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A group of COVID-19 patients in Sabah had to take matters into their own hands and help clean filthy toilets after realising that there were no cleaners around

On 9 January, Facebook user Jimmy Chin wrote, “When I first went to the bathroom at the quarantine centre in Likas, the hygiene there was just so miserable that I almost vomited the char siew rice I had last week. No one came to clean the place, it felt as if we were left to fend for ourselves.”

Meanwhile, another patient at the centre also wrote about the incident on Facebook. Samson Liew said, “Jimmy Chin made a suggestion the other day that we should clean the toilet by ourselves since no one is doing the cleaning. At first, I thought that he had lost his mind and I thought he was joking.”

“This morning he took action and really went to do the cleaning by himself. Seeing his little action, some of us decided to join in on the cleaning.”

Photos uploaded on social media show that the place was in terrible condition.The sinks were clogged, shower stalls were dirty, and there was trash in the drain.

In the same post, Liew wrote, “Yes, the toilets were horrible. There were days where water supply was cut off, people started to use bottled water to do some basic cleaning in the toilet, empty bottles were not thrown away in the right place after use.”

He also added that used soap bars and cigarette butts were left on the floor. Meanwhile, sinks and toilet bowls were clogged.

In total, the men spent about two hours cleaning the toilet.

They then asked health officials on duty if there was no one around in charge of the cleaning.To their surprise, the health officials said they would do the cleaning themselves when there aren’t too many patients to attend to.

Liew expressed his disappointment by saying, “The Ministry of Health (MOH) workers have to take care of a ward that is almost full with over 100 patients. They need to send food, pack the laundry, monitor patients’ health, and with the situation where there is lack of manpower, is it right to blame that they do not clean the toilet as well? They are human and they will feel tired as well, won’t they?”

Authorities have since addressed the issue and the patients said that health officials have moved in to clean up the toilets

According to The Star, Sabah Health Department director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi assured that the matter would be resolved.

Jimmy Chin shared an update saying thank you to MOH for taking swift action to clean the toilets.

“I hope you will continue to keep it clean like this in the future,” he wrote.


As we all know, Malaysians who return from overseas are mandated to be quarantined in quarantine centres for 14 days. Most quarantine centres are established hotels such as Hilton and even the Palace of Golden Horses. Unfortunately, despite all this comfort, there have been certain people who still managed to find something to complain about.

Amidst that, Abiramy Komaraswamy, an LLM student from the UK reached out to us to share her experience.

Abiramy shares with WORLD OF BUZZ her story of being quarantined at the Impiana KLCC for the past 14 days. She had nothing but praises towards the hotel staffs and frontliners who took care of them in the quarantine centre.

“Today I’m a proud lady of Malaysia. I would shout out loud and say I love Malaysia.”

“I’m extremely amazed with how Malaysia is handling, managing and protecting everyone in the country during this pandemic.”

Abiramy, whose quarantine ends today told that everything was extremely systematic and properly handled. She added that she has nothing to complain about and that she’s even amazed.

“Meals were always given on time and we had proper health screenings with so many essentials given, without us even requesting,” she said.

She also said that she would like to thank all out hardworking frontliners who’ve been battling this Covid-19 pandemic day and night. In the end, she simply said how proud she is to be Malaysian today and that Home means Malaysia!

We need more Malaysians like Abiramy who truly appreciate the effort by our Malaysian government. Let’s never forget what our frontliners did for us during this pandemic!