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The Penang state government cannot move to submit its street hawker culture to be added into the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity if it is not first listed as a national heritage, said state exco Yeoh Soon Hin.

The tourism and creative economy committee chairman said only the National Heritage Department can officially submit any applications for Unesco listing, following Unesco’s award to Singapore yesterday.

“Aside from that, to submit an intangible cultural heritage to Unesco for listing, it has to be first listed as a national heritage,” he said in a press conference today.

Penang had initally wanted to collaborate with Singapore to apply for both islands’ hawker culture to be added to the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

However, the state will still need to go through the national heritage department as the application will need to be submitted by the federal government and not the state government.

Yesterday, Unesco accepted Singapore’s application for its street hawker culture to be listed in the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The decision was made in virtual proceedings without a debate on it as Singapore had fulfilled all 15 criteria.

Yeoh said Singapore is different as they had made the application as a country while Penang could not do that as it would still need to go through the federal government.

He said he had written to the national heritage department when news broke that Singapore had submitted its application to Unesco in March last year.

“I wrote to the national heritage department and the ministry of tourism and culture to join with Singapore in the application as it is a better strategy to combine application of both countries,” he said.

He said the ministry of tourism and culture replied that it was not ready to submit the application as the preparation involved a lengthy process that included detailed studies, complete inventories and preservation plans.

“So, Malaysia was unable to join in with Singapore in its application to Unesco,” he said.

He said there were a lot of procedures in preparing to apply to Unesco for listing.

Yeoh said the state had set up a working committee, chaired by Machang Bubok assemblyman Lee Khai Loon, to study the street hawker culture in Penang.

“In December 2019, my office ordered George Town World Heritage Incorporated to prepare a working paper to study the street hawker culture,” he said.

He said GTWHI submitted the working paper in early 2020 and it is now being studied by the working committee.

“According to GTWHI, the working paper is divided into two phases, the first phase will take three years and the second phase will take two years,” he said.

He said the working committee is now looking through the working paper and once it is completed, they will submit it to the national heritage department for consideration.

“Whether the national heritage department will accept our proposal is another issue,” he said.


Dua pekerja Bangladesh cedera dihempap dinding

November 30, 2020 | News | No Comments

Dua pekerja warga Bangladesh cedera akibat dihempap dinding konkrit yang runtuh di dalam sebuah kedai yang sedang dalam pengubahsuaian di Bandar Cassia, Batu Kawan di sini petang tadi.

Pegawai Operasi, Pegawai Bomba Kanan II, Azmi Tahar berkata, kejadian berlaku kira-kira jam 5 petang sebelum pihaknya menerima panggilan kecemasan lima minit kemudian.

Menurutnya, salah seorang mangsa turut dilaporkan cedera parah apabila pergelangan tangan kanannya hancur dipercayai dihempap batu bata.

“Kejadian berlaku ketika kedua-dua mangsa berusia 40-an itu sedang menjalankan kerja-kerja pengubahsuaian sebuah kedai serbaneka di sini.

“Ketika kita sampai di lokasi kejadian, kedua-dua mangsa terperangkap di bawah runtuhan tersebut. Pasukan bomba segera melakukan kerja-kerja menyelamat mangsa dengan mengangkat sisa runtuhan,” katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.

Azmi berkata, seorang daripada mangsa cedera pada kaki, manakala seorang lagi cedera parah di hujung tangan kanan dan cedera pada muka.

Difahamkan, mangsa dihantar ke Hospital Seberang Jaya di sini untuk rawatan lanjut, manakala punca kejadian masih disiasat.


Two men were recently recorded spraying black paint over Chinese translations of Penang’s street signs

video of the crime was posted on a Facebook page called Tok Singa Fans on 26 October.

According to the video, three individuals were involved in the crime, including the cameraman who was following the vandals while recording their acts.

After spraying the street sign for Gat Lebuh Armenian, the man in a black shirt pointed at the camera and said, “We live in Malaysia and do not racially discriminate.”

The man in black is believed to be the person who posted the video, Tok Singa.

Both men then moved on to vandalise the Pengkalan Weld street sign

“Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. This is a lesson to the state government that is trying to promote an inharmonious atmosphere. We will not respect them,” said a man in blue.

Shortly after getting into the car, Tok Singa said, “We are not kurang ajar (rude), we respect all races and religions, but they have to respect the Malaysian Constitution as well.”

“I am not racist, I have Chinese and Indian friends. If I get arrested, I have nothing to fear, because this is Malay land.”

Tok Singa later doubled down on his statements in a 30-minute video

“To the Chinese, did I insult you? No, I did those deeds because the Chinese characters did not follow the Malaysian Constitution.”

The Penang Island City Council has since reported the vandalism

As reported by Sin Chew Daily, Penang Island City Council mayor Datuk Yew Tung Seang will also release a statement about the incident.

According to The Star, George Town district police chief ACP Soffian Santong said that two police reports have been received over the incident.

“We have identified the suspects and further investigations will be done accordingly.”


GEORGE TOWN, Oct 6 — The Penang Remand Prison has taken immediate action to isolate and quarantine all inmates and staff believed to have been in close contact with an inmate who was reported to have died in the prison yesterday.

Its director, Mohamed Jusoh Ismail, when contacted, confirmed the matter but refused to give any details on whether or not the male inmate had died of Covid-19.

When asked whether those who were in close contact with the inmate would be required to take Covid-19 test, he said there was a possibility but he refused to comment further.

Meanwhile, Penang Health director Dr Asmayani Khalid, when contacted, also refused to comment or verify.

It is learned that an 85-year-old inmate fell unconscious in the prison yesterday before being taken to Penang Hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

“I can only say that the prison has taken necessary action by isolating and placing those who were in close contact with the inmate under quarantine to prevent untoward incidents.

“Whether or not the inmate died of Covid-19, I cannot comment. You have to wait for the Ministry of Health’s statement,” he said.


Another case of Covid-19 has been reported today and this time it is in a school. This time it involves a primary school in Penang that was ordered to be closed down because of one confirmed positive Covid-19 case involving the school staff.

One of the teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Permatang Janggus was tested positive for Covid-19. A swab test was done for everyone in the school.

According to Bernama, the school was ordered to be closed until 8 October as stated by Penang State Department of Education (JPNPP).


In a report by New Straits Times, the woman spotted something on the ground and decided to unearth it, only to discover that it was an old bomb.

The unexploded bomb is believed to have originated from the World War II era and part of it was exposed after it rained.

The woman contacted her 30-year-old daughter who then lodged a police report.

The bomb had been buried at the compound for quite some time

Seberang Perai Utara police chief ACP Noorzainy Mohd Noor said investigations showed that the woman and her family have been living in the house for six years.

“Our team went to the site and confirmed that the bomb had actually been buried at the compound of the house for some time.”

The bomb was later confirmed to be a World War II shell bomb.

Noorzainy said, “The object appeared similar to a mortar bomb, however, our bomb disposal unit later confirmed it to be a shell bomb used during World War II.”

He said the police have safely extracted the bomb, which will be taken to Penang contingent police headquarters to be detonated.


When it comes to interstate vacations, we all know Penang is where it’s at. With a great selection of mouthwatering food and cultural heritage spots, it’s one of the best states to go to for a long weekend of eating and relaxing. While we love the state, we dread the near 5-hour journey of driving there (sometimes longer if you’re stuck in a traffic jam). But when this newly-built expressway is completed, it looks like those trips are going to be much shorter and convenient!

While the West Coast Expressway (WEC) started being constructed back in 2014, multiple delays have postponed its expected year of completion from 2019 to 2022. While it may be a while before the whole 233km-long strip is completed, some parts of the Expressway are already available for use! Malaysians can visit opened sections like Teluk Intan and Beruas. According to the Star, here are the roads that have been completed so far:

The Expressway was said to connect from Banting, Selangor to Taiping, Perak, without the need of having to pass through Ipoh which saves quite a big chunk of time on the road. However, this may differ from where you choose to travel from as some netizens have pointed out that the journey times vary for those driving from the Klang Valley.

Aside from being a neat shortcut, the West Coast Expressway also provides a scenic alternative to the usually congested routes that many of us use to get to Penang. Just look at some of these shots from Facebook page, Info Sungai Petani! These aesthetic roads are sure to make the journey a smooth and easy drive.

Once the project is finally done, WCE is expected to connect most of the major Expressways (North-South Expressway, South Klang Valley Expressway, North Klang Valley Expressway and Shah Alam Expressway) to make it easier for all drivers planning to make the commute up north, say reports from NST.


Police raided an apartment at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah in Georgetown, Penang where several birthday parties were being held. A total of 20 people, including a few under-aged kids, were detained.

In the first raid that took place at about 10.30pm on 1 June, eight male and three female students, aged between 13 and 17, were detained. Urine tests revealed that six were tested positive for drugs, reported China Press.

Police also discovered and seized about 2gm of ketamine at the apartment unit.

The teens are now being remanded for four days while the case is being investigated under Section 12(3) and 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act, according to northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Soffian Santong.

“They are also investigated under Rules 7 (1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020 (Regulation),” he said today.

Several minutes later, the police conducted a second raid in the same premises and found seven men and two women, aged between 14 and 20, apparently attending a birthday party as well. Three of them were school students.

However, no drugs were found and they all tested negative for drugs, according to NST.

“We issued a compound to the nine under Rules 7 (1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures within the Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020 (Regulation),” Asst Comm Soffian Santong said.


Some Malaysians still choose to violate the NO interstate travel rule despite strict warnings from PDRM. Even after four whole days were given to travel, some of them travelled after those days and faced the consequences.

The same case today happened where 308 drivers were caught trying to sneak in Penang for Hari Raya and other unimportant reasons but were asked to turn back.

According to The Star, Penang Police Chief Commissioner Datuk Sahabudin Abd Manan said that nine compound notices were also issued for those who violated the Conditional Movement Control Order. He simply said to those who wish to travel to Penang without a reason to not waste their time and money.

“We have set up 18 roadblocks at various entry points along the state border to intensify security into Penang which is now declared a Covid-19 green zone.”

If you think you’ve escaped without detection and managed to balik kampung, don’t be too happy as PDRM has also informed that they will be tracking down those who made unauthorised interstate trips to celebrate Hari Raya with their families.

This is not the time to be selfish, we need to plant it into our heads that the Covid-19 danger is NOT OVER! For our own safety, let’s just stay home and stay safe


Over 80 houses in the Teluk Bahang area fell victim to flash floods following a downpour which took place Sunday morning.

Residents of Taman Nelayan Kuala Sungai Pinang, Kampung Sungai Rusa, Taman Manggis, Bukit Kechil, Kampung Air Putih and Sungai Pinang were affected by flood waters rising up to 0.6m.

Flash floods have also hit Seberang Prai, with 0.1 to 0.3m high waters at Taman Lima Kongsi, Kampung Sungai Baong, Jalan Persekutuan Valdor, Kampung Valdor and Kampung Masjid Baru.

Netizens have taken to social media sharing how devastating things are, what more with the CMCO still in place.

Pictures have also made its way on social media, showcasing how overflowing gutters and rivers have caused houses to be devastated by the large body of water.

According to the Penang flood mitigation committee chairman Zairil Khir Johari, the floods occurred due to heavy rain within a short period of time.