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Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has postponed the interstate travel ban that would restrict people from travelling to and from Sabah to 12 October

In a special address at 6pm today, 6 October, he said the move to delay the travel ban is to give more time to members of the public to plan for their itinerary so that they will not be stranded in Sabah due to the sudden announcement earlier today, 6 October.

“The new deadline for travel restrictions between Sabah and the Peninsular, Sarawak, and Labuan will come into effect from 12.01am on 12 October to 25 October 2020,” said Muhyiddin.

The ban will be in place for 14 days.

Previously, the government was set to impose an interstate travel ban to and from Sabah beginning tomorrow, 7 October

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the decision was made due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in the state over the past few weeks, reported New Straits Times.

The ban was slated to last until 20 October, before being pushed back by the premier.

The ban, however, will not apply to cases involving emergency matters, death in the family, necessary services, and people who have received permission from the Ministry of Health (MOH)

“Those who have been granted permission are required to undergo COVID-19 screening by the Ministry of Health at their end destination,” Ismail, who is also a Senior Minister, said in a statement today, 6 October.

Here is a list of people who are allowed to enter Sabah:

– Malaysians with the ‘H’ code on the bottom right of their MyKads
– Essential service workers who have a valid pass issued by Sabah’s Immigration Department
– Non-Sabahan students who have student cards or passes from Sabah’s Immigration Department
– Federal civil servants working in Sabah with relevant documents and approval
– Foreigners with the MyPR cards with the ‘H’ code
– Foreigners with an entry permit card or an endorsement permit on their passports

The travel ban comes as many of the new COVID-19 cases reported within the country were found to have links to Sabah


For the second time this year, Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will be undergoing a mandatory 14-day quarantine after the Religious Affairs Minister tested positive for Covid-19.

In a statement,  he said that he had earlier chaired a special National Security Council meeting on Saturday, which was also attended by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri who tested positive today.

The PM reassured that he would undergo self-quarantine at his residence for 14 days based on advice from the MOH. He said that this will not affect government affairs and he will continue to work from home and have video calls for meetings.

The minister also urged members of the public who attended the event to get themselves tested in any nearby health clinics.


At an event yesterday (1 September), Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that pubs and nightclubs were the only few businesses that are still closed during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

However, he added that it doesn’t matter if these establishments are permanently closed as it’s difficult to maintain physical distancing while following necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

According to Sin Chew Daily, the Prime Minister said the country is gradually recovering now economically.

In the convention, Muhyiddin remarked that his administrations’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic is among his most notable achievements as Prime Minister. Speaking of the Bersatu government, Muhyiddin insisted that his ascent to power was not illegal as he had the support of various parties in Parliament.

“I never plotted or schemed to usurp or oust anyone!”

The Prime Minister reassured that he wanted the public to judge his leadership based on how his government responded to the pandemic and that the stimulus measures proposed to recover the economy serves as proof that the Perikatan Nasional government puts the people first.


PM umum status PKPP minggu ini

August 26, 2020 | National | No Comments

KUALA LUMPUR – Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dijangka membuat pengumuman mengenai status Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Pemulihan (PKPP) yang dijadualkan tamat 31 Ogos ini, pada minggu ini, kata Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

“Sama ada PKPP akan disambung atau tidak, beliau akan umumkan,” kata Ismail Sabri pada sidang akhbar perkembangan PKPP di bangunan Parlimen, di sini hari ini.

Sebelum ini dilaporkan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) mengesyorkan agar PKPP dilanjutkan sehingga jangkitan Covid-19 di negara ini terkawal.

Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Sri Dr Adham Baba dilaporkan berkata, cadangan itu sudah dikemukakan kepada Perdana Menteri dan Majlis Keselamatan Negara.

Sementara itu, mengulas mengenai Menteri Perusahaan Perladangan dan Komoditi, Datuk Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali yang ingkar arahan kuarantin selepas pulang dari Turki, Ismail Sabri menyerahkan isu tersebut kepada polis untuk disiasat.

“Prosedurnya ialah KKM telah kompaun maksimum RM1,000, selebihnya untuk dibawa ke mahkamah, polis akan buka kertas siasatan dan dibawa kepada Peguam Negara. Peguam Negara akan buat keputusan perlu dihadapkan ke mahkamah atau tidak,” katanya.

Isu kegagalan Mohd Khairuddin mematuhi prosedur operasi standard bagi individu pulang dari luar negara itu dibangkitkan oleh Ahli Parlimen Seputeh, Teresa Kok di Dewan Rakyat dan menjadi perhatian pelbagai pihak.

KKM dalam satu kenyataan media selepas itu berkata, kementerian mengenakan kompaun RM1,000 terhadap Mohd Khairuddin pada 7 Ogos lalu atas kesalahan mengikut Peraturan-Peraturan Pencegahan dan Pengawalan Penyakit Berjangkit (Langkah-Langkah Di Dalam Kawasan Tempatan Jangkitan), Akta Pencegahan dan Pengawalan Penyakit Berjangkit 1998.

Sementara itu, Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador pula dilapor mengesahkan Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) telah membuka kertas siasatan terhadap Mohd Khairuddin yang gagal mematuhi kuarantin wajib di rumah setelah pulang dari Turki pada 7 Julai lalu. 


Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will be making an announcement today (29th July) at 3pm regarding the extension of moratorium and targeted bank assistance.

The live announcement can be streamed on RTM, Bernama, Astro Awani and TV3.

On 24th July, The Edge Markets reported that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) informed analysts that upon expiry of the loan repayment moratorium by end-September 2020, banks in the country will not extend the scheme but will continue to offer targeted financial assistance in the form of restructuring and rescheduling (R&R) to borrowers who continue to face repayment issues.

Stay tuned for further updates.