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We’ve all made mistakes, especially during promotion periods like the recent 11.11 sale. It’s easy to overlook details when shopping in a frenzy!

On 10 November, a Thai Facebook user shared a post about his unfortunate blunder of buying a flowery camping tent to share with his girlfriend.

According to the Shopee listing, the “tent” costs between THB390 to THB520 (RM53 to RM70) and has a relatively positive rating of 4.2 stars out of 5. Seems like a pretty good deal.

Image from โกศล แสนขันแก้ว (Facebook)/Shopee

However, this is what he received instead when the product was delivered to him – a cat bed

Image from โกศล แสนขันแก้ว (Facebook)

Thinking that he had purchased a cosy tent, the man had mistakenly bought a cat bed.

Commenters pointed out that he did not read carefully, as the vendor was actually a pet store.

The man said the intention of his Facebook post was not to damage the pet store’s reputation but serve as a cautionary tale for shoppers.

“People who like to shop online should read the product description carefully before making a purchase as the shop already listed down all the details.”