

Posting on her Instagram Story yesterday 30 November, the model, known only as J, said the incident took place on a highway at 2am the night before.

She was on the way home with her boyfriend and a group of women after a client meeting at the time.

After avoiding a cat on the road, the police pulled them over and J’s boyfriend was told to step out of the car.

“(The police officer) asked for his identification card (IC), and as usual, the letter and whatnot. And then he came to my window and asked for my IC as well,” J related.

She said the policeman asked her if she was an Indian, before proceeding to question why her name looks “different” and remarking that she does not look like an Indian.

“He also kept flashing the flashlight right into my face and I knew he was looking at different parts of my body although I was fully covered,” said the model.

The police officer then asked J why she was out at night, to which she replied that she was playing a role in a music video

“(He) asked me where I was from, and what I was doing in life, and so much more. A lot of personal details. And he didn’t want to give me my IC back,” she continued.

“He also told my boyfriend, ‘Why are the girls sitting in the car like bosses, ask them to come out’ and it was about 2am in the middle of a highway.”

The police officer went back to J after that and asked her to “prove it to him” that she is a “well-known” model. 

“He forced me to open my Instagram account and he took my phone and started scrolling,” J recounted.

“He started asking me where were a few pictures on my phone taken and whatnot.”

According to her, the police officer even tried flirting with her right in front of her boyfriend

Following that, the policeman still refused to let them go despite agreeing to pay the summons.

At one point, the policeman tried soliciting a bribe from J’s boyfriend.

“(My) boyfriend had to show him his bank account details to prove that his pay wasn’t in,” she said.

“But once he knew that I was the girlfriend, he didn’t want to let us go because of me and he wanted to pry into personal details of my life, which was a violation of privacy.”

“I felt so sexually harassed even by the way he looked at me because I noticed he was looking right at my face and smirking, and also my chest.”

“He knew I was uncomfortable and he knew my boyfriend couldn’t do much because all we wanted to do was just to get home after a long day of working.”

J said the policeman forced her boyfriend to show him footage of their work, specifying over and over again that he wanted to see pictures of her.

“It’s bloody disgusting,” J remarked.

The experience broke J to tears, especially since it happened during a time of grieving following the passing of a close family member

“I broke down in the car and I was shaking because I was so afraid,” she shared.

“All I could do was silently pray [and] hope that he wouldn’t touch me inappropriately, or do anything funny.” 

They were allowed to leave after half an hour of interrogation, which J said was “pointless”.

The encounter had left her restless for the entire night.

“I fear for my safety, I fear for the safety of many women who are driving alone, especially at night. The police are supposed to protect and make the people feel secure,” she said.

Many netizens also used the opportunity to share their similar experiences.

“I always get harassed at police roadblocks. They will ask if I’m married, why I’m pretty but still not married yet, do I have a boyfriend, and who do I live with,” said a Twitter user.

“After that, he will ask his police gang to come look at me in the vehicle as if I’m an object.

Another person said she was also harassed by police officers in 2019. She said the officers had described her body as “small” and asked if she was really 20 years old.

An officer even patted her shoulder and told her to “relax, don’t be afraid”.

Meanwhile, a netizen added that it is not only the police who are guilty of sexually harassing citizens.

“Don’t say the police. Even the army is lewd,” she related.

“During the beginning of the Movement Control Order (MCO), my family was travelling back from Klang to Port Dickson in two cars and one motorcycle.”

“Two of my nieces were on the motorcycle, the one riding pillion is only 15 years old. She was wearing a pair of black rubber-waistband pants that looks like slacks and a sweater.”

She said they were stopped after riding past the soldiers on duty.

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A disturbing account of a single mother who alleges sexual assault at the hands of a surgeon has surfaced after she lodged a report at a police station in Penang earlier this month, according to a report

The single mother, who works at a multinational company in George Town, lodged the complaint at the Sungai Nibong police station on 5 November alleging that her life had been “turned into a nightmare”, reported Audrey Dermawan of New Straits Times on Friday, 20 November.

According to the woman, a surgeon forced her to perform oral sex on him on 26 July this year.

He subsequently tried to contact her several times after that, but she ignored him, an action that allegedly infuriated the surgeon and he lodged a false report that she had threatened him.

It’s not reported if the woman had lodged a report against the surgeon after the sexual assault.

On 10 October, when the victim turned up with her two children at the Northeast district police station, the investigating officer (IO), who is a female sergeant, did not give her any chance to explain herself.

“The female officer just seized my handphone without any explanation. I was kept locked up for two days,” the woman claimed in her report detailing what had happened to her.

The victim claims that she was detained and locked up for two days following a false report lodged against her by the surgeon. While she was in detention, her two children were left to fend for themselves.

According to the woman, her ordeal didn’t end there.

“After I was released, I received threats through phone calls from someone claiming to be a police officer,” the New Straits Times’ report stated the single mother as claiming.

I also received calls from another person who told me I should meet with the surgeon to resolve the matter.The victim

She claimes that despite having submitted call details, the female sergeant told her that whatever happened should be a lesson for her

She said instead of acting on her report, the IO instead lectured her about it being a lesson.

“The IO even chided me that she could do whatever she wanted with me and no one would do anything about it. My identity card was also not returned to me after I was released,” she alleged

She said that she now fears for her family and also her safety

The woman, who works as an administrative officer at the multinational company, said she is now under trauma besides suffering from mental and psychological stress.

According to the New Straits Times’ report yesterday, Northeast district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said that an investigation into the case is ongoing and that they will also “investigate the woman’s claims that the police are being used to threaten and silence her”.

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Anonymously and confidentially report child sexual abuse content and non-photographic child sexual abuse images with IWF’s Reporting Portal


Last night, 24 October, a man stole a Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) patrol vehicle and took it for an interstate joyride with his girlfriend

He was able to drive the police patrol car for about 370km, after hijacking it from the Seberang Perai Utara district police headquarters in Kepala Betas, Penang, at about 9.40pm Saturday.

The vehicle was spotted in Section 9, Shah Alam, Selangor, at around 2am Sunday morning, 25 October.

Police have since managed to apprehend the suspect, aged 32, and a woman in her 20s who is believed to be his girlfriend. Both of them were inside the vehicle when they were caught.

The male suspect was able to steal the vehicle after he and his younger brother fooled cops into believing that they were policemen

The suspect along with his 28-year-old brother managed to get the best of police officers at Kepala Batas headquarters by claiming that they were from the information technology resources unit.

One of them then entered the patrol car on the pretext of inspecting its dashcam.

There was a police sergeant who was supervising the PDRM vehicle on duty at the time of the incident, according to an anonymous source quoted in a report by New Straits Times.

“The elder brother then proceeded to take the key to the vehicle from the rack before leaving a laptop behind. The incident happened very fast, with the suspect speeding off with the vehicle from the compound,” the source said, adding that the sergeant was unable to do or suspecting anything.

It was only after about half an hour that the sergeant realised something was wrong. An operation to track down the vehicle was initiated when police could not establish a connection through the walkie-talkie.

The suspect wanted to “impress his girlfriend”

The suspect, who was previously arrested on 15 October for stealing electric cable, reportedly wanted to impress his girlfriend and so he decided to steal the police patrol car as an act of bravado.

“Police found the suspect had fetched his girlfriend from Tasek Gelugor and tried to rob a sundry shop there before driving off to Shah Alam. It is learnt that the suspect stole the car to impress his girlfriend,” the report said.

The suspect’s younger brother has also been arrested

It was reported that the siblings have numerous previous criminal record and are drug addicts.

Seberang Perai Utara district police chief ACP Noorzainy Mohd Noor, who confirmed the incident, said police are probing the matter under Section 379A and Section 170 of the Penal Code.

Section 379A is for theft of motor vehicle while Section 170 for impersonating a policeman.


Suspek curi kereta di stesen minyak diberkas

September 30, 2020 | Crime | No Comments

TEMERLOH – Seorang lelaki diberkas polis kira-kira enam jam selepas melarikan kereta milik seorang pelajar di sebuah stesen minyak di Mentakab di sini pagi semalam.

Suspek berusia 27 tahun itu ditahan bersama kenderaan curi jenis Toyota Corolla yang dicuri kira-kira jam 1 petang di Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Ketua Polis Daerah Temerloh, Asisten Komisioner Mohd Yusri Othman berkata, suspek dikenal pasti berdasarkan rakaman kamera litar tertutup (CCTV) di lokasi kejadian dan tangkapan dibuat hasil bantuan pegawai dan anggota Bahagian Siasatan Jenayah Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Subang Jaya sebelum suspek berjaya ditahan.

“Suspek yang mempunyai rekod lampau membabitkan kes jenayah dan penyalahgunaan dadah itu dibawa ke IPD Temerloh untuk siasatan lanjut mengikut Seksyen 379A Kanun Keseksaan,” katanya ketika dihubungi hari ini.

Mengulas lanjut berhubung kejadian itu, Mohd Yusri berkata, kejadian berlaku kira-kira jam 7.55 pagi ketika mangsa berusia dalam lingkungan 20-an sedang mengisi minyak di pam tanpa mematikan enjin kenderaan.

Menurutnya, suspek masuk ke dalam kereta tersebut dan disedari mangsa selepas kenderaan itu bergerak.

“Mangsa cuba masuk ke dalam kereta itu untuk menghalang suspek namun gagal selepas terjatuh. Mangsa dilaporkan mengalami kecederaan ringan,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, suspek kemudian memecut kereta tersebut ke arah Jerantut.

“Berdasarkan semakan CCTV di tempat kejadian mendapati suspek datang ke lokasi itu menggunakan kenderaan pelbagai guna (MPV) jenis Toyota Avanza dan meletakkannya di tempat letak kenderaan di bahagian belakang stesen minyak berkenaan.

“Suspek kemudian keluar dan menuju ke arah kereta mangsa sebelum bertindak nekad melarikannya,”katanya.

Kejadian itu tular di media sosial sejak petang semalam selepas rakaman CCTV memaparkan aksi kejadian dikongsi netizen melalui Facebook.


Authorities are investigating a viral video of a young boy driving a car along a village road in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

According to Sinar Harian, the police are trying to identify the boy in the video which started circulating on social media platforms earlier today, 7 September.

Rembau district police chief DSP Anuar Bakri Abdul Salam said that authorities are trying to track the child’s parents for further investigation after allowing a minor to drive a car.

In the 45-second clip, the boy is seen talking to a man behind the camera before driving away in a beaten up Proton Saga

When asked who else drives the car, the boy answered, “My sister.”

After that, the child reveals that he is currently in Standard Three. The Star reported that in the original clip uploaded on Facebook, the boy also said that his father taught him to drive.

At the end of the video, the boy speeds away, showing that the rear windshield of the car is missing.


Meanwhile, Anuar said that no one has yet to file a police report regarding the matter

Those who allow underage individuals to drive or ride a vehicle are liable to be charged under Section 39(5) of the Road Transport Act 1987, as reported by The Star.

According to Section 39(5), any person who drives, or causes, or permits any person to drive a motor vehicle in contravention of this section can be fined up to RM2,000 or jailed for six months or both.


A police chase near Gambang, Kuantan, takes an unexpected turn when the car getting chased ended up slamming into an oncoming lorry, sending it’s passengers flying into the air.

The Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS Facebook page took to their profile to showcase the aftermath of the horrifying accident.

The Head of the State Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department, Superintendent Kamarulzaman Jusoh @ Mohamad Daud said that before the incident, two members of the Bukit Aman highway patrol (EMPV) were conducting an inspection near the Seri Jaya Toll Plaza, Maran.

It turns out that the car that was being chased was a stolen vehicle, a green Proton Satria. He added that upon seeing the police officers at the toll, the driver of the Satria speed off to avoid inspections, which led to the chase.

“Police officers were involved in chasing the vehicle before the suspect turned around by driving against traffic and entered the Sri Jaya toll road towards Jalan Kuantan – Maran. The continued until it entered the Kuantan district to the Leper Hilir junction before the suspect’s vehicle lost control, skidded and collided with a lorry from the opposite direction,” he shared.

Upon impact, the Satria went spinning, which led to another small collision with the police vehicle that was in pursuit.

Thankfully, the officers involved in the accident and the lorry driver escaped without injuries, but the three suspects that were in the stolen car badly injured.


A police corporal who is said to be under suspension has been arrested for robbing a 29-year-old Chinese woman two nights ago (23 August) at around 7pm.

The woman was drinking with her friends at a restaurant in Jalan Perdana, Ampang when they were approached by three men who introduced themselves as policemen, said a report that was posted on Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS.

In the video, the policeman can be seen firmly holding onto the victim’s hands with the help of his comrades as they tried to drag her to the parking lot. During this time, the victim screamed to draw attention from the public in an attempt to get help. Thankfully, a few men gathered and headed over to the scene to save the woman. As more men appeared, the policeman and the two other suspects let go of the woman and she managed to escape.

While the other two suspects evaded arrest, the suspect who was discovered to be a 46-year-old police corporal, was detained. The victim was unharmed but was robbed of RM5,000 in cash and several makeup items in her purse.

The case is currently being classified under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code. Those found guilty could face a prison sentence of up to 20 years and face whipping.


‘Bagus, ada orang berani, ikhlas…’ – KPN

August 10, 2020 | News | No Comments

POLIS Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) memberi jaminan akan mengambil tindakan segera bagi membanteras kegiatan perjudian dalam talian, penjualan rokok seludup dan aktiviti perniagaan warga asing di Sungai Buloh.

Ketua Polis Negara Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador berkata, tindakan tegas pasti diambil terhadap mereka yang bersekongkol dalam aktiviti jenayah itu.

“Bukit Aman sudah memulakan tindakan sebaik pendedahan mengenai kegiatan itu dibuat menerusi video oleh seorang peniaga, dipercayai penjual burger di kawasan Sungai Buloh.

“Bagus ada pihak yang berani dan ikhlas mendedahkan situasi sebenar di lapangan, dan kita bertindak segera ke atas semua kegiatan yang salah ini,” katanya.

Dua video yang tular menerusi laman sosial Facebook atas nama akaun Hot Burger Malaysia, semalam mendedahkan kegiatan premis mesin judi dan aktiviti penjualan rokok seludup dan operasi perniagaan haram dalam kalangan warga asing.

Video pertama berdurasi 13 minit 28 saat sudah ditonton oleh 3.6 juta orang selepas 18 jam disiarkan, manakala satu lagi video berdurasi 8 minit 29 saat ditonton oleh 1.4 juta penonton.


Action will be taken against 255 individuals who refuse to undergo the second Covid-19 screening test on their 13th day of quarantine at home, said Defence Minister Datul Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

He added that the Ministry of Health and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) are monitoring these individuals and are tracking their location. They have also been urged to come to a nearby District Health Office to undergo their second screening test, reported Bernama.

“Maybe they are unaware that on day 13 they need to go to the nearest clinic to get the second screening test. I urge those who have yet to get themselves tested to do so,” he said.

“The police and Health Ministry are monitoring them and the authorities know their whereabouts.”

“If they still disobey the order, the police will search for them. They can be compounded for RM1,000, jailed for a maximum of two years or both. Do not wait till you are caught and taken to court,” he said in a press conference.

Ismail Sabri said the government takes it seriously when there is failure to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOP), such as what happened in Malacca when an infected individual did not confine himself in a room during his home quarantine and transmitted the virus to his father.

Meanwhile, he said a total of 17,689 people had returned to the country through Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) from 10 June 10 to 13 July.

“Of that number, a total of 17,616 individuals have been ordered to undergo quarantine at home and another 73 have been taken to hospital,” he said.

“On July 13, 2020, a total of 536 Malaysians returned home via KLIA and KLIA2 from Pakistan, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, the Netherlands, India and China.”

He said Malaysians who wanted to return from abroad had to undergo a Covid-19 screening test three days before their departure date.

Ismail Sabri also added that in an exclusive meeting with the Ministers, they decided not to allow expatriates to leave Malaysia for a holiday.

“If they are found to be violating this rule, they will not be allowed to return to Malaysia until a set date,” he said.


Police brutality has become a serious issue, especially after the murder of George Floyd in the United States. Not comparing to the magnitude of what happened to George Floyd, Malaysia has its cases of seemingly police brutality as well.

video of a police officer kicking a man during an arrest on 1 June has gone viral and is currently being investigated, said Kuala Lumpur police chief Mazlan Lazim.

The video shows the officer clad in his uniform repeatedly kicking a man sitting on his motorcycle at the side of a road while another police officer loses his balance and tumbles to the ground.

As the first police officer continues to kick the man, the other officer puts up his hand, gesturing for him to stop.

According to FMT, Mazlan said that policemen from the Wangsa Maju district police headquarters were making their rounds along Jalan Genting Klang in the afternoon, when they spotted two men on a motorcycle behaving suspiciously.

They had ordered the two men to stop, but the men refused to obey and fled towards Jalan Ampang with the police in pursuit. The men then rode against traffic but failed to control their motorcycle and crashed, with one of them escaping after jumping into a drain while the other was left on the side of the road.

The suspect – who was kicked by the officer – was arrested while investigations are being carried out on the police officer.

“Regarding the video of the arrest that is now viral on social media, an internal investigation is being carried out to ensure no standard operating procedures were broken during the arrest,” Mazlan said.

“The police will not compromise and will take stern action against any officer or staff who goes against SOPs when carrying out their duty.”

Meanwhile, the suspect tested positive for methamphetamine, had two criminal records linked to narcotics and was under investigation for a break-in in Ampang.

An investigation paper has been opened under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing police from carrying out their duties, an offence that carries a jail term of up to two years or a fine of up to RM10,000 or both upon conviction.

The suspect is also being investigated under Section 15 (1) (a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952, which provides for a fine not exceeding RM5,000 or a jail term not exceeding two years upon conviction.

Here’s the video: