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A local food blogger has called upon Malaysians to help support a small porridge seller in Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur who has been struggling with business due to the pandemic

Auntie Lilly, who writes the food blog Follow Me To Eat La, made a Facebook post about the ‘OUG Porridge Stall Uncle’ who has been selling porridge for many decades at only RM3 per bowl.

When she went to buy dinner from him recently, he told her that business has been slow due to the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

“He told me that all his regulars customers have stopped coming by for takeaways,” she wrote.

So Auntie Lilly encouraged her followers to come out and buy his porridge to help him out during these trying times

“[He serves] probably the cheapest porridge in town. I don’t think you can find anywhere else in Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya,” she said.

He serves crispy pork intestine and innards porridge, chicken porridge, and fish porridge, all at the flat price of RM3.

She hopes that more people will support small local businesses and also spread the knowledge of more old-school, classic stalls such as Uncle’s so they would not cease to exist.

“Do come by if you are around the area and try out all his great tasting, silky smooth porridge! Come and support this humble, nice old uncle. Thank you!”

The post has garnered over 700 shares with many netizens promising that they would drop by the stall and show some support.