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Under the Conditional Movement Control Order, there have been certain relaxations introduced by the government. However, many state governments refused to implement those relaxations in the fear of the number of cases rising again.

Selangor Chief Minister, Amirudin Shari, posted a press statement on his Facebook page today regarding the SOPs that will be implemented in Selangor state henceforth.

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Posted by Amirudin Shari on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The SOPs implemented were:

1. Dine-in inside restaurants

Dine-in will be allowed and the premise will be allowed to operate from 7am to 10pm. Social distancing MUST be maintained inside the restaurants. Restaurant owners are encouraged to provide a pre-order option to avoid over-crowding the restaurants.

2. Food trucks and roadside stalls

Shops with no premises are allowed to operate from 8am to 10pm but has to be limited to drive-thrus, takeaways and deliveries ONLY.

3. Public market, wholesale markets, fresh markets and private markets

All types of poultry slaughter are strictly PROHIBITED in these markets but other activities can resume as normal. Morning markets and pasar malam still cannot be held.

4. Sports and Recreation

All types of parks are now allowed for recreational activities from 7am to 7pm. Climbing and camping activities are still not allowed. Fishing activities are also allowed.

The minister reminded that the authorities will have sudden routine checks to make sure all these SOPs are maintained. The Selangor State Government Secretary will issue a more detailed circular for reference and further enforcement from the 13th of May 13 to 9th of June next month.

We hope Selangorians enjoy these relaxations responsibly and not take it for granted. Maintain social distancing if you have to go out and make sure to wear your masks.