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Some university students are not allowed to go back to their respective homes during this period of MCO. To help reduce the burden of these students, some universities have offered to let their students stay for free during this whole period and this includes free food as well.

Yesterday on Twitter, there was a commotion going on about a tweet by a certain university student. The tweet was a reply to a thread and it has since been deleted. The owner of the account deleted his account as well probably due to the amount of outrage that he has received.

The tweet says,

“This is an example of MCO food given to university students staying in residential colleges. It’s not that I’m ungrateful but…”

Netizens were outraged and many of them pointed out, “Twitter for iPhone” which indicates that this student can afford an iPhone. The others are saying that they feel like the owner of the tweet knows nothing about gratitude and is probably very spoiled.

Other students from the same university but different colleges have shown off some of the food that they have received for free and these students are really thankful for that!

It has been revealed by another person of the same university that the daily budget by the university is RM15 per student. So different residential colleges will have different ways of using the budget. Some might split it into RM3 for breakfast, RM6 for lunch and RM6 for dinner while some will do it RM3, RM7, RM6.

It has also been said that the residential colleges are trying their best to accommodate the students and they are open to suggestions/ complaints. There are currently 2,025 students in the campus and during the whole MCO (1&2), the amount spent on students’ food is close to RM700,000!

In addition to that, there have been claims that there were some students who want the food but did not take the initiative to collect it from the designated points. Some won’t even finish the food and will waste it.