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It’s not always about doing the most to help others. Sometimes, just doing what you can is enough. Especially in a difficult time like this.

Recently, many of you have heard of how all returning Malaysians travelling back into the country are to be placed under a two week quarantine in selected hotels that were turned into quarantine centres. If you missed that article, don’t worry-you can read it again here.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t just returning Malaysians that stayed in these hotels. Frontliners such as doctors, policemen and nurses also inhabited the premise as they were constantly exposed to those who came into contact with the virus daily.

When LUSH heard about the situation these citizens were in, they decided to help out in any way they could. Hence, they sent out free shower gels to all the frontliners and bath bombs to those who were quarantined in-house guests currently in renowned KL hotel, Hilton PJ.

“It’s time to support the healthcare heroes on the frontlines. Now is the time to help. It is one of the most important things we can be doing at the moment, when all else around us seems so dreadfully difficult. At least we can help keep hands clean and give people a Lush treat, as this can be helpful during this critical time,” said a representative from LUSH told WORLD OF BUZZ.

Hoping to help quarantined Malaysians feel more at ease

Naked shower gels and Amazeball bath bombs were distributed to frontliners and the quarantined who were pleasantly surprised by the kind gesture, initiated under the LUSH Cares campaign.

When we asked about the thought behind this initiative, the company said:

“We hope to encourage everyone to keep their hands clean, stay indoors and practice social distancing. These small acts can help our community immensely.”

To ensure that guests had the necessary furnishings to use these products, LUSH contacted Hilton PJ for assurance that these frontliners were staying in quarantined rooms equipped with bath tubs.

“We hope they can settle in for a good soak  exploding with essential oils and tons of fizzy fun. It will help them soothe their stressed bodies and minds, leaving them feeling warm and, fuzzy-ready for some restful slumber.” And we know these frontliners definitely could use that!

Donating their soaps to Hospital Sg Buloh during shortage

But this isn’t the only thing thing the handmade cosmetic has done for the public during this difficult season. According to the company’s correspondent, LUSH even contacted the Ministry of Health who told them that Hospital Sg Buloh was in need of soaps. The company acted immediately by delivering soaps, shampoo, shower gel and toothy tabs (naked toothpaste) to frontliners in both Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Sg Buloh.

“In times of uncertainty we all have a role to play to help those in need, and as a brand that cares for the community, we hope to help fight the spread of Covid-19.”

Kudos to LUSH for stepping up and treating our frontliners to some much needed pampering. May we all be inspired to do the little that we can. It can really go a long way in helping others in this season.